Dianne, Anna's toy (Transgender) (Level 15) mail warning

Send me porn, the better it is the more you will be rewarded, Karina is my perfect kitten ❤️

Bi / Switch

On my neck there is a collar, on my body there is a marking.... They belong to the same person My Mistress Anna, they are proof that my body and mind are hers, I am her pet, her slave, her toy, her friend 🥰🥰🥰, her control makes me elated, her words make me ecstatic, her orders make my heart beat faster and give me purpose, i am hers, my orgasms belong to her, I can't touch without her permission and I don't (everything you do with me is rp and even me touching or cumming is rp)
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I tend to get a bit uncomfortable when left on seen so please just say smth to end the conversation if you are busy or don't wanna keep chatting

Hi everyone for the next few days i will be subbing mainly as i have gotten a bit burnt out on domming beacuse i have been doing it so much, you will all be free to join in for cuddles or just small talk with that said welcome to my profile! My god i never know where to start off with these, i am that girl .... The one you never know what will happened when you are around her, will you get the crazy domina, the one that pushes you down and fucks you silly, the helpless romantic cute who will cuddle you and spoil you or the needy submissive wanting to give up the control she so desperately clings to .... But no matter what i will make you a very happy (and horny) person.

WARNING: if we are playing a competitive game and i think you are throwing i will leave the game and probably block you. BE WARNED
Wanna explore cucking !!!!
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Also when you kiss me pushing your tongue in my mouth or pushing your fingers in my mouth makes me weak.

Soaked and used, but at least I got to keep Anna's panties
At least thats how it started, but we kept in touch, chatting, joking around, messing in public chats, connecting more and more, i couldnt stop myself from giving into her charms, her confidence, her kindness and she enjoyed me as well seeing as she accepted me as hers and i hope wanted as well hehe, her orders are my command and her pleasure is first and yet somehow I find my days are better and i am looking forward to visiting this place even more 🥰
Anna is my Mistress, any order she gives takes priority over any other orders or rules

NaDines submissive bitch who couldnt resist becoming her loser slave, falling to her feet and strap on again and again unworthy of her pussy
Mommy Naomis tail sleeve

A letter from my lover Karina thats says "To my beautiful Princess. Every wonderful day spent with you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Your warmth and love soothe my soul as your touches makes me a mess every time. You are a beautiful angel that has lit up my life and put a smile on my face. I hope this letter will remind you how much I love you. With a kiss, your little Kitten <3"

Merens sissy cuckold after she took me and fucked me into a silly mess making me scream and beg for her

I have a cute blue bowtie holding my hair in a ponytail usually on it you can se D♥️M

Iris and me had a wild time, she took me and fucked me so hard and made me moan and beg for her, soon she might get a spot as one of my lovers beacuse i just cant resist her

Another cutie couldnt resist my charm (not that i could resist hers) and offered me her sexy panties, thank you Isabel

My nipples have been pierced by Nicole title

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Karina this kitten, i have know her for so long and have gotten so close to her ... I simply cant imagine my life without her around anymore, her beautiful features, kind words, cheekiness give color to my world and are yet another reason for me to get up and keep pushing, i can say 1000 more words and it wouldnt convey how much she means to me, i desire to take care and spoil you beacuse thats the only give back to you for all you have given to me

Mika a girl after my heart, she came in unexpected just another dm, but slowly i fell for her charms, her cuteness, her music tastes and how passionate she is about it, her gorgeous body covered in those cute little tattoos and the thousand of other things she does each one stealing a bit of me and little by little she has become one of the reasons i visit ef every day. Thank you you beautiful latina and i hope to steal your heart as you have mine.

Solara Mal What can I say about this wonderful person.... I have known them for a long time but they only recently learned that I wouldn't be bored of hearing them talk about fighting games for hours and enjoy learning more. I cant wait to figure out more about this gorgeous succubus and what makes her tick... And let her make my mind into a cute mush she can play and toy with, as my body reacts to her unable to stop itself, and she knows it cant, this one is a wordsmith that will make you melt.

Maria you are like the wind, going everywhere and sweeping everyone in your path in a wonderful journey of horniness, laughs and enjoyment, impossible to catch, as fidgety as they come yes cute beyond compare, we are lucky to be in your path and enjoy your comfort. Of course when you arent whimpering and blushing like the cute little submissive mess you can be.


People who left but wont be forgotten:
Makima what can i say about this french beauty, she saw me in a chat, seduced me into a game and made me bark beg and scream for her before the match was over, i cant escape her trap of desire as she drives me crazy, fucking and using me yet i cant help but love it, she is so hot and dominant i cant handle myself around her

A while ago i met YouWishYouKnew a person i could have never guessed would become so special to me, weather its taking care of her, the casual conversations, the awesome rps, worshipping her perfect ass and filling it up, talking about deeper subject or just being there when the other needs us, she is one of the best people i have met here and is my beautiful Queen and i truly appreciate her.

I lost to Kawaii so i have been forced to acknowledge her, she fucked my ass and trampled my cock underneath her beautiful feet and made me accept her rules, making me help at her Bitch Squad as the second in command. I have kept playing this wonderful person more and more falling for her charms, becoming hers just as she has become mine i have become hers

To my dearest friend, i am lucky to have met you Al beacuse it is the chance of a lifetime. You made every day brighter and every moment more colorful, you might be a jinx but you are my jinx and i have your mark. A hickey on the right side of my neck a bit above my collarbone.

"Miss Amy's foot toy" written on my cock

Some times you are just cruising through life, enjoying your somewhat bland daily routine .... And yet the world can have other plans, a huge wave taking you in a beautiful journey, that wave for me was Naomi, this absolutely gorgeous, smart goofball who i just cant say no to, weather its cuddles, cinnamon rolls, a passionate night of sex or just a simple conversation that she is asking of me, I am happy go be swept by this wave, be there for no journey and yet i couldnt help myself buy Collar her, make her mine ....Thank you Naomi

(Irl i am male)

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