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Bad End Battle update

New pack : Slime

Hear me out good people of EF and most importantly Bad End Battles lovers.
A new pack is being released today.

BEB is hard, all those monsters to fight and this boss at the end, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. So why don't you just rest near that beautiful lake? After all, what can possibly go wrong?
Turns out, a lot as you managed to find the only slime infested lake of the area, good job I guess.

This new pack adds 44 new actions for this new slime minion to trap the poor adventurer. Main kinks of the pack are : Slime, Tentacles, Monsters, Anal.

A big thank you to the entire Bad End Battle team and most importantly Kiran the lead developer of the pack.

Pack is only at 200 coins for an unlimited duration so make sure to buy it soon as price won't budge anyway. Buy it here.

Hentai Halloween Tournament 2023: Best Roleplay Contest

Our tireless Bunny Elena took the time to talk to the judges of the upcoming Hentai Halloween Best Roleplay Contest - let's see what they have to say~

Oh, and there's also a small change in the tournament prizes, read the link to find out more as well.

If you haven't seen the initial article about the contest's rules and other details, you can still find it here as well~


Attention all trick-or-treaters! The upcoming Hentai Halloween Tournament's sign-ups will begin on the 23rd of this month in the EroFights forum.

Do note that we will no longer be using the first-come-first-served method of registration and will be moving on to a lottery-based system, so you don't have to worry about slots being snapped up before you can even wake up!

Registrations will close when we receive 8 valid male competitors and 8 valid female competitors + 72 hours.

If we receive enough valid registrations to expand the tournament to a 32 players format, we will.

To participate in this tournament, you have to have a profile that is at least 3 months old, with 10 hentai matches on record. To be eligible for the Best Roleplayer Contest, your profile must have a Halloween costume.

The Hentai Halloween Tournament sign-ups are UP!

Attention! The Hentai sign-ups has begun! Register here:

Please note that registrations for the Halloween Costume Contest will be SUNDAY, IN A SEPARATE THREAD. Anyone registering their costume in the tournament thread will have their messages removed.


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