Amberly (Level 5) mail warning

Looking to RP with some bullies! Dm me

A mother doing her best to keep bullies away from her poor step daughter....god they just keep coming out of the woodwork
me stretching before a match
you looking at something?

My delightful sister Kimberly and I unfortunately seem to be plagued by bullies, but luckily we often get to collaborate to take them down

Fake Bullies
Hope called my stepdaughter a slut and so me and her made the little fucker pay. He did manage afterwards to come back and sigh humiliate us, but we all know who spurted his loser cum first
Emi After what that bully Emily did to my precious step-daughter Serena, I couldn´t just let it stand and challenged that bitch to a match, she managed to make me cum first but my rage after what happened and my determination were a lot more than a jobber like her could handle. After using her face as a chair for my pussy I made the bitch cum again me and my daughter had a little of revenge in which she pleaded for us to let her go, and after she said she would do anything I decided to have mercy on her and just let her pleasure me instead, but that bitch used the opportunity that I graciously bestowed to her to use me and finally made me cum in front of everyone by kneeing me in the pussy, it was so humiliating, especially as Serena saw it all!. If that wasn´t enough she kicked me one last time and now there´s a pic of me trying to heal my abused pussy all over the place.

Lost to Mrbigcock, now my profile pic is this
Clive Overstreet Insulted my poor step daughter so I challenged him to a fight. It was long and difficult but in the end he prevailed and marked me
Miss Smothers lived up to her namesake in our match smothering me with her perfect as until i passed out. worst of all she wanted me to wear this for the next time we fight
Bimbo Lucy seemed like she would be an easy bully to put down but after a long fight in the ring she managed to fist me to a shameful orgasm (also I don't typically talk about the game itself but she resisted a 98% cum when all was said and done she took me...and her new girlfriend back to my house and used me all night

(Just a rp persona. Msg me for bully roleplay. Not interested in femdom or interactive.modes. impress me)

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