Slash (Level 9) mail warning

Looking for classic matches or Ring matches, I am not the strongest but I am tough enough.

I like to misbehave and do naughty things, if you are strong enough try to control me because if I am not tamed right I will be taking advantage of you

Champion Wrestler Title (1 Time)

Drained by Mia she was able to make waste my cum everywhere without making me cum inside her, she made me cum with her hands and her mouth after teasing me so god

Today, 16th March 2022 The true Mistress Bente owned me. She made me her obident pet. She destroyed my balls and ass. I regret that I tried challenge her. She even made me cum in my own mouth and humiliated me with her big strapon.

Moaning Molly was able to hold her moans by putting my cock between her lips and making me cum all over her face and mouth she is a very good sucker and her tongue is really skilled.

Profile Picture is because of Malleable

So after losing twice in a row for Malleable she locked me in chastity and made me her dildo, she made me cum twice in while locked and she didn't have enough so she made me wear the strapon and she uses me for her pleasure


Cannot use my cock till my opponent desire is 100 and cannot attack for cum till opponent pleasure is 100 (5/5) DONE

Cannot choose any option my hands touches my cock (5/5) DONE

Escape bondage by rolling 6 only (10/10) DONE

Everytime I am teased by feet I have to skip my turn (5/5) DONE

Have to choose action that involves feet (10/10) DONE

My opponent can escape bondage by rolling 4 or higher (3/3) DONE

I have to undress myself whenever given the option to (5/5) DONE

losing to Malleable she made my cock her Dildo, now I have to skip everytime when someone ride my cock (5/5) DONE

After losing to Bimbo Bente I cannot escape hypno except if I roll 6 for the next 10 games (10/10) DONE

Lost bet to Demon Goddess Eva now I have to do 3 edges on every cum test for 5 games and if I cum I had to do 2 more (5/5) DONE

== Results from ==
100% Switch
95% Experimentalist
94% Brat
89% Voyeur
85% Non-monogamist
84% Slave
80% Submissive
75% Rope bunny
73% Degrader
71% Dominant
61% Degradee
59% Rigger
57% Brat tamer
56% Master/Mistress
55% Vanilla
53% Daddy/Mommy
45% Primal (Prey)
34% Owner
33% Masochist
32% Sadist
29% Primal (Hunter)
16% Pet
5% Exhibitionist
0% Boy/Girl
0% Ageplayer

wc Is hetero
autorenew Is a switch
access_time Last time active: About 2 hours ago, created 6 months ago
access_time Local time: 15:03
star Has 8 stars
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public Public games
check Kinks: Female domination, Male domination, Anal (male), Anal (female), Feminization, Chastity belts/cages, Pain, Cock and balls torture (CBT), Cuckold, Humiliation, Mocking, Bondage, Foot fetish, Tickling, Lick Ass, Threesome/Audience participation, Exhib/Outdoor, Cum play, Hypnosis, Cock Worship, Latex, Medical, Monsters, Alcohol, Hardcore BDSM
shopping_cart Toys: Cockring, Collar, Leash, Rope, Rubber band, Shoelace, Paddle, Full-length mirror


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