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Looking for a short Classic or Wrestling game

Miss Mara beat and collared me. She says that I have to wear a collar while the rest of the tournament is happening. It's engraved with "Miss Mara's Cock Toy". Please don't tell her, but I'm considering keeping it even after the tournament....
The collar is off for now, but might make a special appearance occasionally

I intend my fights to be fun, and I'm willing to fill them with RP, and even some name calling.

Send me a message if you're interested, I'd love to add a short record of the fight to my wall.

I'm a resilient, resourceful, and of course horny guy. Looking for some fun times with some amazing ladies. I normally range from about one liners, to a few lines. I'm not the best at rp, but looking to improve any chance I have

Had an amazing match with BDSM Stacy, was a pretty close back and forth until she locked up my cock mid game. After that, all it took was her pounding my poor ass for me to cover my face with cum.

I don't know how, but I found myself on a team with Felicia, she was way above any other person on the field, and I could have eaten her up. Well, one thing led to another... and now were amazing friends!

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