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Kinky boy looking for competitive games!

Bi / Switch

Hiya everyone~ I'm a new competitive fighter, who's looking to rise through the ranks and maybe get into some trouble along the way!

I'm a switch, eager to win fights but not too upset at losses. Additionally, I'm bi and happy to fight against girls or guys.

I'm typically quite nice and outside of a match you'll find I'm chill and polite. However, during a match or after a hard fought victory I may get a bit carried away~

In fact, I've even been called a brat in some of my matches recently! I suppose it's true I'll never give up till it's over (and maybe even past that!)
Do you think you can tame me?~

In terms of appearance, I'm standing quite tall at 6'0 and have rather slender, twinky build. Don't mistake that for weakness through, as I can be a slippery opponent! I've also got a dick sitting nicely right at 6 inches, for those who want to know. >:3

I've got black, ear length hair in a slightly messy style, and I'm clean shaven downstairs for those who are interested~

Though I'm just a regular ol' twink, I'm happy to explore my more feminine side with anyone who likes that! Maybe even eager....

A possibility if you love catboys~

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Notable Fights!

I had a fun game against T'qala, but in the end starting a match locked in chastity proved to be too much of a disadvantage! He dominated me with the help of an audience member and then finished me off with a rough solo fucking and anal orgasm~

After chatting in a public game, I played a match with Cody Ashton. It was a super close match, with plenty of fucking, humiliation, and faces being shoved into butts. We were both down to single digit hitpoints and I had a chance to win, but Cody managed to tease me by resting his balls on my face and smothering me with his cute butt until I passed up my chance. Unfortunately he managed to get me to cum next round, and made me his seat!

And as a reward for those of you who scrolled all the way to the bottom... A tease for what could happen if you beat me!

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You call your friend over to compare sizes. Their caged up cock can't even compare! Make fun of their dick! You throw them onto their back and start to fuck them. Look at that cage flop around! Fuck them in missionary! You lay down, spreading your legs and showing off your cage and ass to your opponent! Pose in chastity! You push your opponent down to the ground and quickly sit on his face, forcing him to eat your ass! Sit on his face!