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Bunny-themed lad Looking for Roleplay or IRL fun. Open to DMs

About Me

I'm a nerdy and questionably-cis 25 y/o bi guy who is into roleplaying, writing, and erotic games of all varieties!

I like to keep things friendly and fun, treating my opponents as equals in a struggle to provide as much pleasure as possible. Unless you're into something else, in which case I am very happy to accommodate your kinks ^^

I'm a purebred switch, and as much as I enjoy competing for dominance, I prefer knowing ahead of time who plans to win at the end of the game so I can tune my roleplay accordingly (I'll still fight back, of course, if I'm supposed to lose but it'll help me mentally figure out what I can offer when it comes time to sub.)

I'm also really into pure dom and pure sub scenes? If you are looking for a pet or a master/owner I'm happy to do either.

General info

I roleplay on my alt Gil [Character] so feel free to give him a shot sometime.

I don't enjoy trash talk during matches unless we already have some history, I don't like bragging or being taunted but if its something that turns you on let me know and I can compromise.

I prefer being humble in victory and gracious in defeat, respecting my opponent [so long as they want me to, of course] even while pinning them down and making them cum for me.

I prefer Hentai over Classic, and Interactive most of all, so feel free to message me if you want to arrange a game. I'm not in the queue too often but I check my messages pretty frequently.

As A Dom

I tend to be stern but fair.
My ultimate goal is to make sure you have a good time and treat you right:

If that means edging you until you're a drooling mess? I'm game.

You want me to call you degrading names and spank your ass until its pleasantly pink and warm? Perfectly fine.

You want me to deny your orgasm and pamper you with kisses while I praise you? We're golden.

But all of that needs consent, of course. So I like to interview my subs to make sure I know all I need to to do a good job.

As A Sub

I love receiving praise and serving you any way I can, worshiping your body and doing everything I can to please you and be a good boy c:

(Assuming we talk about if before hand)
Pin me down and make me cum for you, seduce me, take my breath away. I'll love it.

p.s. I love my bunny ears ^u^ you can give em a tug if you want.

My Kinks
My Limits
Shout Outs

I am Naotsume's favorite bunny boy and cummy bunny <3

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Your partner didn't play in time and you are rightfully bored! The game ended, you can try again with someone else ;) If this happened before three minutes without chatting/playing. It might be that your partner left the game. Timeout Your rituals summon demons specializing in seduction. Summon: Succubi You call upon the forces of nature itself to thwart this trespasser. Summon: Nature Spirits You summon dark forces to bolster the defenses of your dungeon. Summon: Ghosts You summon dark forces to bolster the defenses of your dungeon. Summon: Demons You summon dark forces to bolster the defenses of your dungeon. Summon: Balrog The adventurer and you have both had a lot of fun. It seems like they've decided to stay for a while longer. The Dungeon Triumphs: Game Over Out of mana? Time to take a swig of a potion to get back in the action. Emergency: Potion Where are my minions? Start a recruitment drive! Emergency: Minions She can't hold back her orgasm as the tendrils pull her pussy against the vibrating nub. Her moans echo throughout the dungeon as her juices soak the floor. She cums from the vibrating tendrils!

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