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(I strongly encourage any new players to reach out to me if they are having trouble with the game, simply want a chat, or are down for a amazing role-playing experience, Not interested in Femdom, Interactive, or Hentai JOI modes)

Had an unbearably sexy return to the TON courtesy of Su Rou yeah I know we're competing in the league but she's my baby and I knew that from when we first entered the ring together...speaking of the TON

I joined the Tournament of Nations Representing my home and native land of Canada.
Nations Conquered 🇰🇷 🇮🇹 🇨🇳
Nations that Conquered me 🇺🇸

At the edge of a dark forest a manor of striking beauty stands alone, it's wrought iron gate adorned in the emblem of the manor house itself: a leering octopus. As you push the gates aside you are welcomed by a most kindly hostess resplendent in her glory and confident in her domain. You have entered the lair of Countess Sasha and here pleasure reigns supreme.

In the wrestling ring she is The Mad Countess the terror of newbies everywhere...but if you ask the right people you will hear a different story. She does not hate newbies...she adores them, seeks them out because she wants them to adore her in return and become the wrestlers she knows they can be.
In Ring Attire
When you lose to me
When you manage to win
Having Fun

Rope Bunny - I LOVE being up against the ropes! The loss of control as my opponent traps me. The exposure as the whole crowd watches me being humiliated... intoxicating! Whenever my opponent puts me into the ropes, I roll to skip my turn. On a 1-3 I am overcome and skip my turn (limit two turns in a row)
Tapping is fun...right? It's hard to break out of pins...and sometimes opponents get creative when given the chance. whenever I am in the ring and I have the option to tap out I must.
Buttslut: if my opponent fucks my ass i have to roll 4-6 they are fine 1-3 skip, 3 turn limit
Breeding stock: any time I am creampied (anally or vaginally) I must roll a die. 1-3 I am overcome with my desire to be bred and must skip my turn. 4-6 I am fine and may continue as normal (active for 5 games)

Dan broke my winning streak, tied me up and blew a load on my face new pfp courtesy of him

In addition I have several alts if you are looking for a particular kind of roleplay experience
Sister Genevieve

If you ask her nicely she will recount tales of her favourite lovers
Freya my precious little Valkyrie and I each hold the chain to each others collar, just one tug and I will run right to her and she to me.
Kira liberated me from this horrid little plane, now she and I will ravage innumerable worlds. And she will ravish me whenever she chooses. precious Habibti and I are currently 4-1 she languished under my boots in our first match and in the second she made me hers, the third was a hard fought battle where I prevailed. each successive match only deepens my adoration for my beloved.
My beloved Hubby Winston and I shared a night of blissful passion so many moons ago...I do hope he comes back from his trip soon...wouldn't want anything bad to happen to him
Little Lilly shocked me to my very core when she beat me in the wrestling ring..I had never been treated like that by a woman before...I think I might be addicted
Jayjay...ah sweet excellent barkeep, always knows exactly what drink to fix me and what philosopher can allay my fears. And such a tender lover as well though it has been ages since our last rendezvous...
GGirly, never have I met a more kindhearted woman in my life and I assure you; spend some time with her and you will feel the weight of the world simply slip away.
Ramona My little Snowdrop....such a strong fighter despite how new she is. We're 1-1 and I cannot wait for our next bout. She also left a little reminder of her on my collar in the form of a pendant that says "Ramona's Little Orchid" i love it so.
Carmilla left me utterly spent and exhausted in the ring after forcing a 1 Hit KO in the wrestling ring. I have never been so happy to lose before....this might be an issue.
Zia After taking the Lesbian wrestling title my first defense was against Zia. I was so taken with her cute little goth pirate look I think something must have come over me because before I knew it she made me squirt all over the mat and the submit to her pussy, I was so in shock I couldn't even fathom what was happening but then she took me out of the ring and gave me a little gold doubloon and telling me to come back when I "was ready for a proper fight" She's my pretty pirate wench...and i will make her suffer such blissful agonies soon.
Scarlet I've always had a thing for giving nicknames to my lovers but Scarlet is the only woman to have ever been given three. She is both my Shammash (my helper) the woman who i always know i can lean upon in times of crisis to help steady me. She is also my Kitty a certified cutie who cannot resist my tenderness and helped me to become her puppy. Helped me to let my affection flow as free as the copious amount of words we exchange in our lengthy and passionate RP's. And finally she is my little fire-starter a woman whose mere touch sets my whole being alight.
Gabriela Sometimes there is a woman you have an impression of before you even truly know. When I first invited her to the manor house I expected a simple negotiation over payment for her sizable debts, but when her form filled my doorway I knew I needed to make her mine. Over hours of teasing, gentle caresses and loving kisses we collapsed onto my bed and it was that day that I found my beloved snugglebunny. Truly a woman who defied all of my expectations and one whom I cannot set aside enough time in one lifetime for. As skilled with her tongue as any who walk this earth, and as she is keen to state she should come with an EPIC POETRY WARNING!!!! and beware...she means it!
ShikyWhen i offered to untie this little cutie i never expected what would come next, we spent nights consumed with each other, trading control back and forth till eventually it was time for our first match. My heart was pounding as i saw my cute little Ume walk towards me, but by the end of the match she had proven how ready she was for the tournament...and made me least for the duration of the tourney. I love my little Huntress, and my little Ume as well and who knows what might happen if she wins the tournament...maybe i'll be hers...for all time.
Shirley After a looong time out of the ring i decided to return to what i do best...break in newbies, Shirley showed great promise in our first match using her tenacity to overcome me after the match had already been decided in my favor. This assuredly went to her head and she decided to challenge me for her LWR belt. She made such a lovely mistake that night and came for me over and over like a good little subby. Now she is my my little Subby Teacher and i intend on showing how lovely and adorable she can be when she is worshipping a winner!
Lizae was a true contender and for most of the fight we were exchanging blows back and forth but even with me forcing her to squirt like a fountain she outplayed me and took me down in a single humiliating strike. Now whenever I am in the ring and I have the option to tap out I must.
I decided to get my vengeance upon was a long fight, many orgasms on both sides but she kept pinning me...and I couldn't resist her forever. Eventually I was so desperate to escape I told her how close I was to cumming...BIG MISTAKE. she pinned me down and started tribbing me like a maniac. I wasn't lying about how close I was and in mere moments I went from a contender to a jobber....and then a pet....hence the unorthodox attire. If you're reading this Lizae....I'll beat day.
Star and myself have had a lovely little back and forth. I'm up 3-1 but in his first he managed to make me cum all over his cock and forced me to wear this
Managed to take the Hentai title off of him but to be honest I don't recall how that fight went, I recall snickers from the staff later. and apparently some pervert has been distributing some clearly ai-generated images of me drooling as he blew a fat load in me. Hell some are even saying I deigned to call myself his breeding slut during the act...can you imagine? though I do feel VERY sore.....
Kiki proved far more capable than I first expected and even managed to get in a early lead against me in her LWR debut. but soon enough hubris took its toll and she ended up getting used by her erstwhile ally and myself in the ring
Maki Yamasaki somehow this girl managed to break my winning streak...kick my ass...and give me a womb tattoo...I got her back and gave her one of my own but humiliating
Himari caught me totally by surprise. I thought I was going in for a typical noob crushing and instead got crushed in turn. I could hardly even get her to cum and with an assist from her girl Mika the two of them managed to bring me down and forced me to bow before my new....sigh asian queen
Calli and I exchanged headpats and a few snuggles before the claws came out, I could have sworn I had her on the ropes but she managed to rally and while pinning me to the wall make me cum my brains out with a lucky such she's inflicted a new PFP upon me....I WILL HAVE MY FUCKING REVENGE
Ruina Haruka caught my eye and I just knew I had to challenge the cutie to show her the ropes....well that fucking she showed me the ropes, broke my winning streak and made me her little sextoy in the humiliating

(and finally, at long last I am on the Discord server which is a great place to be, and not just cause I am there!)

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