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Hetero / Switch

I won't be playing anyone who has minimal bio or anyone who doesn't read my bio. (If you're a sub then please DM me first in case you see me in MM, thanks.)

I'm a competitive guy happy to break anyone who might think they can manage to break me first. I'm happy to either go with RP or just simple trash talk, as long as we both have a good time. Speaking of, why not add to the fun with a bet on the game? it only helps make it more exiting for you to deal with the consequences after cumming your brains out for me.
As for the kind of game I'm looking for, the obvious is of course it being competitive (open to stuff focused much more on RP and a good scenario though). As for anything else that hasn't been mentioned, I'm looking for kinky and creative partners that hopefully match somewhat well at least with the kinks mentioned below.
My go to in terms of games are...

Dice rules: 5-6 to escape, turns are skipped in both hypno and bondage (actions can be picked if in hypno). (optional) if the first turn is resisted it backfires. (skip first turn, then roll to escape) If we're playing with reversal on the dice needs to be rolled before the action is played to see if it reverses
bets: Usually winners choice, with veto rights for the loser
Either we RP or trash talk

Now, let's move onto some of my favorite kinks, there are of course more, but you'd have to find out the fun way
Anal (and anything to do with ass)


Everything to do with cum and humiliation


There's nothing better than some worship


The more the merrier


Limits: Feet, breeding, toilet stuff, blood and gore, CBT

please reply with "read" if you join me in MM or else I will leave


Princess Jewel:

cumdump of Bianca

I'll keep logs on my most fun and interesting games with...


Celine came to me thinking she'd teach me a lesson and bring me down to earth. She did anything but that, while she thought she was in for an easy time, I proved her wrong. She quickly brought out her strap-on, telling me it's better than my cock, The fight was over before she even got to use it. She did catch my off guard early and made me cum embarrassingly quickly, but I made a recovery by stuffing her ass to the brim, The buttslut obviously never stood a chance and cam hard on my cock and it didn't stop there, both of us brought friends and after I had made her cum from her ass for the second time, my friends had finished with hers, but they were anything but done yet, so I left her and my friends to enjoy each other's company.


After having been transformed to my more feminine side Connie, I decide not much would change, the only thing that did change other than my physique was the gym I went to, and that's where I spotted Lin, I thought I'd challenge her to a fight and mistook her for an easy win. She was not. I was swiftly defeated and proven wrong and in exchange she decided she wanted my oral skills improved upon, not only did she facefuck me and send a big load down my throat, she brought in her friends too to show me how it's done.


Lilliana came to me thinking it'd be an easy win for her and that she'd end up making me her toy. I however made sure to show her her place on her knees, servicing my cock. But she kept on trying to make me submit, attempting to make me cum early multiple times and failing at every attempt. After a quick exchange of orgasms the field was leveled once more, but having called my friends in advance proved to be a winning move as she was nearly facefucked into submission. I of course quickly finished the job by plowing her ass and she did submit, before I could even make her cum. She was left desperate for an orgasm and her hopes for one were high as my friends entered, but they had different plans, a blowbang ensued and she was left with an ass filled with cum and a body covered in it... And even worse for her, my friends took her clothes with them as trophies, forcing her to walk home naked and covered in cum.

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I approached the cute bimbo thinking I was in for an easy win, since of course there's no way I could lose to some horny bimbo. I was proven wrong. We started off by freeing her bimbo body and putting a collar on it and soon after she even revealed a plug in her amazing ass, I was expecting her to be my fucktoy in no time. Not so long after I had her in a trance and with my cock up her ass and before she even knew it she was getting pounded from behind and squirting all over the sheets, but she never gave up, she had me cumming right after with her skilled hands And she didn't stop there, she was relentless, not stopping until I came and she got exactly what she wanted. I may have resisted multiple attempts of hers, but I simply couldn't resist anymore when my cock slipped between her perfect ass cheeks. I came hard, covering her behind in thick ropes of cum as I was defeated by this relentless, cumhungry bimbo.


Seeing this sexy goth gal ready for a game I just knew I couldn't pass up on this chance. I joined her and upon seeing her sexy body and feisty attitude I knew I had to make her my cute little toy. We had a fun back and forth, teasing and taunting each other back and forth, with me calling her what she truly was... at the time, a cute puppy that's all bark and no bite. She of course decided she would show me her bite, putting her perfect, tight ass to use on my cock later on, but this was only letting the real her out, the one that craved to be stuffed up and used like a good slut. After she finally was able to push me over the edge with her ass, making me dump my load deep inside her, I decided to take matters into my own hands, taking charge and making the buttslut cum countless time from getting her ass fucked, thoroughly melting her brain and claiming her ass as I left her mindbroken with an ass full of 2 loads and a large buttslut, truly confirming her status as my buttslut.


When I first saw Isabella I couldn't believe she was calling herself a mistress, so I decided to find out if she really was. She accepted my challenge. I found out just how much of a mistress she is when she... got down on her knees and started getting to work worshipping my cock. Of course she also got out her toys and made me worship her pussy. But the way she sucked my cock, she looked right at home down between my legs. It seems she felt that way too as she just wouldn't stop until I painted her face, twice even. She may almost have locked up my cock, but I know she won't be able to hide her real self for too long


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