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When it comes to roleplaying in DMs, I am horrendously bad at coming up with ideas. If you have an idea for something you're interested in, let me know and I'll let you know if I'm interested, or maybe would like to add something to it!

However, please don't approach with the whole "hi mistress, please dom and milk me". Fuck you and fuck off. I'll approach you if I'm that interested, and I'm probably not. Impress me in a game by being fun to play with. I don't mind being dominant in RPs, but god damn do I dislike this approach.

Now, the best thing you can do is approach me in an unusual way. Catch my interest, try to get me hooked on an idea~ Something fun. Pique my interest and I'll like you way faster.

Don't ask for games. I will only play with specific people. If you blindly ask without reading, I'm blocking.


20 year old trans female that has a penchant for acting dominant and progressively being dominated. I'm normally here for a good time, and I prefer RP over silence. Spice it up a little~

If you really wanna know what i'm going for, I'm 5'8" with a 6 inch cock. Petite, but I've got b-cups and black hair down to my shoulders~

When RPing, I'm quite fond of playing characters rather than being "me". I also find fantasy quite enjoyable, especially D&D-esque situations and such!
If we're doing sexual RP (I am also fond of doing non-sexual stuff), I tend to prefer to play submissively even if I am capable of being dominant. Here's some of the stuff I'm into for RP~

CBT, Bondage, Non-con, Female/Male Domination, Being humiliated, etc.~

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