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As of right now I'm "retired" from EF. I may come back in time though.

Hey there!

I'm Tim, 26 and switchy as hell! I've been into erotic roleplay for a couple of years now but since finding this site I really only play on here, though mostly on my female account Valeria. Since I'm a switch I'm mostly looking for classic games, but I also enjoy interactive modes where I can help needy subs fulfill those pesky little desires :3c I'm generally not looking for femdom games as I have a hard time getting into subspace over text only. But if somebody pushes my buttons just right I might get that submissive rush and ask for one ^^'

What I'm doing in my games

The most important part of any game is that my partner enjoys themselves, it makes me feel sooooo very good to give somebody exactly what they need. I have a lot of different kinks and playstyles that I can adapt, from softly cuddling leading to passionate sex all the way to rough poundings and dirty, dirty humiliation. The same goes for for interactive games: Whether you're looking to be softly guided through a relaxing session of JOI or you want to be slapped, gagged and ruined, I'm sure I can provide for you :3
All of this does mean that I like to go into games with a solid idea of what you're looking for. This is a must for interactive games!

While RPing or giving instructions I tend to write a fair bit and I'm looking for expressive players in return. You don't need to post a novel every time we play an action but a little more than "Oh, yes" is very much appreciated. If you're looking for sample of my writing you can find a linked game log on Val's profile.

What I won't be doing in my games

As far as RP is concerned my only hard limit is scat. I'm also not a huge fan of ballbusting.
For interactive games it's once again scat as well. Should I be the submissive I also don't enjoy pain play, CBT or strong humiliation as well as chastity.

Other than that I'm open for almost anything. When in doubt you can always ask me about a specific kink of yours! Just shoot me a DM!

Profile play

I was forced to cum for Ellika's feet twice and she made me her footstool!

The boring stuff at the end

My time zone is UTC+1/CET

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