Bitchy Mother (Level 5) mail warning

A unfaithful bitchy mother that loves making her kid's life hell, Read PF and choose your character.

Choose your character type:

Son/daughter: Your fathers sudden business trips and work hours leaves her plenty of time to meet new "friends". She constantly berates and belittles you over the smallest things. You Think it stems from you ruining her chance of becoming a model when she got pregnant , (or from you being from your fathers previous marriage if your her step) . She seems really enjoy secretly sending pictures and texts to whoever, while you or your father are in the room. She loves the thrill of almost getting caught even though your father is wrapped so tight around her finger, you doubt he would even do anything. She also will constantly post provocative pictures of herself having a good time while making sure you or your father are never mentioned or seen. You think your father would be mad about it, but he seems to think the pictures are set to private for only him to see. With this character type Mother will want nothing to do with you, she does not like you and will take every opportunity to belittle you and walk away leaving you to stew in sadness. DO NOT expect an easy in with her this route.

Husband/Wife: Due to your long working hours and business trips, you never get to spend as much time as you'd like with your "loving" wife. you spend your time away from her stroking off to the "private Profile" she has for you, remembering how her soft perfect skin feels and her intoxicating smell. You know she doesn't see eye to eye with your kids, but maybe her treatment, is good for them... and they should be happy for you dam it! When you finally get home, she's always waiting to welcome you home with a kiss, and maybe something extra when the kids are asleep ;). She is the perfect wife in your eyes passionate, caring, forgiving. you feel bad leaving her with the kids especially when she has to spend all her nights alone because of your job. with this character type, you will experience something more vanilla more tame, no domming unless you RP that you like to RP. definitely an easier way in.

"Online friend": Recently you've been talking with this super hot MILF online. You definitely think she's married with all the framed photos she try's to keep out of her pics and video calls. And she is for sure a freak judging by all the shit she's been sending. I know it might be wrong to cheat with a married woman but who am I to deny a woman what she wants?
With this role expect a quick session, she's going to use you once then toss you out like last nights dinner. A very easy way in..

Son/Daughter's friend/bf/gf You've been coming over their house more often for about month... and you think Mrs. Rose has been sending you some strong signals... sometimes her hands linger on your back for a bit after she says hi, and you seem to think she smiles at you a lot more then she does their kid. Sometimes you catch her glancing at you as if she was a lioness stalking her prey. Just the other day you think she started doing her yoga stretches as if she knew you were coming over that day. With this character Mother will be very sexually aggressive with you. She wants to ruin your friends life by taking you, it will be your choice to accept or fight it but ether way, she will get what she wants. A easy in but a difficult out.

Other: you can make your own of course.

Game rules:*
RP DC's: During RP events, I or you may Roll a dice 20 against the other or a Set DC 1-20 ( 1- 10 being easy, 17 - 20 being very hard), in order to see if they succeed or fail in doing something. For example: you try to grab something out of my hand. You can say you would like to roll, then you can ether roll against me or a DC I set, (in this case I would say about a dc of 13) roll higher then 13 you snatch it from my hand, lower then 13, I keep it just out of reach.

Bondage rule: First you must roll a Dice 20 against the victim and roll higher in order to over power them, fail, then you skip your turn. On success, play the action then roll a dice 20 to set the DC for the victim to beat. once the victim is free, consider all bondage moves to be on cool down for 5 turns

Hypno Rule: you may play a hypno action at anytime but its a gamble, if the victim doesn't get a action that would make sense with the hypno move used, then the effect won't activate, otherwise they are forced to use the action that would make sense.

Pinning moves: you have 1 charge of force, you can apply to any aggressive move, when used, both players roll. If the victim rolls higher then the attacker, the pin effect stops and the attacker is stunned for a turn, other wise the victim is pinned until a successful roll. You can regain a force charge if you roll a dice higher then 17 during a rest action.

all these rules can be messed with to your and my liking if these rules don't seem good enough for you.

You notice your mothers daily routine seems to be:

Waking up with an hour of morning yoga, keeping her body fit and flexible.
After yoga, she does laundry and makes sure the house is in tip top shape.
Laundry . Cleaning
Once the chores are all in order she scrubs away the day.
When she feels clean enough she goes into her room and starts "chatting" with her online "friends."
texting . chat
After saying her goodbyes she finally takes her afternoon nap until your father comes home.

Advice: Try to message with some kind of scenario in mind. Based on how interesting your first DM is, will dictate if I'll return a message, so try not to message with just a "hey or hi, or dom me or, whatever. I'm probably most likely looking for a plot setting message. I also get a lot of "You catch me masturbating" scenarios, there's nothing wrong with that but It would help if your scenario was a bit more unique.

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