Lustful Leah Rae (Level 7) mail warning

Searching for a lucky guy or gal to push over the edge, no Femdom or JOI <3

Plucky, cocky college girl who's new to EF, excited to dive right in! Always looking for fun, competitive people to compete against! No male subs, please.

I mostly consider myself a Switch, confidence and dominant at first (especially against cocky guys), but I can be persuaded to melt under the right.. circumstances.

I've been told I leave quite the impression.. Hope I can live in your fantasies long after we match up. <3

I'm down for bets and wagers, most of the time. I don't do IRL stuff (pictures, toys, etc.) but I love character weaknesses and keeping track of personal W-L records!

(1x) Guardian of the Hill

Don't ever hesitate to reach out and talk~


Kissed by a Merman: Every time someone cums on my face, I must skip my next turn. (0/5)

I underestimated Nibis' fat cock and before I knew it he turned me into his personal fucktoy.



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