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Note that most old news are lost and have been deleted, you won't find here everything ever, but can find that on the discord if you are interested.

3 days ago

The Wrestling Ring Tournament

Signups OPEN!

Head on over to our Forum, read the rules, and register if you're so inclined...

4 days ago

Lesbian Wrestling Ring Tournament

Final Round!

And so here we are, folks! Here are the finalists for this year's Lesbian Wrestling Ring Tournament!

Jeanne took down Lolli to set up a final confrontation with the lovely Oriana - who will emerge as this year's Queen of the Ring?


Jeanne vs Oriana

4 days ago

The Wrestling Ring Tournament

Feature No. 3

The lovely Frikka keeps the TWR hype train going for our next tournament - this time she talks about registration and registration criteria!

If you missed Frikka's first feature, fret not - here it is once again!
Feature 2 can be found here.

5 days ago

The Wrestling Ring Tournament Feature

More Info About The Coming Tournament!

The lovely Frikka keeps the TWR hype train going for our next tournament - come read and learn what's required of you as a potential competitor!

If you missed Frikka's first feature, fret not - here it is once again!

9 days ago

New blog post

The Wrestling Ring tournament

Hello everyone.

We have a new blog post for you written by our new tournament staff member Frikka.
Inside, you'll find all the information on the upcoming mixed wrestling tournament so be sure to read it if you're interested.

You can access it here or on the blog.


15 days ago

Lesbian Wrestling Ring Tournament

Round 3!

Oriana does it again, and this time she sees off Queen Adriana and makes her way to the final! Now we'll have to wait until Sunday to see who she'll face in her bid to become Queen of the Ring!


Jeanne vs Lolli
Oriana vs Queen Adriana


Sunday, 29 January, 8PM GMT - Lolli vs Jeanne

17 days ago

Important update

On the importance of reporting

Hi EF,

We have recently banned a user that goes by the name of Peter. He has been emotionally and mentally abusing several members both publicly and privately and have caused considerable long-term distress to his victims.

Normally, we would not talk about bannings publicly, but this ban is the latest in a string of similar cases. We have also banned Hector and MaidDroid in the past, and just like Peter, they have exhibited patterns of abusive behavior.

Another concerning pattern is their use of alt-characters in their abusive methods. MaidDroid used an alt called Torii to fabricate drama. Peter used Anala as a means to peer pressure women to submit to him, and Hector used a female alt to get close to a member that had previously blocked him.

None of these acts are acceptable and we will always prioritize the safety of our users first and ban abusers with no chance of appeal. Letting such users go with a warning in the hope that they would reform, while leaving their victims too anxious to use the website is not a viable course of action here. We will always act decisively against abusive members.

We are also appalled that Peter's behavior took this long to uncover. We urge all members of our community to report abusive behavior the moment you encounter them personally or in passing. Use the report button in public matches or report their profile, while also taking screenshots of their abusive behavior and including them in your report. Moderators are here to keep the community safe, but we can't be everywhere - we need you to help point us in the right direction.

Thank you and have a good day.

19 days ago

Contributor of the Month

L i n l i n

For her services in enhancing transgender play by adding actions to Classic mode, we are happy to award Linlin the Contributor of the Month award for December! Well done, Linlin, and keep up the good work!

19 days ago

Spam Filter Function

New Feature Can Be Found In Your Character Settings

You can now stop the constant flow of messages you get from people more easily: There is an option in your character settings: "Only accept messages from people I have contacted first, or starred."

People will get blocked at your door until you do. It will only affect DMs. Staff will bypass this restriction, as they often have to contact people for maintaining the game / ask things to users. (Note that people who already contacted you will be able to continue to do so until you remove the whole conversation)

23 days ago

Hentai mode bondage update

Thank you for your patience.

The bondage kink is finally corrected and you can activate it once more in your Hentai games.

If you encounter bugs, for example, early game overs, please share your logs on Discord or send then to Miss Jenna so that the Hentai team can correct them.

28 days ago

Lesbian Wrestling Ring Tournament

Round 2!

And then there was one....

Jeanne advances to Round 3 as she defeats Scarlet Fire to book her spot in the semi-finals!


Jeanne vs Scarlet Fire

Mika the Kitsune vs Oriana

Queen Adriana vs Destiny

Linlin Mira vs Lolli


15 Jan, Noon CST - Oriana vs Mika the Kitsune

about 1 month ago

Bondage update : what to expect?

Hey hey hey
Bondage update in Hentai is done. The mode is active again and here is a sneak peak of what's awaiting you in the new release.

about 1 month ago

Dear Santa,

For Christmas,

about 1 month ago

Lesbian Wrestling Ring Tournament

Round 1 - Match Times Announced!

And we are just two more matches to the end of Round 1! Relive the Queen Adriana vs Belle bout here.


4 January 12PM EST (5PM GMT) - Sassy Selena vs Oriana
5 January, 9PM EST (8PM CST / 6PM PST) - Kendra vs Destiny

Round 1 match-ups:

  1. Shirley vs Jeanne

  2. Lisbeth Rose vs Scarlet Fire

  3. Mika the Kitsune vs Hitomi

  4. Belle vs Queen Adriana

  5. Sassy Selena vs Oriana

  6. Linlin Mira vs Katha

  7. Lolli vs Saduharta Ramagini

  8. Kendra vs Destiny

about 1 month ago

Lesbian Wrestling Ring Tournament

Round 1!

We have a competitors for next year's Lesbian Wrestling Ring tournament! Here's the Round 1 match-ups:

  1. Shirley vs Jeanne

  2. Lisbeth Rose vs Scarlet Fire

  3. Mika the Kitsune vs Hitomi

  4. Belle vs Queen Adriana

  5. Sassy Selena vs Oriana

  6. Linlin Mira vs Katha

  7. Lolli vs Saduharta Ramagini

  8. Kendra vs Destiny

Round 1 will begin on the 2nd of January, ending on the 14th.

Good luck, wrestlers!

about 2 months ago

Update of the Patreon System

If you are a Patreon, you need to link your EroFights account to your Patreon, from your EF settings (bottom of the page). Codes and badges system have been deactivated, more info on the Patreon page ;)

about 2 months ago

Lesbian Wrestling Ring Tournament

Signups Open!

Registration for next January's Lesbian Wrestling Ring tournament is now open! Head over to our Forum, read the rules and understand the format, and sign up today! Will you be 2023's new Queen of the Ring, or will our defending champion Shirley reign supreme once more? Only one way to find out...

about 2 months ago

Bad End Battles : Action Creation Guide

And here it is folks, the action creation guide for Bad End Battles written by the maintainer of the mode Alex! This will get you up to speed on how to add actions and enhancements for EF's new mode 😄


about 2 months ago

Bad End Battle

Patreon Release!

We have presents for our Patreons! Alex's new mode, Bad End Battle, is now open for pre-release!

Will you play as the evil lord and seduce the heroine and drive her to a bad end, or will you triumph over the forces of evil and prove yourself master of the Bad End Battle?

Only one way to find out - play the game yourself! Enjoy 😉

And subscribe to our Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/erofights
Join our Discord and participate in our Advent Calendar event!: https://discord.gg/erofights

about 2 months ago

Something new for Christmas

We are happy to announce that a new game mode, "Bad End Battle," will be made available to the members of the EF Patreon starting from the 15th of December!

Play the role of a heroine who must fight and fuck her way through the forces of evil, or play as the evil lord who must wear down the valiant heroine and corrupt her, luring her into a bad end!

You can subscribe to our Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/erofights
And join our Discord and participate in our Advent Calendar event: https://discord.gg/erofights

2 months ago


The Faculty

With Ruck's final victory over Maverick (as Annabella), the Faculty wins this year's December Sexfight Invitational with a score of 3-1! Each member of The Faculty - Shirley, Romantic, Linlin and Ruck will each take away 150 EF Coins, a signature move and a special tournament winner's badge!

Commiserations to our challengers Jeanne, Maverick, Lina and The Merchant for a tournament well sexfought! Perhaps next year will be your year...

And this brings the 2022 tournament season to an end! We will be back very very soon, with the LWR tournament in January...

2 months ago

I don't want a lot for Christmas...

There is just one thing I need....

I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree
I just want it for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is
the special Christmas action pack!!

The Christmas action pack is now active! Enjoy the various Christmas-themed actions in your lewd, holiday-season games! The action pack will last until 1 January 2023.

If you would like to add to the holiday naughtiness, you can always submit more actions for the action pack here, and if the holiday cheer becomes too overwhelming, you can always opt out of all seasonal action packs by deselecting the checkbox within your character edit page!

Happy holidays from us here at EroFights!

2 months ago

December Sexfight Invitational!

2 - 1 !

Now that the dust has settled, The Faculty has emerged again with the lead in this year's Winter Tournament! The Merchant had restored parity to the competition by seeing of Romantic on Saturday's Hentai showdown. However, the battle of the Captains in the Lesbian Wrestling Ring sees Shirley leading her team to a 2 - 1 score line.

Now all eyes will be on the final match...

The Faculty


Team Jeanne

The Merchant


Classic: 2 December, Friday, between 1:30 and 2pm CET - Ruck vs Maverick

3 months ago

Major update!

You can now choose, in your character settings, to activate permanency of certain states. Those state are chastity, collared, and marked. It means that when someone gives you a collar in game, you will keep it even after the game, and you'll be marked in your profile as "Collared by ..."

It implies a lot of things:

You can always free yourself from your character profile. However, it will send an automatic message to your owner.

Your owner can free you from your character profile.

Yes, "marked" is now a thing, so let's go and create content for it 😏 (no actions are yet added in game)

New mechanisms have been added for Game Maintainers ! They can now choose if an action is available only for your owners, or for others.

At the moment, no actions allows someone to "steal" ownership or free you if they are not the owner, but such actions might come in. If they do, the owner will get notified by message.

If you have lasting effects (permanency) settings, it's is now displayed in your profile.

The command /wear will no longer work with collared/chastity, as these states are now more complex to handle. I may do another update later to help with this, or may not.

This is a major update. It touches the very core of the game engine. I tested it, but I may have missed some things. If you see a bug, ping me 😉

BTW, this is only an first step, we will soon rework completely the chastity in Classic to make it more interesting! Stay tuned ;)

3 months ago

Long mode!

You can now activate a long mode in your settings! \o/

This will halve all desire/pleasure/cum quantity damages during your game, to make it go slower ;) It will not affect your orgasms life points damages, though!

Redraw costs has also been capped to 3 ;)

3 months ago

🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃

Seasonal pack!

It's spooky season again! Enjoy a few more actions for this week. 🏚️ Make sure you have the seasonal packs active on your character settings if you want to see them! 🔮

Trick 👻 or treat 🍬 ? 😏

4 months ago

Contributor of the Month for September 2022


For this month of September, we would like to thank a contributor of the shadows, Tony for all the contributions he have made to improve the game for everyone lately.
With 86 new visuals and 14 new actions accepted, he truly deserve our thanks for his hard work, and to be rewarded with the Contributor of the Month badge for September!


5 months ago

Contributor of the Month for August 2022

Hana ♥ ~ Elena's Cheeky Wife ~

This month, we would like to thank Hana for all the contributions they have made to improve the game for everyone. With 31 new visuals and 16 new actions accepted, they truly deserve our thanks for their hard work, and to be rewarded with the Contributor of the Month badge for August!

5 months ago

Special launch!

Hey fine folks of Erofights, we have a special announcement for you today. we're proud to announce and release the EroFights forum!

We hope that this new space will be the perfect place for our members to chat and have fun amongst other like-minded individuals and become the primary hub of activity for our community - when not playing matches on the website, of course!

And don't worry, there'll be no need to make a new account for the forum, it will all be done through the account you already have on site.

Whether you've been here for a day, or since EF's inception, we hope you'll enjoy our forum!

6 months ago

Kinks and stars!

Ok, I spent a lot of time coding today, you may have already noticed some things, time for the update!
· You asked for that more times than Winston can smirk: The kinks are now divided in giving/receiving!
· You can now update the stars of actions in bulks, by doing so directly from the action search page. It should be easier to rate an entire kink!
· You have now two sets of stars per user: one for preferences, and one for critical damages !

I though about it for some time, and I also decided that from now on, the star system setting will only be enabled in game by Patreons (and staff).
The reason for that is simple:
· We have more and more Patreons, and I want to reward them. Thanks again for the support ❤️
· This feature required a lot of work from myself, so it's quite normal I get something from it.
· Honestly, I think if you are loving the game enough to spend hours setting stars, you can really spare two euros for the Patreon 😅