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I am a member of the welcoming committee so please do not hesitate to ask me about the site or matches or whatever, I'll be glad to help.


I'm a switch looking to have fun and explore my sexuality. I'm always open to bets/forfeits. Whether I'm dominant or submissive changes based on my mood and my opponent's attitude in each match. I like to RP in matches and play out matches for more than just the game. If we have a good scene going, I don't necessarily care about the outcome of the match, I'd rather have fun with how it plays out. I've been interested in doing some longer term (multiple matches) RP with Dom/sub elements and running punishments/rewards.

The one thing I'm usually not into is playing against a male character. I will gladly play with anyone regardless of their orientation and gender if their character is not male, i.e. a sissy boy playing as a girl or a male playing as an alt female character.

Feel free to DM me to play here or other places. My toys and clothes: I also have a chastity cage that I haven't added to the pictures yet. I have a lovense toy that I'm looking to try out.

I am in the central US time zone, currently UTC-5.


my purely submissive side
my purely dominant side

Kinks and Stuff

Kink List:

Hard limits for me include piss, scat, ass to mouth, harder degradation, findom, and hard pain.
Some general things I like include orgasm control, light humiliation, forced feminization (I don't always do it willingly but it's a great punishment and I it), anal, cum play, and light bondage.

As a sub I'm not always good and sometimes need to be controlled, but I usually fall in line with a little effort. There are a few things that instantly put me into subspace but I won't share them here, you'll have to find out for yourself ;)

As a Dom I like taking control of my sub's body and teasing her until she is begging for release. T&D, orgasm control, bondage, and forced orgasms are common treats I offer to my subs. I generally use rewards more than punishments, but if you don't obey me I will punish you. I like bad girls, they're fun to break ;)

Special Victories

Kloe thought she would have not trouble defeating me to defend her Mistress's honor. She was wrong and her ass is still sore from our wrestling match.

Special Losses

I had what seemed like an easy match against BDSM Stacy, but she surprised me with her feet and humiliated me after my loss. She even blackmailed me into locking my cock up. For now she holds the key. (won't affect other matches)
Naotsume defeated me...I tried my best not to give in, but the nipple pinches and the strapon in my ass were too much.
My maid Belfast took control of me while I was using her. I ended up collared and cumming under her feet.
Jynx the mynx fought me in one of her first matches and drained me in her ass.

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You wrap your arms around her from behind with one hand on her breasts and the other in her pussy.  She's letting out such cute sounds of pleasure. Finger Her From Behind Order him to rub his cock over his underwear for 30 seconds. Rub Cock Over Underwear You keep fucking his ass and stroking his dick until he cums on his face like a good slut. You can see the humiliation in his cum covered face. Play with his ass self facial Order her to tease herself over her panties for 30 seconds. Tease Over Panties He's enjoying your footjob too much! You rub his cock until it admits defeat and unloads all over your foot. Cum On Her Feet You tell her to trust you and to close her eyes... And in a few minutes you get her all tied up for your pleasure. Tie Her Up You order him to cum into a glass and save it.  You'll make sure none of it goes to waste later. Cum Into a Glass You bring them to their knees and force them to suck on your strap-on. Suck My Strap-on You order him to dress up in a cute outfit, panties, a bra, stockings, a cute top, whatever he has! Dress Him Up Order them to kneel before you Kneel For Your Mistress

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