Colonel Jeanne (Level 12) mail warning

I love a good bet

In game...

this is a cross-gendering character: male playing female
open to anything feel free to send a DM

after loosing a match against Lilith i was forced by the public to become an innocent girl even though lilith won she didn't decide and got ignored
i have found a good home in Lucy's castle, becoming her maid, advisor and Colonel.
i have fought sir. Romantic and lost, i am now a yellow rose

Body and Mind
(this is just for RP)
my body is toned, i have extremely muscular legs and i have a bubble butt, i have A pair of natural, huge boobs, probably amongst the biggest you have ever seen. A couple of weapons capable of milking a man and making a woman submit just with their appearence. my nips are pierced and extrely sensitive the same goes for my clit
look out, i am a strong and proud dom, i am now always slighty wet and ready for a challenge. i am an official buttslut. i have a tatto above my pussy, it says queen Lucy's property

i was turned into a hypno slut by Jaqueline (i have to roll a 6 to break free from hypno)
im such a buttslut that i will thank anyone that penatrates it
Every time I orgasm I can't resist letting my opponent having their way with me, since I'm such a greedy slut (skip turn after orgasm)

I am the proud owner of the "THE STRAP TO RULE THEM ALL"

(if you win a RP match against me you may make a change to my body or a smaller one to my mind)

forged by a legendery blacksmith a master of smithing with lust and desire, was made for a great former empress made to assert her as the ultimate leader, it being a tool for seduction, control and fullfilling any desire the wearer has it is able to keep anyone in her court right under her thumb, that however didnt last as she was assasinated soon after its creation, it never getting to serve its purpose while under her control. after the realm shattered it was locked away for 500 years. it was found by a wandere traveling through the ruins of the former capital, he soon united the former realms, and gave it to his futute wife she however was never able to handle the power that came with it. the now united realm quickly shattered again and it was passed around as a trophy as no one knew its powers ended up in my hands thousands of years after its creation. i was sent to these forgotten lands by my queen Lucy to prove my worth, after i defeated a powerfull warlord and completed my mission i found the relic and was told the legends it by the locals

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