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Not interested in JOI / Instructions, so please don't ask.


I am totally open to playing with absolutely everyone, whether newbie or simply a person that I've never met yet, so don't be intimidated or afraid to contact me. I don't bite... unless you want me to ;)

'Hard pounding this, gentlemen, but we will see who can pound the longest."
―Sir Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington

Absolute mad lad who doesn't care if he wins or loses, just wants to have a good time.

Best boi according to Alis :D

Since people keep asking: primarily dom... but I'm up for anything my partner wants! (within reason)

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You're both sitting on the couch as you start to finger his pussy. He throws his head back, moaning from the pleasure. Masturbate him on the couch You summon some tentacles to tie him up and have some fun with his tight ass. Summon some tentacles You tell her to cum while clenching tight on her butt plug. Cum With Your Butt Plug In You You tie him up and consider what you'll do to him next while tearing his clothes off. Tie him up You put him on your lap and fuck him gently from below. Fuck him on your lap You get behind him and finger him, holding him down securely with your knee on his back. There's no escape for him. Finger him from behind You get behind him and gently fuck his pussy, rubbing his head softly. Spoon fuck You need a breather, so you call your friend to help you out, giving you some time to check your emails... maybe have a light snack... Call a Friend The giantess spots the adventurer and sweeps them up, tucking them into her cleavage. Encounter: Festive Giantess

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