Ehio 🇵🇱 (Level 10) mail warning

Seeking TON matches~

Hetero / Switch

******Hello there, Ehio here~*******

I'm up for competitive matches with preference of dirty talk
Irl i'm 20 yo with passion for graphic design, bicycle rides, chess, and some good books~
Hope we can play soon and we can make good match with battle for dominance~


Season 1: 0 W | 1L
Season 2: 4 W | 3L

Languages I speak
Polish 🇵🇱 - Native
English 🇬🇧

Hentai Champion x1

National Matches

🇵🇱 Poland vs 🇨🇵 France (2-1) |WINNER ME| |LOSER: Alexia|

🇵🇱 Poland vs 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England (1-2) |WINNER Gwen| |LOSER ME|

🇵🇱 Poland vs 🇨🇦 Canada (2-1) |WINNER ME| |LOSER: Savannah|

🇵🇱 Poland vs 🇺🇲 USA (1-2) |WINNER Ava| |LOSER ME|

🇵🇱Poland vs 🇰🇷 Korea (0-2) |WINNER Hina |LOSER ME|


100% Switch
100% Brat tamer
100% Brat
100% Rope bunny
94% Submissive
93% Rigger
91% Dominant
88% Boy/Girl
86% Daddy/Mommy
86% Degrader

Important Persons❤


Andy MY WIFEE!!! Hottest gorgeous cutest prettiest my honey~ Do something to her and ill be mad! im actually her cuckold...


Kichi - What to say I just enjoyed match with her even when that meant i lost my tittle~ POTENCIAL CUTEST PERSON ON EF!!!


Hina - BEST GIRL HERE AND MY FRIEND - That korean cutie is the one that i had one of best fights there!!!~ WARNING: She can last a looooong if you competete irl with her!


Goddness Ashe She's really kind person with really big dick - i can be slut to it 😍. She shows her kindness by not locking me in chastity ❤


Candy - Friend

Stephen - Friend and bf of Amber

Amber - Friend (she deleted her account but maybe she'll comeback)

Nana - My kitty pet

Emma - My baby girl ❤ We played a match today and she camed 6 times for me!!! After that i bred her and she bears my child ❤

Makima - Friend


Angelica - Slave I beated her and now she's mine~ I put her in chastity too ❤

Amalia - Slave Lost 2 times for me and now i am her master ❤

Angie - Slave I destroyed her in our game and at the end cucked her with her friend ❤

Crystal - Slave What can i say~ I destroyed that bitch and putted her into chastity after our match~ Now she have to win 3 games to get rid of that chastity ❤

Nymeria - Slave - She prefers to be dom but still i manage to make her my slave and she kneeled and call me master in the end~ Shes in chastity by me too~

Juno - My babygirl - The cutest person i met there~ It was amazing fight we have here, i would say even one of the best from all i had ❤ I loved her competitive nature and it was close fight but like most of the times i won it~ ❤

Eliza - Slave I destroyed her in our match and now shes my another slave~

Liza - Slave - She had really big mouth at start and she even thought that she could make me her slave! But it was only matter of time till i put her where she belong~

Alexia - Maid

Aderma - Slave In our fight she at first she had big mouth but i quickly tamed it~ She even said I had a big mouth haha! Under hypno she told me about her weaknesess abd i used them to break that little whore~


Highest Streaks

Win - 7
Lose - 3

*Everytime i got cucked i need to skip round (3/3)

*Everytime girl sits on my face i have to call her mommy (5/5)

*Have to be goth sissy till 21/02

*Have to call my opponent "mommy" after cumming once (10/10)

*Feet works as hypno for me (5/5)

I lost to Irein and got my cock locked >~< It was meant to be 3 days but she teased me so bad that she shortened it for 1 day and i have to leave this note here pernamently...

wc Is hetero
autorenew Is a switch
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