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"Refresh bug"

Hi everyone!

I'm very much aware of the bug we have been encountering three times these last week (last saturday, and the two last nights..). When it happens, the matchmaking is fully dead, and you need to constantly refresh your page to see new messages in games or DMs, or even bot actions. I tried to solve it multiple times without improvement, but I will definitely succeed, don't worry! <3

Lucy VS Tanvir

Match log below!

1) Lucy has won against Tanvir and now it falls to Katarina to try and save the day by beating off (heh) Furby.

2) We are still taking registrations for female reserve players. All eligible entries will be added to the reserve list on a first-come-first-served basis.

Round 1
Fixtures and Matchtimes

Nadine & Ritzy VS Princess Jackey Jane & John
Ritzy vs Jackey Jane - 4/3, Monday, 10AM CST
Nadine vs John - 5/3, Tuesday, 3:30 PM CET

Stacy & Simon VS Valentine & Dusk

Sexfighter Tanvir & Katarina VS Lucy & Furby

Ruck & Laura VS Jay Thunder & Katha
Ruck vs Katha - 5/3, Tuesday, 5:30PM CET/11:30AM ET


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Meet people, roleplay some intense sex scenes with pics, receive and give instructions! The classic game’s premise is simple: Two players take turns teasing and fucking each other, getting closer and closer to orgasm with each action. The first person who makes the other player cum twice wins the game! This indie game is entirely free and financed through my Patreon and donations on or Ko-fi

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