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The Wrestling Ring : Updated Guide

Hi fans of EF's Wrestling ring mode and the others that may be curious about it.

Game maintainers Ben Steele and Lumbersnack have some words for you with a brand new guide on the latest updates on the mode.

You can find the guide here!

New action pack for Hentai

Hello all Hentai lovers.
Great news for all of you, we have two new action packs available for Hentai game.

1st of all the Vampire pack, created by Nagusa. If you like to add some fangs to your roleplay, that action pack is made for you. 22 new vampire related actions and 64 pics in total at the moment.
Careful though this pack implies some blood related actions so be sure to be into this and to ask your partner too. Monster and pain kinks are mandatory for this pack.
The pack is available for all Patreon users and for the non-Patreon you can buy it for 50 EF coins.

2nd pack has been created by Sunny, and it's the long awaited Kemonomimi pack. 58 actions, 119 pics full of cute little foxy, catgirls and boys and other similar cute little fellas.
This pack is available for Erofighters patreon tier and higher or available for non-Patreon at 100 EF coins.
Buying this pack also enables your opponent to move actions from this pack, even if they didn't purchase it. Perfect for all little submissive little pets ❤️

I hope you'll like those two packs. Don't hesitate to contribute by adding new actions and pics if you have some ideas.

See you soon in Hentai mode.

European Regional Tournament!

Final Round!

The first leg of this year's European Regional Tournament has concluded... with a win for Romantic! Congratulations! Now, all attention turns to Daliah and The Merchant... who will emerge victorious and claim this year's crown as Champion of Europe? We will see. You can relive the action between Romantic and Lina here.


Romantic and Daliah vs The Merchant and Lina!

Jobber's Cup

Image Title

The Jobber's Cup is over and Jeanne is our winner. She wins the incredible prize of 1 EF coin. Congratulations!!
For the losers, see you at the auction.

Good luck to everyone, and I hope everyone has a great EU tournament!


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Meet people, roleplay some intense sex scenes with pics, receive and give instructions! The classic game’s premise is simple: Two players take turns teasing and fucking each other, getting closer and closer to orgasm with each action. The first person who makes the other player cum twice wins the game! This indie game is entirely free and financed through my Patreon and donations on or Ko-fi

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