Danger Blank (Level 13) mail warning

One of many Blank Girls. I feel empty, please fill me.

The One and Only Danger Blank

-Hello there cuties. I'm Jessica. I'm 5'4" 34A/28/36 covered in freckles and kissed by fire :P (I've got red hair). Guys and girls come one come all! line up to play a round with Jessica Danger! (That's Miss Danger if ya nasty :P).

-I'm very new player friendly. Drop me a message, but do not just say "Hi." I will ignore you. I might not be the right partner for you, but I'd be happy to help out in other ways (advice, introductions, pointers, commiseration, etc...)

Bets/ Role-Playing/ Historic Match Commeemorations

-Blank Girl

Blank Slate lured me into a sense of false security by letting me win against him before I bet my mind (not realizing that "mind" includes body as a rule) in a betting match which I lost. I am now a needy desperate Blank Girl; eager for any and every depraved sex act. From my slutty mouth and collared neck, to my eager fuck holes between my legs I am 100% blank and empty. I need to be filled. Please fuck me.

Improved Dice Rules (WIP)

(ask about testing these out with me)
-Flip a coin to see if your bondage action is successful (heads yes, tails no). If bondage is successful, roll for how tight the ropes (chains, tape,leather straps, slime, makeshift bondage device) are. Roll a d10 for how well its tied.
On victim's turn they roll a d10 and try and match the tightness roll - 1 for every turn they have been "struggling" to get out. They escape when they meet or exceed the tightness roll.
-effects on victim: victim may not choose an action if bound.

Hypnosis: hypnotist and victim both roll d10s. Higher number (representing will power) wins the hypnosis attempt. Victim flips a coin on their turn to break free (heads is freedom, tails is failure).
-effects on victim: victim must choose action chosen by hypnotist.

Victims under both: a victim under both hypnosis and bondage must break free of hypnosis before attempting to loosen or break free of bondage. (flip for hypnosis first. If hypnotized cannot roll to get out of bondage)

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