Laura (Level 15) mail warning

2 fight losing streak

Hi I'm Laura! I'm a 5'1 petite university student with 34C tits. I'm not a dom but I am super bratty and love to trash talk. I love to RP while fighting as well as side bets

Competitive as fuck. I hate Subby men


Bondage/hypno. I have to roll a 5 or a 6 to break free
After losing to Eqo S.Q.S, any anal cum test is an automatic orgasm (1 games remaining)

Ben Bravo beat me 6 times in a row, breaking me on his cock and using me for his pleasure. After our last match he collared me, marking me as his loser slut. We used to be rivals, but for now I'm just his personal plaything.

Tyler J and I have had three matches and each time he beat me before owning my ass is front of a crowd

SydneyH18 challenged me. After a one sided match I was the first to claim her ass, as I fucked it mercilessly into submission. She is now my collared little slut

I beat and destroyed Lauren before I fucked her up the ass in the crowd. She is now my butt slut

I dominated Alex and made her my collared little tomboy fuck toy. She begged Lucy and I to DP her in the crowd.

I beat and collared Shade. He thought he was tough but he came in my hand

Johnston thought he was going to tame me but couldn't even make me cum once before he blew twice

Hope Challenged me twice. Both times I drained him with little effort

Mechanized Evil thought he could handle me. I made him cum twice in front of a crowd of people

Jay Thunder has completely conquered me, making me cum over and over while he claimed all of my holes.
I finally got him back when I beat him in front of a crowd.

I thought Marshall was an easy mark, until he left me quivering and tied to the bedframe

I finally got my match with Freya and she put me in my place. She broke me by buttfucking me into submission before slapping a "Freya's Buttslut" collar around my neck

I tried to free Gwen from Shaco's control. I failed and Gwen and I got gangbanged by the crowd. I failed her.

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check Kinks: Female domination, Male domination, Anal (male), Anal (female), Feminization, Chastity belts/cages, Pain, Cock and balls torture (CBT), Humiliation, Mocking, Bondage, Foot fetish, Lick Ass, Threesome/Audience participation, Exhib/Outdoor, Hypnosis, Cock Worship, Latex, Alcohol, Hardcore BDSM
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