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I offer top teasing and I top teases. Which one are you looking for?

Hetero / Switch

Hey there!

Call me Tim, it's my name after all. I'm a switch so I'm mostly looking for hentai or classic games, but I also enjoy interactive modes where I can help needy subs fulfill those pesky little desires 😏 I'm generally not looking for femdom games as I have a hard time getting into subspace over text only. But if somebody pushes my buttons just right I might get that submissive rush and ask for one ^^'

What I'm doing in my games

The most important part of any game is that my partner enjoys herself, it makes me feel so very good to give somebody exactly what they need. I have a lot of different kinks and playstyles that I can adapt, from softly cuddling leading to passionate sex all the way to rough poundings and dirty, dirty humiliation. The same goes for for interactive games: Whether you're looking to be softly guided through a relaxing session of JOI or you want to be slapped, gagged and ruined, I'm sure I can provide for you :3

I'll note specially that I am into CNC (the kink, not the automation technology). If you are too let me know and I'm sure we can have some fun! If you aren't then don't worry, it's neither a must nor will I try and force it onto you.

All of this does mean that I like to go into games with a solid idea of what you're looking for. This is a must for interactive games!

While RPing or giving instructions I tend to write a fair bit and I'm looking for expressive players in return. You don't have to match me word for word, but a little more than "Oh, yes" is expected.


I like to play with the usual bondage and hypnosis rules - meaning that if an appropriate action is used the victim has to roll a 5+ or skip their turn; hypnosis instead lets your opponent pick a move for you. This can happen up to 3 turns in a row. I also have optional extra rules for both hypnosis and bondage:
When rolling a 1 in bondage, the victim has to redraw their actions once, to symbolize wasting energy on uselessly struggling!
When rolling a 1 in hypnosis, the victims has to skip the current and next turn without rolling, and should they have to skip all 3 turns they lose an additional, 4th turn.

These rules are optional, they won't be in effect unless we agree on them beforehand.

What I won't be doing in my games

As far as RP is concerned my hard limits are scat and cuckolding, though I'm also not a huge fan of CBT and fisting (both giving and receiving).
The same goes for interactive games.

Other than that I'm open for almost anything. When in doubt you can always ask me about a specific kink of yours!

BDSM test

For those curious I took the BDSM test. Keep in mind that I am generally very flexible and pretty people-pleasey so don't take this as an exclusive list of my interests.
== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
97% Degrader
94% Rigger
92% Dominant
84% Switch
83% Rope bunny
82% Submissive
81% Brat tamer
74% Sadist
72% Brat
63% Masochist

Profile play

I was forced to cum for Ellika's feet twice and she made me her footstool!

I had an amazing match with Val who thought her bratty little mouth would be a match for my cock. I proved her wrong, not only repeatedly dominating her mouth with my massive dick but by dominating her mind through hypnosis. While she managed to drain me into her pussy once the one-two combo of pounding her prone and fucking her pussy while her ass was plugged made her cum for me twice. What a cute little cock slut!

I challenged Roxy to a cage match in her bed! Getting an early lead by trapping her in hypnosis I was able to get her nice and wet for me, though her foot hypno proved... difficult to break for me 🤤 I forced the first orgasm out of her after I'd tied her up and made her edge on her own wand, the fucked her pussy hard when I couldn't resist her begging for mercy! She quickly followed it up by draining my balls with her phenomenal thighs though, evening the score. Finally I melted her brain with a forced anal ride on my cock, utterly breaking her mind and making her my hapless moaning toy until she passed out 😍

I picked up Princess Jackey Jane in matchmaking and just couldn't resist taming this cute little brat! After toying with her in bondage I pinned her down and fucked her pussy until she was forced to cum all over my cock. She tried to retaliate with a thigh job but failed, so I punished for her insolence and kept working her up until I pinned and fucked her once more. She did manage to make me cum, but I gave her royal pussy a nice creampie before faking my surrender and tricking her into letting me lick her pussy until she admitted defeat. My cock in her ass was enough to finally break her and I left her with a nice cumshot all over her face!

Shyla fell victim to my hypnosis, teasing and finally my cock! After fucking all of her holes to exhaustion and edging her for over 2 hours she broke down and surrendered to me, cumming her little brains out in the process. I helped her restructure her rules and even gave her a new one afterwards.
I've been teasing and fucking her in DMs ever since, making her edge and abuse her asshole for me. She's been plenty sore at my hands and cock.

Mistress Alisha had me wrapped around her finger before we started our game, and I folded for her hypnosis almost immediately! She used her butt and especially her feet to turn my brain to mush, then made me suffer under a whole group of girls... including one I had previously dominated myself! Needless to say, my cock was thoroughly drained and my mind enslaved!

Carly melted in my DMs before we ever started our match. When we finally got around to have a match she just sucked my cock and let me use her holes until I turned her into my little cumdump! I also got 7 orgasms out of the cute little slut!

Just another girl turned out to be anything but! The cute little sweet-talker put me into quite a pickle early on with her powerful hypnosis and the use of her friend! I was able to retaliate and pinned her down in a submissive position, allowing me to make her cum on my cock! But far from defeated, J whipped around, sat on my face and drained me in 69 for the 1-1! After a few more rounds of fucking and making her friend cum on my face I finally pinned her down once more, licking and kissing her neck while I pounded her pussy prone for the winning orgasm! I gave her a nice fingering orgasm after the game and decorated her face with my victorious load and can't wait to meet this cutie again!
I had another run in with this insatiable goddess of lust! What was supposed to be a little tussle before bedtime turned into an all-nighter for her as we made sweet, competitive love to each other! She once again got a head start by hypnotizing me, and I loved the way she made me worship her so much I nearly gave in... it wasn't until a bit into the match when I got my groove back, but she took first cum nonetheless, making me burst between her thighs! After that her luck would wane though as I got her to cum while riding me, pulling on the cute choker I'd gifted her earlier! And despite her best efforts in a neck in neck finish she was the first to cum again, succumbing to my fingers and cock in her pussy. Just moments later I couldn't resist any longer and bred her pussy, after which we both fell asleep in each others arms.
Our third game as no less amazing (and time consuming, despite our best efforts >.<) than the first two! This time neither of us were able to pin the other down with hypnosis, but she sure pinned me down under her friend again! I managed to resist a number of her attempts to make me cum, but it wasn't until a failed attempt of mine that she got on top of me and milked a load right into her pussy! I managed to get her right back as I drove my cock deep into her from below and got her for the 1-1, but st this point I had fallen for her charms, letting her take the lead, teasing and pleasing me until I came in her pussy again! With her the victor (and goddess!) she kept on riding me until I made her cum, squeezing out my third and final load into her divine pussy! Once more we finished falling asleep in each others arms...
4th game with her and while I technically won I have to admit this girl is my slut goddess by now! The fucking was intense, passionate and while she simply didn't want to cum until I gave her my all I managed to once again satisfy her, even if she had her friend come in to assist her once more! I fucked her body to body and made her brain melt, almost triggering her rule that would have finished her off on the spot! But after making her cum from behind I ran out of steam and she took her turn to get on top, deciding to make me cum by grinding her pussy on my cock, not even letting me cum inside! She edged to but resisted my attempt to make her finish herself and it wasn't until I fucked her from behind once more that she caved and came on my cock again. Yet another 4 hours of sexual bliss that was supposed to be a 90 minute quicky, hehe.
The 5th game with J was something else! Even though I caught her in a more submissive mood that day, she put up a fierce fight, at least in the beginning, using her thighs to seduce and hypnotize me into almost submitting to her! But she absolutely needed to get pounded silly, even commanding me into doing it! And with that lead up I managed to fuck her brains out with her special rule, owning her pussy round after round until I fucked her to orgasm while also triggering her final rule and making her submit to me for the rest of the game! But she wanted more and so I teased my fallen slut goddess while I recovered my energy, until I finally went back to fucking her silly! We both came a number of times over the course of the next 7 turns but finally her mind was fully melted with yet another pussy-owning, mind-shattering and throat-clamping orgasm! What an insane, 6 hour(!) game, and now this debased former goddess has been reduced to a common slut, calling me her master and letting me control the tightness of her pussy with a hand on her throat ;)
It wasn't enough to debase this slutty goddess by making her my sub, I have now successfully claimed her ass too! Fucking her into submission once more I made her give up her tight rear to me, fucking her to two anal orgasms before I bred her ass with a deep, hard creampie, leaving her utterly broken! Though she did initially put up a good fight by using her thighs to tease and stroke my cock the result of the fight leaves no question: The Goddess has been brought low and turned into a 3-hole slut!

Anna thought she could be a little brat and resist me, but I proved her wrong twice over, making her cum on my cock until she admitted to being my cute little slut! Now she's mine, having to follow two of my rules. I'm sure this won't be the last time she loses to me though ;)
I met the little cutie in MM again and gave her yet another good fucking! She made me cum inside her pussy riding me in the amazon position, but was ultimately no match for my tentacles and cock, ending the game by trying to lure me in only to be overwhelmed and forced to cum. I let the tentacles have her way with her, covering her in cum and then walking her back to my place on a leash. What an adorable little slut <3
During my 3rd game with Anna she turned into my personal little whore for good. I soundly defeated her and made her my bitch once more, this time marking and collaring her. Afterwards I took her into a public JOI game where I proceeded to edge and tease her and Skyler for over an hour, followed by mercilessly making the little edge slut cum for me again and again until I'd fucked her mindless and obedient. Let's see how long that lasts, hehe.

I had an absolutely incredible match with Linlin Mira! After she came looking for some sugar the situation quickly devolved into a steamy sexfight in my apartment, with her pulling ahead early on with her hypnosis! What started in the kitchen eventually moved into the shower where she managed to drain my balls for the first time with an insane handjob! I fought back and made her cum by fucking her ass, leaving us not just at the 1-1, but quite evenly matched. I was much more worked up but had more steam in the tank while she would fold to any orgasm but wasn't as close to cumming. We fucked each other neck in neck until she finally managed to pull ahead and finished me off with my own toy, making me blow my final load for her. What an incredible game and what an incredible girl!

Samantha Winters may only have joined EF recently but she already managed to get beat and brutally fucked into submission by me twice! The little slut loves to be humiliated and turned into a toy for my cock, so much so I made her cum by only fucking her ass even as she begged me to stop, pulled an ahegao face against her will and "let me" blow my load all over her face before I hung her up by her bra. And that's just the beginning for this special little treat of a sub ;)

Sweet little Mindless Lucy... In our first game she tried to act all bratty and dominant, telling me she'd make me beg for mercy after draining my cock... until I hypnotized her and made her my cum dump, giving her a more fitting pfp and a nice rule in the process.
She wanted another crack at me of course and this time it was an even more humiliating defeat as I put her into trance IRL with the help of a gif, making her my hypno whore both in game and out. She's my permanent little hypnotized cumslut now and she loves it!

What a perfect little slut Mona has been for me! In our first game I fucked her silly easily, making both her holes and her mind break on my cock before we took things... a little further and I had her fuck herself senseless IRL too with a few mindbending orgasms... Afterwards she tried to give me some lip about fighting back the next time, but as she found out soon she didn't have it in herself after all, submitting and turning into my sweet little breedable kitten slut quickly in our second game. Once again I fucked her silly with anal, but this time I couldn't resist her sweet and slutty begging to breed her fertile pussy and so I gave in and filled her womb before I finished her off. She's now collared by me too and I'll be sure to keep her holes handy for use...
Our 3rd game was even more intense, we fucked and fought hard for dominance until we eventually just gave in to lust and passionatly pounded each other's brain's out! She managed to get my first load riding my ass and while I got her to orgasm shortly after by prone-fucking her pussy she ultimately milked my cock into her pussy for the win! She then proceeded to use me as her breeding daddy, making me cum in her pussy again and again!

What a nerdy little slut Poc is! After talking nerdy and dirty with me for a day we finally got a change to play and despite all her insistence on winning against me she folded rather quickly 😉 After a few IRL orgasms she had to surrender, unable to keep on typing and playing. But for her pussy the workout had only just begun and over the next few hours I made her cum over and over again, including humiliating anal orgasms and powerful back to back ones that finally made her tap out fully! Still, after no less than 14 orgasms she has thoroughly impressed me and I can't wait to play with her again...

I found Iris in matchmaking looking for a round in the wrestling ring and I was only too happy to oblige! We fought hard through the first round and despite my best efforts I wasn't able to get her to tap out, but I managed to make her nice and exhausted for round 2! While she tried to regain her energy by sitting on my face I countered with a oral assault on her pussy, forcing her to squirt for me! Though she did retaliate with a balldraining blowjob, followed shortly by a powerful handjob that had me cumming again and nearly finished me! Luckily I was able to get my footing again, finishing her off in the missionary position and filling her ass with my load as my prize!

I've been chatting for a bit with Shirley when the slutty Latina teacher offered me a best of three match through DMs. Never knew to turn down a challenge I took her on a student looking to get out of homework. While she was sure of herself in the beginning I quickly started to eat her out and then got her bent over her table for a hard, hair pulling doggy fuck that had me commanding her to talk dirty in Spanish, forcing an orgasm out of her! After I made the little slut squirt all over her school papers I got cocky and used her throat as a cum dump, followed by an intense fuck battle, face to face with her in the desk, after her oral had me come to cumming for a second time! But with a bit of tricksy tit groping and clit rubbing I managed to get her to cum for a second time, letting me dominate her holes and getting me out of my homework for the rest of the semester.

Sweet little Alice was so needy I didn't even have to win a game against her, I just dropped her in my DMs and turned her into a good little dollie for me right there! The pathetic little gooner slut got edged relentlessly while she was under my control, but instead of letting her cum I had her come back too, all edged up, needy and with her puffy pussy still drooling! It wasn't until that same eveing when I dropped her again and then ripped out two hard orgasms from her using her toy wand that she got her satisfaction. She has a fun new trigger now and it's safe to say she was teased and pleased thoroughly ;)

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You need a break and both of your pussies are so needy! You can't help but slide a finger into her while she does the same with you, kissing and moaning into each other's lips. Kiss and finger each other Grind on his cock through your panties After teasing his locked up cock with the vibrator you can feel that he's going to cross the edge but you decide he doesn't deserve a full orgasm so you stop at the perfect time, leaving his throbbing cock with no stimulation while he cums uncontrollably. Bad vibrations That did not take long at all! How the hell did your mouth make him burst already? He looks pretty embarrassed but if he cums this fast does he really stand a chance against you? Done already?! Just one touch makes the cage leak a great amount of precum before spurting another larger shot. Chastity ruin You don't even bother to remove his boxers, instead just working his throbbing cock with your hands... Let's see if he can hold his load or cum on his pants. Handjob in boxers You finally defeated this little brat but somehow there seems to be a glimpse of resistance left in her orgasming body. Unacceptable! You tie her up and make sure that she can´t evade your fingers before your edge her mercilessly. She squirms in her ties and continues to beg but you won´t stop until she finely submits to you completely! Break every resistance! You know just what your opponent needs to be pushed over the edge! Pinning her throat down, you start to work on her pussy, teasing her sensitive clit and blasting her dripping pussy. She squirms hard, trying to escape your grasp and her approaching orgasm but it may just be too late for her... Tim's choking fingerfuck You start to sway your body for your partner, stripping off your shirt and showing off your juicy body. Dance and strip You bend down and shake your chest. Your opponents cock is trapped between your soft bouncy tits! Slap your tits against his cock

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