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Was found without beeing lost, was conquered with full consent, dependent but never felt so free.

Warning: Fictional charakter (obviously), mostly for rp.

Born in the frost bitten and barren plains of the norther lands, Frikka learned how to fight as soon as she was able to stand and pick up stones.
Just shortly after her initiation into adulthood, she left the fires and sagas of her village and traveled through the wilderness with her handfull of belongings.
An unquenchable desire for distant shores and never felt impressions fueled her urge to travel foward until she stumbled into a fight that changed the course of Frikkas destiny once and for all. Instead of claiming the red haired, cheeky foreign girl like it was a good practice, she took care of her.
Eversince a tatoo coveres Frikkas left wrist up to her arm crotch. Delicate Runes in blue colours tell a story in a long forgotten language. The only word for foreigners to understand seems to be a name. Lucy .

Since that day the presence of Frikka around Lucy is always perceptible. Somewhere in the shadows, accompanied by the sound of steel grinding over stone.
All who dare to stand in the way will be hunted down, tied up like quarry and thrown to the feet of Frikkas wife.
May she have mercy with your dominated, cum drenched bodies while they tremble in excitement.... because Frikka will most certainly not!

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