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Thank you to all the people for all my stars !!


Hello welcome to my bio. I play a fox boy who at most is submissive but he like a good fight and wont go down with one. He loves face sitting it's one of hes many weaknesses. I play from the 🇬🇧 UK🇬🇧 so my time zone is now BST. At the moment I'm looking for people who want to long term RP but I don't mind just a game. I also try to get on the website as much as I can because it to much fun. I honestly don't mind if you'd like to pm me but keep in mind if I don't reply right away I'll do my best owo. Ps if your a succubi message me I beg chu plz \wow/

I both dom and sub

(My sub side) I like to play a over overconfident young boy who is ready to win but if you play him right you may be able to milk he and make him lose hes mind.
One of my favourite thing as a sub at the moment is Hypnosis and brainwashing him is something

(My dom side) I like to try being a gentle dom who's protective he holds and tries to make hes partner feel good i can try more if its something that you need or want.


Scat,pain,Cum eating (self),hardcore BDSM,Cuckold


Succubi,forced sex/breeding, name calling,humiliation,vore,end game stuff,rope play.soft BDSM,mommy's,body writing

(Defeated By)

(Lust) (RP)
we made so bets for this game after a lot of wins against her this time she made me cum over and over then she put a collar on my neck and made me hers now all you hear from her room are moans from the poor boy as she milks him.

(Beth) (RP)
i got bested by Beth 0:2, and therefore my balls and all their cum is hers, forever to be her breeding boy. i also wear a collar with my own name on it.

(Catherine the witch) (IRL)
We made little bets for each other and i wanted to try my best but...she had spell to make me weak and i couldn't resist her. she made me cum inside her first and then she collar me as i agreed to be her "Lab Rat" she lead me around on a leash for a moment then i was at her mercy her mouth was way to good i shot my seed into her mouth. Now my now life as her true lab rat begins !

(Scarlet) (RP)
she wanted workers for her brothel so i made a bet.... it didn't take long for me to melt under her she made me please her and when she pleasured me i couldn't resist. i came over and over now i live in her office as her personal slave. im collar and trained, my new life begins as hers slave.

(Your little daughter) (RP)
oh my..what a game. after a bit of time we finally got a game but i lose....when i join her game i was going to make her mine but then i was made to lick her pussy and work it as her chair. I made her cum and as a reward she showed me how to let her use my cock but i didn't last long inside her. i came inside and lost myself to her shes now puts a black leather collar around my neck.

(Lucy) (RP)
I lost a bet to Lucy and now i'm her "Cuddly little kitten". I just cant win against her she know how to milk me.... 0-2

(Little Sissy) (RP)
I was defeated by Little Sissy in an embarrassing orgasm and now i want revenge.

(Shiny Sharin) (RP)
i tried to be a good boy and not cum but her mouth was to much for me and i came. i asked for a rematch and now im awaiting my turn to win against her 0-1

(Victory Over)

(Black cat) (RP)
We had a long game going back and forth but as it got more intense she lost control and lost herself to me.

(Kuro) (RP)
It was a fun game and i could tell he wanted me to dom him gently so did. he came quick the first time and i had to work him to get the second one out but he couldn't hold back as my cock went deeper inside him, he lost control and he came all over me hehe it was cute!

(Emily) (RP)
We made a bet and she lose to me and now shes my pet.~

(Domor) (RP)
in are very first game Domor made me cum. I lost the fight but she wanted more she made a bet if I lose I'll be here pet kitten thinking she could take me on I fuck her so much she couldn't keep on going. Are third game I gave her a chance to do it again and make me hers.....but she failed to tame me as I worked her pussy with my tongue and made her submit. She gave me a opportunity to become her pet and shes been good to me so I accepted her offer and now she my new owner.

(Madison) (RP)
We made a bet if one lost to the other they would become there pet. after a long game i got close to breaking point but i made it out on top. are battle ended after i made her cum as she lost her mind in the moment. we continued for a moment and i came inside her at the end of it she let me become her pet and now she milks me for my seed.

( Lana ) (RP)
after a short but sweet game i made her submit as my cock was to much for her now shes mine to toy with.

(Yvette) (RP)
we have fun now a lot and shes even in control most the time but when we had are match i made some bets and she now my maid ~

If your reading my profile here thanks and a really big thank you to all the people giving me stars makes me feel good about my Role play game owo !

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