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Purely domming cuties, also busy~ (Read profile)

Bi / Dom

(Cross-gendering player. Also, I got super an inconsistent schedule and a lot to do irl (work, pets etc), so I often have to pause stuff due to it.)
(Oh, and I rework this profile a lot so expect my looks to change often xD)
Update 24/3/24
100 stars! Thank you, everyone!
Going to be playing very impulsively, not really doing rematches etc. and often playing with people who dm me first, so I'd recommend messaging me if you have an access to my inbox and are feeling horny, cuz someone else might get to me first!
Update 3/12/23
This site is full of sexy people that are very fun to play with. Infact....there is too many of you, and consequently, I have lately been feeling a bit burned out with all the messages I get. Thus, I will be doing the one thing that I did not want to do: closing my dm's, and only chatting, playing and rp'ing with people I have starred. (Other lady doms that I have already chatted with can keep doing so, though)

It's not that anyone is doing anything wrong; it's that there is too many good things to do here. If 10 people send me an essay about how hot and sexy I am, and they all want to rp, what am I supposed to do? (This isn't even that big of an exaggeration btw). Of course this will stop new people from approaching me- if you want to do so, the best way to get my attention is via public chatrooms (do not ask for matches in pvp games as that is against the CoC)

Might pick you from Matchmaking if you have a fun profile but tend to not check MM all too often so no need to wait me there.
I'm Erika. Yes, that very same Erika, the gentle dom, the classy, elegant seductress, the raunchy tease~ You might have spotted me walking on the streets of EF city some time....and maybe you have wondered who I am?

Well, I am a curvy (duh~) lady in my 30's, who enjoys cinema, good food......and melting needy cuties! I currently work at my massage place- yes, I run it by myself. Impressed? Maybe you should come over to check what else can I do~

This might suprise ya, but I am still single! So feel free to shoor your shot~ I know your eyes are wondering.....which gets me to.....
(Or; your entire world from now on♡)
Let's start from my feet, since that is where you belong~ I tend to wear both stockings and high heels, meaning you horny little things have plenty to drool over. From there, if you were to lift your gaze, you would see my thick thighs- I work out quite a bit! Above those juicy thighs is my round ass. I was quite the wild gal in my youth, and I think I can still move my booty quite well ;) A bit higher are my soft, natural, D-cup breasts (feel free to stare♡) Looking at my body like this, from head to toe, you might spot that I am quite a bit taller than your average lady, about 180cm infact~
Might or might not have background in exotic dancing~
(Or; what to expect if you get under my sheets)
Okay, time to listen up, you sluts! This will be the most important section in my profile, so you better pay attention; you can drool over my body after reading this bit, understood~?
As you might have understood by now, I am a heavily dom-leaning switch. I like being in control, I like having my body treated with the respect it deseves, and I love hearing your needy moans~
Due to the stamina of an average citizen here being way too low to satisfy me, your best bet at making me happy is to be good with your mouth or fingers- who knows, if you impress me, I might let you touch my tits~ I do lean gentle dom, still.
Happy to provide aftercare whenever for obvious reasons♡
90% dom with boys, 80% with everyone else

Not the most common sight~ Maaaybe if you treat me like a whore, I might act like one~ Just maybe, though♡
Oh, and am not an obedient "good girl". Let's be honest here, did anyone really think I was going to be one?
A total size queen when subby. Being smaller than my strappy means you get yourself a one-way ticket to Dommy Mommy land.
-Teasing, seduction ☆☆☆☆☆
-Gentle femdom ☆☆☆☆☆
-Flustering, being needily watched☆☆☆☆☆
-Body worship, muscle worship ☆☆☆☆☆
-Small dicks (it's also cute when they pop prematurely) ☆☆☆☆
-Edging ☆☆☆☆
-Blowjobs ☆☆☆☆
-Totally obedient subs☆☆☆☆
-Bored sex ☆☆☆☆
-Pegging ☆☆☆☆
-Dirty talk ☆☆☆☆
-CFNM ☆☆☆☆
-Nipple play ☆☆☆☆
-Competitiveness (in classic games) ☆☆☆
-Light cucking ☆☆☆
-Feet ☆☆
-As a sub: degradation, name calling, rough sex, being groped, anal, etc. Don't hold back on these♡
-Not really a "kink", but I looove verbal subs♡ Tell me how much you want me, and you might just get me in a good mood. Tend to prefer atleast a few lines of text in rp. Good dirty talk is mandatory to me~
-Amazon is the best positon♡ Unless you can make my cheecks clap~

-The usual: blood, scat, piss etc.
-Love (both the mode and starting "relationships")
-Rp in games
-Long term irl denial/chastity (giving)
-irl instructions (receive)
-Harsh punishmets (giving)
-Overly bratty subs
-Hypno/bondage rules, editing my profile etc.
-Femdom/Joi games (More open to these than before, but I decide who I want to play~ Pretty rare, still)
-Subs trying to dom me: If my relationship with you has clear D/S dynamic, don't try to reverse that
-Harsh humiliation(giving); Cucking, feminisation etc.
-"Infantalizing": Step-mommy stuff, diaper play etc.
-Taboo kinks, such as raceplay
-Illegal acts, ex. Incest
-NonCon, pushing limits etc
-Not a fan of subs being needy before I get to do anything, that just shows you get off on begging, don't be selfish.
-As a sub: longer-term submission, suspension, ball gags, bimbofication
Q: Can I message you?
A: [Yes, but please but some thought into it, and write more than a few words, or I might block ya]
Whoops! Not anymore~

Q: Can I challenge you to a match?
A: Sure! But I play rather rarely, so don't get your hopes up

Q: Do you play competitive games with other doms?
A: Sure!

Q: How do I get to a JOI/ FwC game with you?
A: Impress me and get lucky

Q: What should I call you?
A: Mistress, Madam, Goddess, Slut, and Bitch are my favs ♡

Q: C-can I call you Mommy? ><
A: Sure, but don't try sucking my breasts

Q: Who is the model in those pics?
A: It has changed a few times. The model in my pfp currently is Victoria Daniels, the old one was Medusa......

Q: Are you a gentle dom?
A: Depends~ If you behave ;)

Connected to a collar on his neck~

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