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Title (dev): Walk of Shame [f4f] [1 pic] (For Classic)
Difficulty: Free (1)
Walk of Shame Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame

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Description [POV Attack] (english):
Her climax brought her an unusual sense of clarity. Once she has finished moaning, squirming, squealing, and writhing under your sexual ministrations, she declares her desire to please you "any way she can.” You smirk and waste no time fitting her with a leash and collar and take your new plaything for "walkies.” You introduce her to all of your friends and acquaintances while making a point to stop and talk to anyone that acts like they recognize her.

Bot dialog (english):
Hmmmm? Oh yes, she is a good girl, isn't she? What? Of course you can pet her! She doesn't bite... not after my training.



Description [POV Victim] (english):
You couldn't keep your mouth closed could you? You utter a few foolish words like "...please you any way I can..." and the next thing you know you are completely exposed, being led around by a leash in public. The gawking of strangers is bad enough, but when she starts conversing with your social circle the shame is too much! But, if it really is shame you are feeling, why are you still so wet?

Game over!

Kinks: Bondage | Threesome/Audience participation


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Last updated: May 20, 2021 20:15


- I kept most of the text as is, I just made a few small changes. Removing extra spaces, putting punctuation inside the quotation marks, etc.

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