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Up for anything especially interesting bets dm me 🥰

About Me

Hii~, my name is Ashley I’m a very kinky 20 year old college student who pops up here from time to time. I’m 5’2 with brunette hair and a very slender and curvy body always ready to play 🥰. I mostly play classic/hentai modes and will occasionally play the femdom modes if you can convince me why I should dom you 🤭. I’m a switch but I mostly lean sub so, any doms or subs who think they can beat me I’m ready for you ☺️. Just know that I won’t go down without a fight 😘.

Here’s My Kinklist for anyone curious to what I’m into. If you have any questions or ideas for a match just feel free to dm me!

Fun Encounters

Bianca Fucked me really good and beat me so now I have become one of her personal cum dumps 🥰

King I tried challenging king thinking I would be able to completely dominate him and keep him under my control. He ended up fucking and filling every single one of my holes making sure I knew my place but I ended up squeezing more cum out of him with my tight ass. We had a rematch and he completely dominated me in every single way. He kept me under his hypnosis so that I wouldn’t be able to deny the pleasure that he was giving me and I would give in and submit to him. He made sure to use abuse and ruin all of my holes especially my slutty mouth, tight ass, and wet pussy until he had me begging him for his cock and cum.

In a back and forth match with Amor, i couldn't resist his cock and his tentacles friend. After getting fucked nonstop and made to cum 3 times, he kindly threw to the lovely tentacle pit. Now i can't escape from the neverending plesure of being used

I challenged betajon expecting an easy win but he had other plans for me. Through the match he kept stretching out all of my holes to their limit and constantly reminding me how much of a slut I am. It was humiliating being dominated and cumming on his small cock even after he stretched me out. This humiliating defeat was made even worse when he started training me to become his personal bimbo toy and I secretly started enjoying it.

I challenged Moe thinking that I would be able to dominate him but, he tied me up and fucked me with his cock and many tentacles. Since I lost I now serve him and became his bitch.

Active Rules/Challenges

None for now 🥰

Completed Rules/Challenges

Diana Tied me up and teased my pussy until I exploded. She made me feel so good so even after I escape bondage I have to skip a turn because I love being tied up so much. (5/5)
Jessica showed me how good bondage can be so whenever I’m tied up I have to skip my next turn (5/5).
Vincent Guy after playing 3 games he was able to only beat me once so now once I’m collared I have to obey anything my opponent says for 2 turns (5/5).
If my opponent puts me in hypnosis then they get to choose my action for 1 turn (5/5).
If there is a dance action I must choose it (5/5).
Davion Fucked me and made me cum on his cock twice in a row even after teasing him with chastity so my opponent can choose my action 3 times in a game.(5/5)
I also can’t orgasm without edging 8 times for the next 3 days (Starting 11/5/2021)
I lost to Damian and he told me whenever I make my opponent cum, I must then skip the next 3 turns whilst I taste myself IRL and think about how I must be obedient. (5/5)
King completely used all of my slutty holes especially my mouth, so much so that every time I have a cock down my throat my brain melts away and all I can think about is cock and pleasure. I have to roll a dice every time a cock is in my mouth as if it were hypnosis and the only way to get rid of it is to drain ten people with my mouth (10/10)

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