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Crossdressing character looking for some fun

Bi / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

⚠️ DISCLAIMER: The person playing this character is male.
At the beginning of a match we can discuss whether I use certain rules for the sake of keeping things competitive. I am a switch. I'm big on bets (in-game), dice rules, competition, RP, chats, switching, and fun.

I won't be dealing in matches with people who haven't read this disclaimer and don't respect it. I reserve the right to withdraw from a match if I feel like we don't actually 'match'. We are all here for fun.


I'm a college student from sweden that likes to party. I love to play strip beer-pong but for some reason I am always loosing. I am a naive girl, with a pervy side and I hope, that this site won't change me. :wink: :wink: :wink:

I started early playing with my ass and today I can easily fist fuck it when I am horny. The yoga lessons really paid off.


I'm a tall and athletic girl with perky breasts, long nails and a sexy buttle butt.

Age: 20 years
Height: 182cm
Weight: 64kg
Cup: B


I recently found out, that I am addicted to anal. When I have the opportunity to cum from anal, I roll a dice. When I roll a 6 I have to skip a turn. But when I can make you cum from anal the same rule applies. 5/5

If I lose, you get to change 1 thing on my profile. Name, picture, gender, kinks, sexuality, status, adding a temporary rule, removing a rule. But if you loose, you have to feature my ass on your profile for one week. 3/3

If you beat me twice, I will feature you on my page with a gif of you're choice.

The Basics

I'm a Swede, mid-twenties, bi/pan, and enjoy edging. I'm a switch.

I mostly do classic. I very much prefer that matches be switchy and I love bets. I'm sorry in advance but if I get the feeling like you're throwing or if things are just... way too quiet, I'm going to leave. I value my time as I believe everybody should and I'm unwilling to waste it on something that I'm just not enjoying. Same for you; if for whatever reason you feel we aren't clicking or you're just not enjoying yourself, you are under no obligation to stick around and I would both respect and appreciate your leaving. We're all here to have fun. No hard feelings.


I'm still learning my limits and over time, I'll probably fill them in here. My kinks I'd rather reveal more privately. I know that physically I can be rather sensitive, so extreme pain is definitely a big no-no for me, but spanking is at least one kink I'm willing to reveal.

Notable matches

Chloe, former Chris showed me, that I do not need a boyfriend, with a tiny dick and made me his slut. 🐯🐯🐯


Baby Girl Mia: I am her caregiver now. She needs to make me happy with a lapdance, when I want to.

Adrian was to much for my anal needs, so now I need to beg for more anal, once being fucked in the ass (1/5)

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