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The Latina Slayer

1 time mixed wrestling champ
1-2 in title fights

Here for one reason. To make you cum ;) I’m here with one goal, to leave you absolutely drained and exhausted after two wonderful orgasms establishing my dominant place over you, or to utterly fail and face my humiliating and draining punishment and humiliation for it.

I’m a switch who leans towards the sub side but loves to compete, I may have a sub itch but I always want to win so I’m not just gonna lay there and let you have your way ;)

I love bets and any other idea to spice up the game. I also like to rp with the moves going on and even though it is a game and most the time competitive, I will most likely pick a move that makes the most sense compared to the position we are in during the game, especially cause it makes sense rp wise as well. Also love incorporating dice and any other ideas you may have for the game

I’m the Latina Slayer. Self proclaimed after a match with a rival but looking back I tend to do well against Latinas. So if any Latina wants to prove my self proclamation wrong I won’t shy away from a challenge.

Let’s just have fun above all else, I know winning is the goal but as long as getting there goes down a sexy and fun story filled path, then let’s do it.

I do Classic, Hentai and TWR

Diane: A few months ago at the time of writing this I challenged Diane for the wrestling championship... she was on an unstoppable path of defenses and I was just one those. Cumming twice to only her hand in my first ever public match losing my only title fight ever. After months of training I came back this time outside the ring and in the bedroom. It made no difference this time my cock just couldn’t resist her. Her hand milking me once more before finishing me off by riding me draining my balls once again.... I’ve proven no match for her in two matches which leaves me wondering if I ever will be a match for her... 0-2

Shirley: The Latina teachers and one of the reasons for my self proclaimed nickname is one of my first rivals. Exclusively meeting in the ring our first encounter was one of the closest I’ve ever had needing three orgasms to finally get the win, I guess I needed the 1-2-3 huh, ok I’ll stop with jokes. But I’m the rematch she had more experience, won multiple titles and proved to be the better wrestler only need her hand to make me cum twice and lose..... In the latest installment the Latina Slayer trying to prove the worthiness of the name took on the 8 time champ for the gold... after a long, hard and close encounter and surviving a third orgasm, shades of the first match, just barely I triumphed, won my first ever title and took control of the rivalry against the sexy Latina teacher. However even I know there’s more classes and lessons to learn, and hopefully I axe those tests... 2-1

Allison: This busty sexy woman took me to my absolute limit. In my first match after losing the title and her first in a while we went back and forth in probably the most intense sex wrestling match I’ve ever had. The dice went both ways at times until in the end she was powerless to resist me. I fucked her non stop and mercilessly until I broke her and made her my little slut. After the match I covered her in my cum to mark her... until our wild and sexy rematch I’ll be waiting...

Caroline: The beautiful Brazilian challenged me and my Latina Slayer title in the ring. And she took it to me out wrestling me forcing tap outs but she ran out of energy, I used that to even it up forcing an orgasm but she quickly forced one out of me, before the end where she outfucked me in the middle of the ring to pick up the win and make my Latina Slayer name take a hit.

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