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Player Info

Hey everyone, thanks for taking a look through this. I have been rping for... well over a decade at this point in my life and love it. Horny, serious, comedy, I can do just about all of it with varying degrees of skill depending on the full subject matter. While mainly here for the horny stuff, I'm not afraid to expand and do more. It's just a question of time on that one.
Below you'll find a brief overview of the character, though I'm not great at creating, so I usually try to keep things free and even change things up entirely for certain stories.

Character Info

-Height: 6 ft.
-Weight: 200 lbs
-Hair: Mainly black with some light brown/blond
-Facial hair: Full face beard, mustache and sideburns.
-Details: Mike is a simple man who likes to keep casual in most cases but will spruce up when the situation calls for it. He'll be respectful until you give him a reason not to be, weather that's fighting in the streets or the way you like it in the sheets is up to you.

Recently joined the wrestling association known as The Cage Of Lust


Standard Rules:
Bondage/Hypno rules: roll a dice when caught in bondage or hypno, roll a dice and escape on 5 or 6. Can have turn limit or no.

Rules from Bets:
None Currently. Come try to give me some~

Madam Erika Black Jack Challenge:

Took on good old Madam Erika in her Black Jack challenge and... honestly I think it was going pretty damn well for me DESPITE her being an evil teasing witch. I held out pretty well against every time she made me toy with myself IRL and we apparently had different ideas of how the game was going.
Final Grade: C for a fair game
I personally believe I was simply one move away from a win so I should have gotten a B... pretty sure she gave me the C just to spite me.

Daddies Bimbo Sluts

Daddies Number one bimbo~
This one's interesting cause I never even played her. I just teased her in dms until she was begging to be a good girl for daddy~ So I had a little fun with her, used her, and figured since she was so well behaved she deserves a spot here.... she also kinda begged and it was just so adorably pathetic~. So here she is in all her glory~

Now this is a fun one. I was just relaxing and enjoying a nice evening when this butt slut comes into my home and claims she's going to avenge Savannah's defeat.... and... well... that lasted all of five minutes. It took me no time at all to have this slut helpless, turns out she has a weakness for rough, big, white cock. That plus some mean comments and she melted like butter in a microwave. Now she's a good little slut for me and I think I'm gonna have quite a bit of fun using her~

Before I even faced this girl in a match properly, we each delivered heavy surprise attacks to each other. I landed the first blow, making her cum all over her own kitchen floor and leaving her there, and she returned the favor by jumping in me in my sleep and milking me with her ass. When the time to get serious came, it was one hell of a fight. In the end though, she realized she couldn't win and promptly accepted her place under daddy~. Now she loves when I use her and oh I have taken full advantage of that~. She's such a lovely thick slut for daddy~

And here we have a lovely succubus~. After tracking her to her den, she offered me a contract. The terms were simple, I offer her a new outfit, and if I can withstand her lust, I claim said outfit in her wardrobe. Lose, and suffer a curse. Well... it was rather interesting as I managed to escape every attempt to restrain me, and even turned the tables by bonding and suspending her from the ceiling. From there, she was helpless. Slowly I worked her over, finding her weaknesses... and I showed that I was in fact the hunter and she was the prey. My words and actions drowning her in lust until she willingly rubbed herself to orgasm twice for me~.

Good Girls for Daddy

And here we have a pathetic little slut~. She literally just walked up and was more or less begging to be daddys good girl. Honestly, it shocked me since she's apparently a married woman but guess this girl is just desperate for some good dick that'll leave her absolutely helpless... so I'll leave her legs limp and laying on her bed~

Now this one is interesting~. I didn't even have to fight this one to break her. No no, I made a bet while watching Laura play... and if her opponent won, Amy and Laura would get ass fucked by myself and Laura's soon to be conquerer. Needless to say, Laura lost, and since then I've been having some fun with Amy and simply put... she broke without ever putting up a fight and begged to be made into one of my good girls. I can't get enough of her sweet tight ass~ Cutie

2-1 Savannah
This sexy babe has been really fun~. When I first met her I'll admit she managed to bind me and beat me before I could even get her off once. The second match was a hell of a back and forth contest but I managed to take her down in a truly heated battle. The tie breaker? Well I'm not gonna sit here and say I didn't get a little lucky. She managed to brain wash me and keep me trapped like that for quite a bit, but when I broke free... I went as hard as I could. The only chance I had was to go aggressive and assault her holes until her defenses wore down. I managed to succeed in ripping her orgasms from her. Reluctantly, she has become another good girl for daddy~. Though I expect her to come chasing after me for vengeance very soon.
Fuck Toy

Bimbo Alice
Met this slut by complete chance and after one fuck she was basically addicted to my cock. Now she's such a good little girl always patiently waiting for daddy to fuck her the way she craves again~. After last time she willingly let herself be collared and now I use her whenever I feel like~

After a fierce match where I held the advantage for a good majority, ripping an orgasm from her after tying her up. She called in her friends to take my first load and then proceeded to attack my sensitive cock. Eventually it became too much and I ended up cumming deep inside her and per our bet. I am now collared by her until I can hopefully get a rematch and win.
After a dominating rematch, Erika has lost her collar on me and left limp in a puddle of her own juices. With her collar removed and score tied, there's gonna have to be a tie breaker~.
With our tie breaker finally concluded, something was made very clear. She couldn't out-fuck daddy~. She tried hard but was practically helpless to a little hypnotism, after making her cum so hard it melted her mind, she's become a good willing toy to use whenever I want~
Utter Defeat

This one was fun. Took her down in our first meeting, and then kind of lost contact with her til now. A message here, a tease there, some taunting mixed on and a rematch was set. She tried hard and was such a brat in both games... that is until she realized she never stood a chance. With back to back wins, she's been given a cute little collar. I do adore playing with her Peachy ass, she lives up to her name.

Kind of just reached out to this girl cause of a personal weakness for goth girls. I told her that I had the goal of making her mascara run and she accepted my challenge way easier than I expected. The match was nice, with her being rather helpless due to some rules placed on her, but I wasn't complaining. She put up the best fight she could but in the end crumbled as I toyed with her~
Goth Loves Anal

Marcia Slutina
She joined me in match making after seeing my name mentioned in a couple profiles and wanted to see what I was made of. Needless to say, she found out as she was forced to cum all over my cock and then found herself being used as a cum covered cock sleeve. She fought hard and I won't take that away from her, but she's learned who daddy is~

Nicole 2-0
Less of a "daddys good girl" and more just a game I wanted to talk about. I had approached her a few months ago but damn scheduling issues made it rough. We just so happened to have some free time and finally got to go at each other. Meeting her in the ring, it was an incredible match... and the hottest, and closest match I've had in a while. In the end though, I managed to achieve an orgasmic victory! And per a bet made... I get to play with her as my sex toy for a while~.
Well, I challenged this hottie again only this time, to a Cage Of Lust match. I've heard she's called "Man breaker" in there but... honestly I don't see it. Most of the match was spent with her being at my mercy and she really couldn't make me cum even once. Before the match was even over, someone decided that it had been enough and she had no chance of winning. So my prize of using her along with another member of the cage was given before the final bell even rang. She's definately learned who daddy is now~

This little doll was in Match Making and I figured I'd see if I could get a good game out of her. She started off a little bratty but it did not last long at all. A few words, calling her some names and treating her holes roughly and she didn't even want to fight back. Getting fucked silly and forced into two mind melting orgasms. Once I was done with her slutty pussy, I tossed her into a cage. She seems to like it there and doesn't plan on leaving~
Caged Pet

This hottie is one I've heard quite a bit about. Everything I've heard was that her sexy Asian body and skills left men limp and helpless, turning them into her toys... and honestly, I can see why. But my stubbornness is a defining trait and brought her down. In a hard battle, she finally submitted to all natural, pure American beef as her South Korean pussy came over and over again.
Image to be added later~
Asian Slut

This cutie... I ended up taking her mom on a few dates and there was even a chance of me becoming her new step dad. She heard about this and came to my room and well... we've had a good few nights together since~. Her mom and I split but we keep going at it and she loves being a good girl for daddy~

Good boy for Mommy

This is born specifically after an undeniably hot loss on my part. I took down the original cumslut Tiffany and honestly wanted to try my hands at the rest. Vanessa being the first one I set my sights on. The time we spent chatting was nice, Good conversation and PLENTY of us teasing each other. Finally, a time came where we could meet up and... god it was hot. She threw everything she could think of at me and I certainly did the same. I managed to make her cum first but I learned a lesson.... that Mommy Vanessa is always on top. She milked me with her pussy damn good that I was left helpless to her.
Vanessa always on top

Those Who Bested Me

Well this one is... Humiliating to say the least. We chatted in dm's for a while and I admittedly talked a fair bit of trash. When we finally got time to face off... my body could not back it up. She tied the best knots I've ever seen and left me bound and helpless against the assault of her incredibly sexy body! She pegged, rode, sucked and jerked me all while I was completely helpless to fight, and even when I could get any kind of offence in... I failed to make her cum even once. With that defeat, she claimed a chance to lock me in a chastity belt. Now I'm stuck like this for 5 games.... I swear I will take my vengence.
Loser punishment

2-1 Laura . The match was a hard fought battle with Mike keeping Laura on the defensive and even managing to rip two powerful orgasms from her. Unfortunately, this all crumbled as he was smothered in her tits to the point of nearly passing out and was never able to fully recover. Though he fought with all his might, he was unable to make the more experienced fighter submit. The final blow came from Laura calling for back up from the crowd, holding Mike down while she worked his cock into submission. His load was drained into her mouth as he was left unable to fight back. After the bell was rung, she drained him for all he had and left him a helpless pile of meat in the middle of the ring.
In the second match, she fought hard but I managed to come out on top and claim some revenge as we agreed to a tie breaker.
Tie tie breaker.... did not go so well. I had made this girl melt into a submissive little slut so many times in private but the instant we got to it, the instant we had a crowd (that was surprisingly mostly cheering for me) it all fell apart. Her attitude and skills had managed to hypnotize me despite my best efforts. She worked me good before I could snap out of it and by then, the damage was done. She fucked my ass with a strap on to claim my first orgasm and though I returned the favor... she had me beat. Trapping me in her bra with her modest tits my cock was forced to cum and fall limp as she worked me through the orgasm.

Here is someone kinda famous around here. I've taken her 4 times and... while I got lucky in our first match, it's been down hill since then. 3 straight losses against her and I'm at a complete loss on how to take her down!

Arrested by Officer Jade
Must Start the Next 3 games in bondage (3/3)
After performing a pickpocket blatantly in front of the officer to aggravate her, he found himself ganged up on as she called for back up and was soon milked to the point he couldn't escape.
Officer Ball Drainer

Finishing Up

If you actually read all the way down here... Im shocked and grateful! So please do not hesitate to drop me a message! I absolutely love chatting and chilling and getting to know the amazing community here.

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