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Bondage Update for Hentai mode

I'm proud to present to you the new Bondage Update for hentai mode.

You love to tie up your opponent but you get tired to see them take control back on the next turn?
To have your opponent at your mercy only for them to magically free themselves and fuck you in the ground?

Well that's over for Hentai mode.

From now on, once you're bond, you'll need to spend at least a turn to escape.
You can either brute force through the bonds by the "Break free" action, that is if you have the energy for that.
Or you can try to be more subtle and "Try to break free" but careful, it may not work on the first try.
If you're getting too tired, you can also stop resisting for a bit to get some energy back, at the risk of letting your opponent have their way with you.

More seriously, I know a lot of people wanted a change of the bondage mechanism so I hope you'll like this.
It's just out so maybe there will still be some bugs and weird stuff so please let me know if you encounter problems. Post something on Discord or send me a DM on EF.

I really hope you'll have fun with this new mechanism ❤️

New blog post

Hentai JOI Guide

Hello everyone.
Today on the blog we have a guide dedicated to Hentai JOI, written by Emma herself.
You'll find all you need to know about the mode here.

European Regional Tournament!

Champions of Europe!

We finally have a winner for this year's European Regional Tournament! After an intense Hentaibreaker match, The Merchant has triumphed over Romantic, thus crowning himself and his partner Lina as Champions of Europe! For winning the tournament, both Lina and The Merchant win 100 EF Coins, and a Champion of Europe badge for their profiles! Congratulations!


Romantic and Daliah vs The Merchant and Lina!

Jobber's Cup

Image Title

The Jobber's Cup is over and Jeanne is our winner. She wins the incredible prize of 1 EF coin. Congratulations!!


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