Cherry (Level 6) mail warning

Heya! The names Selina, or Cherry as my friends call me!
I'm a 22 year old female, who's highly competitive! Making me submit is gonna be a pretty big challenge for a bottom like you!~ But if you're willing to step onto the mat and get my win streak started, go right ahead slut <3~
If you're lucky enough to win on the other hand... you might be getting your dick milked for a while.

Even though I am highly competitive, a total bratty dom. I do not enjoy long roleplays.


Loss: Willy It's not a very common case where I submit to a man like this. He wasn't afraid to take my hair by the handful, and force me to look into his eyes... as a bonus, he's the first to collar me.

Win: Freya One of the best girls I've been with, I ended up ruining this girl. Making her a drenched mess by the time I was done with her!

Loss: Mac
This was a very fun fight... Mac utterly dominated me. Fucking my ass, abusing my throat, I fought hard and got a orgasm out of him. Only for him to turn the tables and put me in my place! Starting to think I might be a very big talker...

Loss: Rainy
I nearly beat her ass multiple times in our fight! But the instinct to toy with her and play dirty quickly took over... concluding in me eating my own words and being fucked into the sheets like a cheap fleshlight! Almost too much fun <3

Loss: Troy-The Dom Breaker
This wasn't even fair! Troy is skilled, both with his cock, and his tongue. After nearly wearing him down enough to defeat him, he quickly made a comeback on me with ease! Resulting in my ass taking multiple loads from his dom-breaker! I'm simply wet from just recounting it!

Loss: Kyle Dusk
Femboys give the best dick and you can't convince me otherwise! I'm a dom, make no mistake about it... but fuck... when a dick as thick as a soda can is being rammed in your ass, and your hair is being pulled back, and your eyes are rolling back in your head? It's pretty hard to hold back against that. While I did get a single orgasm out of him! It didn't even compare to the two he gave me! I'm still light-headed after he dicked me down.~

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