Old updates

Note that most old news are lost and have been deleted, you won't find here everything ever, but can find that on the discord if you are interested.

4 days ago


Don't miss the hottest party of the summer! Here you find the brackets and the games' dates and time 💜

5 days ago


Wow! Thank to all the people who signed up for the tournament, we filled the 13 available spots in less than one day... So we took the decision to Increase the number of players from 16 to 32!! You can see all the players who made into the draft here

Tomorrow morning 12th june i'm gonna reveal the results of the draft; a bracket will be composed and available for everyone to see, and i'm gonna also draft the priority queue of the reserves, that will be also randomly chosen.

We also have another news: We're keep the sign up thread open for reserves!
With a high number of players, it's good to have a decent amount of people, willing to step over if someone quits (friendly reminder that doing that could result in a tournament ban for a year, if not for serious situations i invite you all to discuss with me in DMs if needed), so if you still want a possibility to join this tournament, just read the tournament rules and post your character here. You'll be placed at the back of your gender's reserve queue. Remember that if you sign up like that, you're not eligible for a wildcard.

You will be free to begin planning and playing your games as soon as the draft results will be posted.

For every doubt, you can DM me or Winston 💜

6 days ago


We're giving you some extra time to sign up to the Classic Tournament!
We'll close sign ups tomorrow 11th june, 1 PM UTC.
Check out the forum for all the information 💜

7 days ago

EroFights Classic Tournament

Signups Closes on Monday 10th June, 19.00 UTC

Hope you're looking forward to the impending Classic Tournament, because signups are about to close on Monday 10th June, 19.00 UTC! This tournament is a 16-player affair, but if we get enough participants, we're willing to expand it to 32 players, so throw your hat in the ring today!

There is also a feature article you can read on the blog!
You can find all the information you need about the Tournament here.
Signup thread is here.

Don't miss the hottest party of the summer!

11 days ago

Game backgrounds

To agrement your games, you can now set an image background in the settings :)

I also solved problems with the full-screen chats, so actions should not come on top anymore when you're in fullscreen chat.

It's also now possible to mute the bot in the settings so that you can talk in a public game with bot without the automatic bot answering.


11 days ago

Messages sent should not be lost anymore when you have some bad connection or server issues. They'll stay in a "sending.." state until they arrive, where you can resend them if needed.

With love, lllusion

13 days ago

Killing the lag

I found a configuration issue that have been creating lag on the website since months... I hope you all have a better experience on EF now, I've solve it, and we should be fine for a while <3


24 days ago

Lovense issues fixed!

We've had some issues in the last week with the Lovense toys connection. I'm happy to tell you it should all be fixed <3 I use the occasion to tell you the good news: we are now displayed on their website! Welcome to all people who come from this side, don't hesitate to read this blog article if you want to know how to connect your toys ;)

about 1 month ago

New "active" status.

From now on:
A character will be marked as "active" when they are in a game/ in matchmaking.
Three new options are available at character level: Show active "When messaging", "When watching games", "When browsing the website". The two first are active by default. When those are activated, it allows you to be shown as an active members on the members list for more actions. (defaults are the same as current behavior of the website)
You'll see a green/red dot on the "Play" page below your character avatar. It allows you to see if your character is considered active (have done something in the last 10 minutes).
You can click this button to change your active status. When passing the green light to red, it will be considered a "Do not disturb action", meaning for the next 6 hours your status won't automatically pass to "active" anymore, whatever the reason.

2 months ago

April hunt : Results

The hunt is over, thank you all for bringing me back my eggs.

I hope you had fun looking for them.

With 13 eggs found, Isa’s cute cow slut Amelia is the winner of the hunt and gets a "EroEaster 2024 Winner" badge.
All the others who found more than 7 eggs will receive a "EroEgg Hunter 2024" badge.

Congratulations to all the people who found eggs and please find the final ranking below :

Isa’s cute cow slut Amelia : 13
Alice : 12
Max (Vanessa’s Spanked Sub) : 12
Bella : 12
Alyona : 12
Monica : 12
Maxime (snugglebunny) : 11
Miss Angel : 11
Aaron : 10
Toby : 9
Chloe the cutie : 8
Amelia the adventurer : 3
Kade : 2
Raeliana : 1
kobo NNN : 1
Kichi the slime : 1
Babygirl : 1
Jessica : 1

2 months ago


As it is the tradition on EF for its birthday, let's celebrate together a few people that are on EF since the beginning, already four years ago, and are still active today! The new batch of people getting the "First!" badge are this year: Knight Cithria, Sissy Lana, Karlo, Bondageman, Phoenix, Holger_Sub, Lord Milov VIII, Chris, MFR and Matt!

EroFights has grown so much since, with so much more modes, different people and actions, that it's barely recognizable! Thank you for staying with us since so much time, and I hope you'll continue to have fun with us for a long while!

2 months ago

The Wrestling Ring Tournament

The Champiooooooooooons!

Well folks, it's been a bumpy ride, but we got there! Please congratulate your TWR champions for this year - Ruck and Mika!

The tournament season will now enter a well-deserved break, but never fear - Charlotte is already planning for June's Classic Tournament - I hope to see you there 😉

Shout out to Mister Valentine and Lady Dusk for their valiant efforts in pushing Ruck and Mika all the way!

2 months ago

The Wrestling Ring Tournament

One Last Match

With Ruck triumphing over Lady Dusk to bring the scores 1-1, a tiebreaker will now have to be played. Since Mister Valentine won with the least amount of turns, he has decided that he will play Mika one last time to determine this year's champion!

We'll keep you up to date on the match time - so watch this space!

3 months ago

The Wrestling Ring Tournament

Final Fixtures Confirmed!

Well, there you have it, folks! The final fixtures for this year's The Wrestling Ring Tournament are as follows:

Sunday, 31 March, 6PM GMT: Mika VS Mister Valentine
Wednesday, 3 April, 7PM GMT: Ruck vs Lady Dusk

Good luck to both teams!

3 months ago

The Wrestling Ring Tournament

Final Round

Mark your calendars, folks!

The first match of the TWR Tournament final will take place next week!

Please look forward to Ruck vs Lady Dusk on Wednesday April 3, 7 PM GMT.

3 months ago

New kinks!

And more checkboxes :p

If you're not a game maintainer, you'll probably not get how mind blowing this update is: But after scratching my head for a long time, I finally succeeded to add a few more very interesting checkboxes to the "Action creation" form, called "More gender conditions". (only displayed for advanced users of the creation form)

Namely "Has cock", "Has pussy", "Likes cock", "Likes pussy", "Likes women", "Likes men", "Likes trans", "Is hetero", "Is homo", "Is bi". These conditions come to help in specifying who those actions are for.

The two first conditions (Has cock/pussy) will really help: So far, to be able to describe an action with a player with a cock, a maintainer had to duplicate all actions, with one "male", and the other "female + trans". Now, they can just click on "Has cock", and be done with it. 🎉 It represents the elimination of tons of tedious work that was done duplicating actions and images, and complexity in the chaining... I've already used it to provide more "cum play" actions to trans games, where they weren't available, so, enjoy!

The other checkboxes are quite helpful for "threesome" actions. So far, it was quite impossible to know from an action POV if a player was interested in some other sex than the one of their partner. It's now all possible!

And another news! New kinks!

The team has debated on the implementation of two news kinks: Breeding and Breath play. Both subjects were quite debatable due to there close relation with CNC, but we finally decide to implement them, and maintainers will ensure we do not cross too harsh borders. Kinks are here to protect you from content you don't want to see, and they are also here to enable those who like such topics to be able to enjoy them. 🎉 Don't forget to activate them in your character profiles if you're into it!

Some changes for the Classic mode

Maybe some of you have recognized that a little while ago another name showed up beside Pavel on the description panel of classic mode.
Frikka supported Pavel as a classic maintainer since then and today it´s the time to show gratitude towards Pavel and his services for the EF community as he resigns from his duty.
We want to thank Pavel for his years long commitment and at the same time we want to announce that another well known member of our community earned his place amongst the EF staff.
If you ever submitted any enhancement proposals or actions lately you may have wondered how fast they have been taken care of.
Raise your mugs of hot chocolate for our new classic maintainer Herman the German!

I've also added quite a few images and actions today and yesterday! If you want to see the changes, head over the actions page and sort by "recently updated" ;)

In the meantime, more than 20 actions where also added in the Love mode by TeaMaster ; and Jay has been appointed maintainer of Femdom with Caprice, and he's cleaning up the mode :)

3 months ago

New Blog Post!

Ale With Aleda!

Winston interviews and drinks da ale with rockstar Aleda!

Available right now on the blog!

3 months ago

Discord server

I didn't realize the invitation link to our discord server had expired 😱 In case you tried but didn't succeed to join us, here is the link again: discord.gg/erofights! And I'll use the occasion to remind you that it's an awesome place to hang out, make friends within the community, and meet people on a more personal level 🥰 It's very active, so don't hesitate to pop your head in 😊

And if you're interested in roleplaying, I encourage you to visit our second Discord: EroFights City, where we organize a lot of roleplay events, quests, stories, and more!

3 months ago

The Wrestling Ring Tournament

Match Times!

We have 2 semi-final matches scheduled for your viewing pleasure, so mark your calendars!

8 March, 4AM GMT: Jackey Jane vs Valentine
11 March, 3PM GMT: Lucy vs Ruck

3 months ago

Lucy VS Tanvir

Match log below!

1) Lucy has won against Tanvir and now it falls to Katarina to try and save the day by beating off (heh) Furby.

2) We are still taking registrations for female reserve players. All eligible entries will be added to the reserve list on a first-come-first-served basis.

Round 1
Fixtures and Matchtimes

Nadine & Ritzy VS Princess Jackey Jane & John
Ritzy vs Jackey Jane - 4/3, Monday, 10AM CST
Nadine vs John - 5/3, Tuesday, 3:30 PM CET

Stacy & Simon VS Valentine & Dusk

Sexfighter Tanvir & Katarina VS Lucy & Furby

Ruck & Laura VS Jay Thunder & Katha
Ruck vs Katha - 5/3, Tuesday, 5:30PM CET/11:30AM ET

4 months ago

"Refresh bug"

Hi everyone!

I'm very much aware of the bug we have been encountering three times these last week (last saturday, and the two last nights..). When it happens, the matchmaking is fully dead, and you need to constantly refresh your page to see new messages in games or DMs, or even bot actions. I tried to solve it multiple times without improvement, but I will definitely succeed, don't worry! <3

4 months ago

The Wrestling Ring Tournament


1) The tournament continues to heat up! We have John vs Nadine scheduled for Tuesday the 5th of March at 3:30PM CET and, potentially, a second team going through that day.

2) A different side match-up will see Ruck take on Katha on Tuesdsy, the 5th of March at 5:30PM CET/11:30AM ET.

3) There are 10 days to go until the round deadline ends. We suggest scheduling matches as soon as possible as a tiebreaker is a possibility.

4) We are still taking registrations for female reserve players. All eligible entries will be added to the reserve list on a first-come-first-served basis.


Fixtures and Matchtimes

Nadine & Ritzy VS Princess Jackey Jane & John
Ritzy VS Jackey Jane - 4/3, Monday, 10 AM CST
Nadine VS John - 5/3, Tuesday, 3:30 PM CET

Stacy & Simon VS Valentine & Dusk

Sexfighter Tanveer & Katarina VS Lucy & Furby

Ruck & Laura VS Jay Thunder & Katha
Ruck vs Katha - 5/3, Tuesday, 5:30PM CET/11:30AM ET

Round Deadline: 11th of March

4 months ago

The Wrestling Ring Tournament

Ritzy vs Jackey on Monday

1) Mr Valentine and Lady Dusk have qualified for Round 2 of the TWR Tournament. I'm pretty sure this is the fastest a team has qualified for a Round in EF tournament history 😎 .

2) Ritzy will take on Jackey Jane this Monday, 10 AM CST.

3) We are still taking registrations for female reserve players. All eligible entries will be added to the reserve list on a first-come-first-served basis.

Fixtures and matchtimes.

Nadine & Ritzy VS Princess Jackey Jane & John
Ritzy VS Jackey Jane - 4/3. Monday, 10 AM CST

Stacy & Simon VS Valentine & Dusk

Sexfighter Tanveer & Katarina VS Lucy & Furby

Ruck & Laura VS Jay Thunder & Katha

4 months ago

The Wrestling Ring Tournament

BDSM Stacy vs Mr Valentine today!


1) BDSM Stacy will be taking on Mr Valentine in this year's tournament curtain-opener! See you there at 1800 GMT!

2) We are still taking registrations for female reserve players. All eligible entries will be added to the reserve list on a first-come-first-served basis.

3) All reserve players that are not called up in this tournament will be given a wild card to be used in upcoming tournaments to bypass the lottery and gain a guaranteed spot.

4) You can only have 1 wild card regardless of how many times you've been an uncalled reserve player.


Fixtures and matchtimes.

Nadine & Ritzy VS Princess Jackey Jane & John

Stacy & Simon VS Valentine & Dusk
Stacy vs Valentine : 27 Feb, 1800 GMT.

Sexfighter Tanveer & Katarina vs Lucy & Furby

Ruck & Laura VS Jay Thunder & Katha

Round Deadline: 11 March

4 months ago

I worked on multiple optimizations. The whole website, action search and message system should be a bit quicker to respond. I also solved multiple bugs about the process of starring actions, so it might be a good time to give a second look at what actions you starred, because it may have changed due to bugs.


4 months ago

A bunch of small updates

Bug fix: Sound "you've been a bad boy" should work again.

Bug fix: It's no longer possible for two people to claim a badge at the same time.

Bug fix: Fix an issue where a video sent in messages could deform the chat window.

Bug fix: People browsing in Chinese can now access the game settings.

QOL: When deleting a message in a conversation (DMs), it will delete it live for your partner, not at next refresh.

QOL: Discord bot will now tell you witch character have received a message.

QOL: If someone commented one of your suggestions, you'll now receive a message from the system.

QOL: It's now possible to indicate in a survey that you're ok with being re-contacted by mods.

Unclosed games: From now on, public games will be automatically closed after an hour of inactivity. Private paused games with bots will be closed after 3 days of inactivity. Private paused games will be closed after 7 days of inactivity.

Game Maintainers: It's now possible to see stats for only one game mode, it's easily accessible as an action in the list of game modes.

Game Maintainers: Two more ratios win/loss for the game stats

Game Maintainers: It's no longer possible for people to submit an action without at least a dev title and title.

Game Maintainers: It's no longer possible for guests to propose actions, enhancements, or claim a badge.

Moderation: Mods can now remove logs from the public listing (watch tab)

Moderation: Mods will now be notified when a report is updated (they had only notification at creation)

4 months ago

Winner of LWR Tournament

A huge congratulations to Jodie, Jillian's Fiance on winning the 2024 Lesbian Wrestling Ring Tournament!!

Her prize is 450 EF Coins (300 for winning and 150 for winning 5 matches), a custom move for the Lesbian Wrestling Ring game mode and also a badge stating she is the "2024 Lesbian Wrestling Ring Champion"!

Commiserations to Tanya ~ The Korean Queen for finishing 2nd in a highly entertaining and competitve tournament right up to the final. But she still walks away with 370 EF coins (250 for runner up and 120 for winning 4 matches!

We hope everyone enjoyed this edition of the LWR tournament and hope to see a lot of you enter again next year!

4 months ago

Given the overall stability of the app on the new server settings, I've been able to slowly decrease the number of restart per day needed to clean up the memory. We were at one point at 8 restart per day, which caused a lot of messages to be lost and caused some lags every few hours. We are now back at only 1 restart par day (at 7 am UTC, which is kind a low point for everyone). All this despite the number of users constantly increasing on EF ( we are everyday spiking at more than 150 games in parallel without a problem 🎉 )

As always, thank you all! Sorry I'm not around much these days, I hope I'll be able to work on EF more sometimes soon <3

4 months ago

The number of the day!

3000 Actions!
3000 Actions in Classic Mode!

A long Journey

We are delighted to announce that today, the 3000th action in the Classic Game Mode was accepted, which is making the mode to be the first to break the magic 3k hurdle.

It all started 13th of April, 2020 with 159 actions. Ever since then, many people contributed and helped shaping the classic game mode by adding pictures, new actions, action sequences, spicy text in several languages, scenes, …

- 2841 new Actions (1 every 3 days)
- 9600 new Pictures (1.1 every day)
- 8600 new Proposals (1 every day)

Even after this long time, creative ideas, newly pictured situations or different possibilities to role play come up almost daily and are submitted as extensions to existing actions or as completely new activities.

We are happy to see that many people enjoy playing the Classic mode and will do our best to keep it this way.

Have fun!

Your Classic Game Maintainer Team

4 months ago

Blog interview : The LumberChat

Hello everyone.

Today we have an interview of one of The Wrestling Ring's maintainer, Lumbersnack, about the upcoming TWR tournament.

You can read it on our blog here.