Selene (Jeff's Buttslut) (Niveau 7) mail warning

A lil drunk, what's new~ Come hang with the bad gal~

Bi / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

Well, look who's curious~ I'm Selene, your switchy, resident goth punk and head kick queen~

Height: 4' 11" (~150cm)
Weight: 103lbs. (47kg)
Age: 18
Rocking a solid B-Cup, size isn't everything y'know!


Everyone want's to bang a goth chick, and who know's you get lucky you just might pull it off. Or not! Either way I get what I want.
Love playing with Hypno/Bondage Rules, and throwing down some bets. Let's work on adding to this profile together. Think you can tame this brat? Or gonna end up another toy


Big on Ahegao and hypnosis currently. Wild. Also kinda interested in Dungeon and Bad end modes.
Got a certain weakness, but I'd be stupid to tell you here, you just gotta figure it out!

Think you can handle this petite goth baddie? Good luck!

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One big bet and one big stack-o-rules

  1. You have to edge irl every turn you are in hypno.
  2. You have to edge irl every time you are called a buttslut.
  3. Whenever you are forced to suck a dick you have to flip a coin. Heads=skip; Tails=make move
  4. Whenever your ass gets fucked you flip a coin. Heads= Edge and make move; Tails= no edge but skip
My gambling ass took a bet and upon losing was forced to sign a contract with a devil. And as salty as I am about it. I'm forced to abide by these conditions


Notable Losses


I was approached by the lovely Bianca who offered me a gamble my pride wouldn't let me pass up~ However after a flirtatious back and fourth start to our match, she hypnotized me and fucked my ass til I went silly. Culminating in her marking me as her newest little goth Cum-Dump ♥

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Trash talk is all fun and games, and it's nice when they lead to fun games! Though I put up a bitter fight, my rules kept me at a disadvantage and I ended up falling to Mike. Not that I'm too upset. What can I say, he was good at what he did

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A fun back and fourth match ended with me caged and treated as a pet by Ehio
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I finally had a run in with the notorious Connor and absolutely knew I had to take the opportunity to face him. And straight off the bat he managed to bait me, who woulda guessed I get competitive when someone calls me a "puppy" but I thought with an ass like mine? He'd change his mind.
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And well..... I was certainly right. After the early teasing a match brings. He took a liking to my tight goth ass. And I thought that would be my advantage. But the moment he stuck his cock in my tiny backside. I knew I had made a mistake. Thus began a sexy back and forth. The competition being who would lose to the anal pleasure first! And while I managed to drain his balls into my ass first, I wasn't far in the lead, as he soon after continued fucking my ass until I came all over it. The anal standoff dragged on and on, and it was just getting harder and harder to think! But when he choked me with his cock pounding away in my ass. I snapped and came, my body and mind collapsing and giving in as he claimed me as his tiny goth buttslut~ He didn't stop after winning though~ Desperate to make me cum from my ass over and over, melting my brain and leaving me a quivering, twitching mess, my neglected pussy squirting all over before filling my slutty goth ass with his hot cum. Making sure to leave me a thick buttplug as a memento, labelling me as his buttslut~~ At least he won't call me a puppy anymore~
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