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Bi / Switch

Welcome to my profile~

Hi I am Vanessa!
I'm your cute gamer girl. I'm a sub at heart and bratty as fuck. But if I will defeat you will see my dominant side. I like to cosplay too so you'll be seeing me in a lot of different outfits.
Your favourite gamer girl.

what not to do while approaching me🤭 "hey, can I have a game"

My important people, my first priority will always be them.

My sweetie India, I want to give every second of mine on EF to you. You are the most adorable and sweetest person I have ever met.

My sweet Master Alex, he's my master, my daddy and my owner😍🥰 He's so kind and considerate with me. He can have all my edges and orgasms🥵🥰

My sweetiepie, my silly kittie gf Karina, she is the star of my eyes and and the beat of my heart. She's more cute and sweet than an angel. She's my naughty kitty gf💕😻 meow💖 and I meowww her way more😼💕 I wanna give her so much kisses and keep her happy always in my paws😽 the thing I love the most to do to her is licking her face👅😼

My sweetie nasty bimbo Cleo, hihi she's sooo cute and is the horniest girl I know. If I could then I'll play with her all day make her mind more and more🤭💕 she's my bouncy bimbo❤️

My sweetest adorable Karoline, the pleasure I get to call her 'my Karoline' is like nothing else in this world😍 I'm her Kitty 'nessa and she's my Karoline😍❤️ My Karoline loves when I tease her favourite hole🤭 I adore my sweet Karoline with all my heart❤️

My sweet bestie Tiffy is and always will be the hottest women in any room!🥵 She's my Mommy and I'm her favourite girl!🥰 I gave her a mark of my love on her buns and I wish she keep it there forever🥰

My sweet silly subby Jodie is the subbiest and funniest girl I have🤭 she makes me laugh so much🤭💕 She's so addicted to me and keeps finding ways to gain my attention and she totally edges to my profile🥰 She loves to call me mommy, she won't admit it but I know 🤭 but all of this is fine because I love her soo much💕💕

My sweet sweet Savanna

To the people mentioned above may you have all the happiness, love, kisses and hugs in the world 💕

Cumslut™️ Pillars
1) Good Girls Don't Cum: A cumslut's™️ pleasure is ALWAYS second to her partners! Cumsluts™️ edge to keep their pussy nice and wet and keep their bodies super horny. But they may only cum after losing a game, and then only with permission from their partner! Last Orgasm: 2 October
2) Cumsluts™️ Are For Everyone: Cumsluts™️ may NOT use the "Join someone in matchmaking" feature to choose a partner. They can either accept an invitation through DM, or matchmake blindly.
3) Down For Anything: Always open for bets, alternate rules, or minigames when playing. So long as they don't impact the Cumslut's™️ ability to meet other obligations and don't result in permanent changes.
4) Slut, not a Slave: No matter how much the cumslut™️ may want to submit, they never lose focus on making their partner cum! Cum is more important than obedience. Cum outweighs any punishment. Cum validates their existence.
5) Good Girls Make More Good Girls: All the rules above may be ignored if necessary to convince another slut to become a Cumslut™️. The ONLY thing more important than making your partner cum, is making them a new cumslut! 🤭

Some gifts from some special people~
I received a sweet letter and a beautiful kitten from my lovely wifey Karina
"My beloved Vani, I thank the day that changed my life - the day we met, the day that gave me the sweetest angel with the purest and kindest soul, the little kitten that became my soulmate, the sweetest marmalade that I want to pamper and love every day and finally my most cutest and most adorable sweetheart that I want to make the happiest wife in the universe💕💕
I don't want and can't imagine what I would do without you and your love, I appreciate every moment of our pure happiness, our tears and our laughter. You will always remain in my heart as my precious and lovely chipi chapa kitty hihih💕 let this little kitten that looks just like you, be a reminder of how much I meow you, my wife❤️"

My Dolly gifted me this beautiful dress that I would wear Whenever I'm with her

My pets🤭
Dolly is one of my most lovely and cute pet🤭 but she can be very naughty sometimes. I have remade her from the ashes, I have turned her into a doll of my desire. There's no Alice in her, just a doll, a husk filled with her lust and my desires.

It's not possible for me to reply to every message. So I'm sorry if I miss yours

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