Lesbian Wrestling Ring survey

As the LWR tournament is slowly reaching its climax, its maintainers are curious to hear more about the mode as seen from different perspectives.

A survey will be sent out either after semifinals or finals (depending on timing) to all tournament participants, but we're also interested in other actively playing people, so if you want to answer the survey once it comes out, send a message to Linlin Mira expressing your interest in getting it.

Please only ask to answer the survey if you're playing the mode, thank you.

Given the overall stability of the app on the new server settings, I've been able to slowly decrease the number of restart per day needed to clean up the memory. We were at one point at 8 restart per day, which caused a lot of messages to be lost and caused some lags every few hours. We are now back at only 1 restart par day (at 7 am UTC, which is kind a low point for everyone). All this despite the number of users constantly increasing on EF ( we are everyday spiking at more than 150 games in parallel without a problem 🎉 )

As always, thank you all! Sorry I'm not around much these days, I hope I'll be able to work on EF more sometimes soon <3

The Wrestling Ring Tournament

BDSM Stacy vs Mr Valentine today!


1) BDSM Stacy will be taking on Mr Valentine in this year's tournament curtain-opener! See you there at 1800 GMT!

2) We are still taking registrations for female reserve players. All eligible entries will be added to the reserve list on a first-come-first-served basis.

3) All reserve players that are not called up in this tournament will be given a wild card to be used in upcoming tournaments to bypass the lottery and gain a guaranteed spot.

4) You can only have 1 wild card regardless of how many times you've been an uncalled reserve player.


Fixtures and matchtimes.

Nadine & Ritzy VS Princess Jackey Jane & John

Stacy & Simon VS Valentine & Dusk
Stacy vs Valentine : 27 Feb, 1800 GMT.

Sexfighter Tanveer & Katarina vs Lucy & Furby

Ruck & Laura VS Jay Thunder & Katha

Round Deadline: 11 March



遇见不同的人,角色扮演和激情场景,接受并发出指令! 经典游戏很简单:两名角色轮流挑逗对方,随着不同动作逐渐逼近高潮。先让对方高潮两次的玩家获胜!这个独立小游戏完全免费,您可以通过 PatreonKo-fi 支持我们



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