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Well hello there! I'm Tyler, a 31 y.o guy from the Southeast US. I'm a tall, thin white guy (6'1, 175lbs) with some body hair/a trimmed beard.

(Full disclosure, that is not me in the picture. I wish it was! The description of me above is true, and while I am 100% okay with keeping things on here, I would probably be willing to exchange pictures eventually, if we got to know each other well. I will never repeatedly ask for or demand pictures from anyone. We're all just trying to have some fun here).

Always been really active and into sports, recently found out about sexfighting and have really enjoyed it. I've played a handful of matches on here now and they've all been great! Really enjoying meeting everyone and playing some really competitive games. In terms of kinks and interests, I'm typically pretty dominant/in-control, but have also had a lot more fun than expected with losing some of these matches (some of you really know how to break a guy's resistance down by the end of a long, hard-fought match...). I won't give in easily, but I may start fighting back less depending on how things go.

I usually just enjoy some good banter/short RP during the match, though I'd be up for something a little longer if we've both got the time and it feels right. I've got a ton of kinks and sexual interests, so if we're playing a match, feel free to use any of the options you like. My only hard limits are pretty extreme things, like blood or hardocre pain, anything with poop/farts, and absolutely nothing with anyone underage. In particular, I think playing some matches with some of the fun fantasy characters on here would be really enjoyable (goddesses and succubi and fox girls, oh my!). I'm also happy to play matches with trans ladies, and would love to explore that some more.

Okay so February 2021 update: I've played around on here for a while now and it's fucking fantastic. You're all wonderful, and I've gotten a chance to explore with a handful of you. I even had a few days as Guardian of the Hill, something I never thought I'd achieve on here. I have definitely enjoyed being in-control and dominating a match, as expected, but I will admit that losing control and losing has been more fun than expected. So I'm definitely down to play with anyone who may be interested! Enjoy some good banter back and forth during the match, and happy to discuss including other things as well.

So, ladies (including all of those with all sorts of fun in between their legs!!), feel free to shoot me a message if you're on =)

1x GOTH and 2x Champion Wrestler!

At the request of Mistress Cindra after a wonderful match: She challenged me to a Classic match and I immediately knew she meant business when we started talking grits and good ol' barbecue. After setting the stakes at a good home-cooked meal, we jumped into things... and the mind games begun. She immediately began attempting to brainwash and hypnotize me with her seductive words, reminding me of the pleasures that can be found in submission to her... and as hard as I tried to resist, my mind just couldn't take anymore. With her hand sliding in my boxers and her tongue continuing to whisper in my ear, I couldn't help myself, unloading in my boxers and shooting out my clear surrender. In no time, I was bound hands and feet, my cock caged, and my resistance completely shattered. I did my best to please Mistress Cindra in such a state, resisting her attempts to make me cum and trying to prove that I wasn't a complete pushover. After being accepted into her stable of service, she allowed me to cum all over her feet as she stepped on my cock and balls, before I had even made her cum once. Now I hope to serve her as well as I can, proving that I'm more of a stud than a gelding in her harem. Plus, I still owe her a good barbecue dinner.

I will be officially singing the praises of the great Annie Smith after she broke me down and defeated me twice in a row. Both times I challenged her thinking that I'd be able to break her and turn her into a good submissive pet, but each time she surprised me with her aggressiveness and eagerness to please... and my cock just could not resist her advances. The first match she showed me how good her mouth was while draining my cock (perhaps with a little help from a finger massaging my prostate), and then quickly followed that up by trapping me and stroking me to another quite premature orgasm. The second match was very similar, with me getting the first laugh with her bent over in doggy, followed by her squeezing my cock with her tight ass and draining me before quickly getting her lips back around my cock and emptying me again in her mouth for a quick ending. I just cannot seem to resist her and any part of her sexy body!

After two matches with the amazing Chelsea, I was forced to admit how superior they are to me after I was easily broken and drained both times by them; the first time with their talented mouth, and the second time by their conniving tricks and mind games... I couldn't even get my pants off before I was emptying myself for them! I am clearly a cocksucking slut for them, and they have pretty clear control over my mind and body at this point. So much brainwashing, so many mind games... so hard to resist!

Old Rules that no longer apply:
1. I couldn’t resist cumming deep in Cleo The Cat’s pussy, and now find it hard to resist any pussy actions. I must select any action related to pussy until I win 3 matches. (3/3)
2. Even though I won the match, I disobeyed Miss Maddie and her commands from the crowd by not submitting and being a good butt slut. So, now when any anal action is used against me, I get too overwhelmed by the pleasure and have to fully submit to my desires, being an eager butt slut for the rest of that match. Lasts for 3 matches (3/3).
3. After being unable to hypnotize Lana all game, whenever I see a hypno/bondage action for the first time in a match, I must not select them. Lasts 5 matches. (5/5)
4. Lana drained me a 2nd time and fed me my own cum, resulting in me developing a slight oral fixation and desire for cum. Anytime an action is available using my mouth (kissing, eating pussy/ass), I must select it. Lasts 5 matches. (5/5)

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