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Dungeon Adventure Mode Tease!

In anticipation for the release of Dungeon Adventure mode, Tifa Lockhart has helped us create a webtease based on Rabbit's hard work!

Milovana was one of our early sources of traffic and we decided to return there with a proper webtease to give a little something back.

Keeping in mind the lack of female webteases there, we decided to make this especially for the ladies, though all are welcome to try it out 😊

We'll be looking to launch Dungeon Adventure mode to the public in the coming days, so watch this space

Halloween Tournament

Round 1

With Linlin's win over Mel, she takes her team into Round 2! Read the match log here.
Saduharta's win over Mistic meanwhile, sets up a tiebreaker match between her and Eva! The match is currently ongoing!
You can check out the Sadu's win over Mistic here.


The LumberSnack vs. Green Velcro
Marc vs Kendra

Maverick vs. Vivian
Lord Milov VIII vs. Jeanne

Benji vs. La Pikacha
Atlas vs. Mika the Kitsune

Ruck vs. Mel
LinLin vs Shade

Winston vs. Lewd Sister Silvena
Off Duty Fireman vs. Shaman Mariah

Mistic vs. Saduharta Ramangini
DanDan vs. Demon Goddess Eva

Wicken Irell vs. Sassy Selena
Croaker vs. Claire Dimui

Leon vs. Andromeda Sterling
Romantic vs. Tanya

Scheduled Matches

Monday 1AM GMT: Atlas vs Mika
Tuesday 5AM Central: Selena vs Claire Dimui
Tuesday 2PM BST: Vivian vs Jeanne

New Dungeon Mode is open

We are proud to announce the full release of October's Dungeon Adventure mode! Assume the role of a dungeon master or an intrepid adventure on a lewd quest, resisting the likes of succubi and other fantastical creatures along the way!

This game mode is open for all gender and sexual orientations. However, characters will have to be either 'dom' or 'sub' (not both!) for the mode to work. The monster kink must also be turned on for the best possible experience.

There will also be an AMA with October, the mode's creator, on our subreddit! Come on in and join the conversation!


The social erotic teasing games

Meet people, roleplay some intense sex scenes with pics, receive and give instructions! The classic game’s premise is simple: Two players take turns teasing and fucking each other, getting closer and closer to orgasm with each action. The first person who makes the other player cum twice wins the game! This indie game is entirely free and financed through my Patreon and donations on or Ko-fi

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