Cumslut™️ Slash (变性人) (14 级) mail warning

Open to challenges - DMs open everyone

女同性恋 / Sub

Special lover Kerry

Cross Gender Character - IRL Male

Up for Competitive games feel free to DM me if you are up for a challenge

Looking for classic matches or Ring matches with a good RP and sometimes IRL

I like to misbehave and do naughty things, if you are strong enough try to control me because if I am not tamed right I will be taking advantage of you

Champion Wrestler Title (1 Time)

Discord for RP: Slash#4895

Trained by Tiffany to become a better Cumslut thanks to her

Cumslut™️ Pillars

1) Good Girls Don't Cum: A cumslut's™️ pleasure is ALWAYS second to her partners! Cumsluts™️ edge to keep their pussy nice and wet and keep their bodies super horny. But they may only cum after losing a game, and then only with permission from their partner! Last Orgasm: 30 September
2) Cumsluts™️ Are For Everyone: Cumsluts™️ may NOT use the "Join someone in matchmaking" feature to choose a partner. They can either accept an invitation through DM, or matchmake blindly. Everyone deserves to play with a cumslut™️!
3) Down For Anything: Always open for bets, alternate rules, or minigames when playing. So long as they don't impact the Cumslut's™️ ability to meet other obligations and don't result in permanent changes.
4) Slut, not a Slave: No matter how much the cumslut™️ may want to submit, they never lose focus on making their partner cum! Cum is more important than obedience. Cum outweighs any punishment. Cum validates their existence.
5) Good Girls Make More Good Girls: All the rules above may be ignored if necessary to convince another slut to become a Cumslut™️. The ONLY thing more important than making your partner cum, is making them a new cumslut! 🤭

Edge slut - Edging game rule

An interactive game with the bot I play as a sub and people join the lobby and do the following

Every player join the game roll a dice

at the beginning I will roll D10. It will be a fixed multiplication
each player will roll D6 and I have to edge this amount x by D10 and hold the edge for seconds of D6

I will wait 5 seconds between each edge

For classic game with the bot any Oral +1 edge, pussy +2 and anal +3 and don't forget the multiplier 🤤

First trial 107 edges
Second trial 118 edges
Third trial 122 edges
Fourth trial 155 edges
Fifth trial 162 edges

Wall Of Shame

Lost toAmber Foxx and now I have to play change my name and gender for 1 week after she tied me and dressed me in her clothes. She then milked my cock over and over

Challenged Alex and was so close to winning before she milked my cock and played with my mind making me cum everywhere. She changed my name to make me her sissy and even cum all over my face.

Challenged Police Cadet Mattie and she kept trying to drain me and failed so many times but her ass and pussy were fucked properly but then she managed to win with all the training she had in EFPD Academy she finally made me cum and took full control over me

After beating Laura once she asked for a revenge and I thought why not having another easy win. She came prepared and she had her big strapon ready. She took it off and bounced on my cock draining it that I was forced to cum inside her pussy. After that she tied me and pegged my ass so hard. She was trying to make me cum for the third time but my balls were empty and I gave a dry cumshot so she caged my cock and put a vibrating butt plug in my ass that she controls with her mobile. She thought me a lesson and took her revenge

Once again I got locked in chastity cage and pegged hard by Kylie she destroyed my ass with her big strapon and even made me wear her panties. Even though I managed to make cum first yet she was playing with my mind all the way till she changed me to a cute blonde with cock for 5 games and after losing to her friend Christina she added 10 more games (15/15) yeah back again

I love Mia and her booty. Her teases were to much for me. She made me cum with her amazing booty multiple times. Now I fantasize about her every night.

Drained by Mia she was able to make my cum everywhere except her holes making me she made me cum with her hands and her mouth after teasing me so good

The true Mistress Bente owned me. She made me her obedient pet. She destroyed my balls and ass. I regret that I tried challenge her. She even made me cum in my own mouth and humiliated me with her big strapon.

Playing as TS

Arriving in style

arriving in style

Dresses in sexy lingerie and getting ready

dresses in sexy lingerie and getting ready

Favourite position

favourite position


Playing as female with new pfp and name till 10th of June
Play as TS till 3rd of July
Picture and name till 28th of June
Gender changed for 5 wins (5/5)
Name changed from Slash to Sissy Suckslut Slascha

Active Rules

I have to edge for every cum test in the game and if I cum in the game I have to do 5 edges in a row (3/5)

After I cum I have to skip my turn till I get 5 or 6 from D6(7/7)

Have to call me cock clitty and beg for more when fucked (5/5)

Have to skip after cumming (5/5) Done

Cannot use my cock till my opponent desire is 100 and cannot attack for cum till opponent pleasure is 100 (5/5) DONE
Cannot choose any option my hands touches my cock (5/5) DONE
Escape bondage by rolling 6 only (10/10) DONE
Every time I am teased by feet I have to skip my turn (5/5) DONE
Have to choose action that involves feet (10/10) DONE
My opponent can escape bondage by rolling 4 or higher (3/3) DONE
I have to undress myself whenever given the option to (5/5) DONE
losing to Malleable she made my cock her Dildo, now I have to skip every time when someone ride my cock (5/5) DONE
After losing to Bimbo Bente I cannot escape hypno except if I roll 6 for the next 10 games (10/10) DONE
Lost bet to Demon Goddess Eva now I have to do 3 edges on every cum test for 5 games and if I cum I had to do 2 more (5/5) DONE

== Results from ==
100% Brat
100% Switch
98% Rope bunny
98% Degradee
98% Experimentalist
90% Submissive
88% Voyeur
72% Non-monogamist
65% Dominant
57% Degrader
57% Slave
51% Vanilla
47% Rigger
41% Exhibitionist
38% Brat tamer
36% Masochist
24% Master/Mistress
12% Sadist
12% Owner
6% Pet
5% Primal (Hunter)
0% Primal (Prey)
0% Boy/Girl
0% Daddy/Mommy
0% Ageplayer

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