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  1. Be Respectful: Be polite at all times. Do not make others uncomfortable with your comments. Sexist, racist, and other discriminatory comments are NOT welcome. "Jokes" about religion, atrocities (9/11, the holocaust, mass shootings) and rape in all its forms are not acceptable in this server. When in doubt on whether what you say is going to offend someone, just don't say it.

  2. Stay on Topic: Chat about topics in the correct threads.

  3. No kinkshaming: As long as it is not an illegal fetish, let people like what they like. It is okay to not be into something, but do not shame others who are.

  4. Respect Someone's Choices: If someone identifies as a certain gender, respect that and respect their pronouns within reason. (Them/they are fine, lsgjshkgjbbdsgh / lgjfklgg;e are not.)

  5. Be honest: Don't post photos or videos that are not of you in the Show Yourself thread.

  6. No public drama: If you have an issue with the Moderators and the rules, please bring it up to the Moderators only via DM.

If you break any of these rules, a Moderator will give you one warning. Should you persist in breaking the rules, the Moderator may ban you at their discretion.

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