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Looking for Roleplay.

Gil [wip]

An RP Character by October

About Me

I'm a 25 y/o nerdy and questionably cis dude who is into roleplaying, writing and erotic games of all varieties!

I like to keep things friendly and fun, though I do love a good wager.

About Gil

Gil is a cat eared knight who loves adventure and the gentler things. He has a strong sense of justice, loyalty to his friends, and a desire to see the world improved. He's easily flustered and a little bit naive in regards to sexual experience but he has a desire to make sure his partners leave satisfied.

// US Eastern Time, available weeknights 7:30pm -11pm and weekends 9am - 11pm

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The treasure chests and high piles of gold call your name, perhaps there's something worth taking here... Plunder: Treasure Pile Out of mana? Time to take a swig of a potion to get back in the action. Emergency: Potion Dungeon Master Plays First Plans! I need more plans for devious devices! Emergency: Plotting Where are my minions? Start a recruitment drive! Emergency: Minions The adventurer and you have both had a lot of fun. It seems like they've decided to stay for a while longer. The Dungeon Triumphs: Game Over You've survived and even profited off of this adventure. And some of those encounters and traps... Perhaps when you're once again feeling horny you'll return. The Adventurer Triumphs: Game Over You call upon the forces of nature itself to thwart this trespasser. Summon: Nature Spirits Your bandits capture and bind the would-be adventurer, stripping and teasing her with by holding their cock to her mouth... daring her to suck it to be freed. Encounter: Bandit Bondage You call forth allies from beyond the veil to boost your defenses. Summon: Ghosts

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