Felicia (Level 5) mail warning

Heads-up! Male playing as female character

Girl on a mission: To get featured in as many galleries, harems, dungeons and profiles in general, as possible!
If you have somewhere to display me on your profile, then hit me up!
But you'll have to win first and I don't throw ;)

Pretty open with bets, though I prefer rules to have some ending criteria, like "Next 5 games".
And, yeah, really like to get featured :P

Am I an attention seeking narcissist? Obviously! :D

NOT playing with empty profiles. Gotta have something to work with
I ONLY play classic.

Calling me names or being really cocky in messages doesn't sit particular well with me. You'll just end up blocked.

Actice rules:
Let's get to it!: Every time the option to undress appears, I must take it. I will prioritise undressing myself over my opponent. (7/10)

Bound to Cum: The first cum test I get while in bondage will always make me cum. I'll get a chance to roll for bondage, before choosing whether or not to cum or test. (3/5)

Expired rules:
Loves getting Fucked: Since I love being fucked so much, anytime my pussy or ass is fucked, I must skip my turn and thank my opponent for fucking my slutty hole. I need 5 wins to get rid of this rule (5/5). (Won't do something as hard as this one again)

My features:
Win or lose, if you write something about or match, I'll put you on the "My features" list. Bonus points if you add pictures ;)

I noticed Mr. Joshua in queue and he intrigued me. He had a cute little list of pets, and I figured, this was a win/win situation. Either I won, and got to make a fun new rule for him. Or I lost and I got my first real feature! Well, I got my first real feature! And a rough rule "Loves getting Fucked". Fitting with how he took me.

Dale Meredith saw me in queue and said he liked my profile. Poor guy had had a rough time in prison, and it showed, but I didn't mind taking care of him. Turns out he can take care of himself, as he fucked me like a prison bitch until I broke, begging him to make me cum. It felt so goooood

I had been eyeing Hunter for a while, since he seemed perfect for what I intend. Looking at his profile, win or lose, I'd get to in it. Perfect! Things were going good, we had a good back and forth. and I noticed a weakness Then I slipped up, and came way too early. After this, I was hard mounting a comeback. It was too much of a lead, and he knew how to capitalise, giving my exactly what I craved.
Now I'm in his "Good girl" section, looking, well.. Go check it for yourself.

I saw Daddy's challenge and had to go for it. It went very well, I was a very good Blank Girl! I picked out a now pic for Daddy, I hope he likes it!

So Brat Tamer had just the kind of profile I was looking for. We had talked a while ago, but he hit me up as I was online and then we got it on. I've had a bit of a break, so this was nice way to get back into it all. Oh my... I was real rusty. First, he used his fingers on me, making me cum. I did get him once, but we both knew I was going down. For the last orgasm I was lucky enough to get his cock. After that I just broke, submitting to BT, doing my best to be a good girl.

Featureless defeats:
So I met this Angelic researcher who wanted to collect data on human pleasure. I don't know if I believe him, but a chance to get featured in heaven is just too good to miss! And he did have a divine... Made me feel soooooooo gooood :P

Dirty didn't live up to his name. Sure he started out rushing things, but then he was a true gentleman. If I meet him again, I'll be hard pressed to not just give in to his gentle hands again :P

Slash picked me in queue, and he seemed confident. We had a good back and forth, and somehow ended up both being obsessed with anal, as that was the only way either of us came. In the end, I couldn't take it, breaking and begging him for me.

I was queued when Maverick decided to join me. He made it clear that he wanted to use my rule against, keeping me down. And he did, in the beginning. But then I realized he just wanted to please me, but with me thanking him every time he took me, it seemed I couldn't escape. He took, hard at first, then gently. Then as I caved he pleased me for the rest of the night, his face buried between my thighs, his tongue teasing my clit. Such a gentleman. Well, except for the new rule "Let's get to it!".
And yes, that's his cum on my face on insta :P

Amanda seemed like one of those girls that wants to be put in her place. She kept begging me to spank her, but I took my time. However her tongue could do more than just talk! Turns out, I was the slut, and she knew just how to bring it out.
She gave me my new "Bound to Cum" rule

Those who failed:
Charley was sooo cocky, and he did start out good. But my right little butt was too much for him. I think that naughty boy just wanted to get beat! Chose to cum both times! Did get to snap good selfie with his cum on face :P

So Shiloh tried his luck, but he didn't really seem like the type that wanted to win. Seems like the type who wanted something else, though he didn't want to admit it ;) I may or may not have a pic of him in a cute dress... I'm not telling!

Austin really wanted it. And he did so good, catching onto my hint of how I wanted to be fucked. So when the time came, I couldn't deny him. I'm not saying that it's him taken all those strapons on my instagram, but I'm not saying that it's not him either ;)

Alex seemed like a challenge, but he ended up the same way as Austin. As in I'm not saying if it's him in my new Strap-on gangbang vid on insta :P

I noticed Moira and thought she might be an easy win. I needed and easy win... It wasn't an easy, but in the end I did end up tricking her into cumming inside me.

I fought a newbie, something I don't normally do. He was nice and all, and with a bit of encouragement, I could get him to hit the right spot, but he still has a lot to learn. Like how to handle a hottie riding him. Luckily for him, he can get a lot of practice now ;)

Cute little (not there, silly!) Hope picked me. He talked a bit of trash in the start, but I saw the good boy that was hiding underneath. And he did good, reeeeal good, getting me in my favorite position, even after I messed up. Forgot my rule that one time. But I found a way to make him forgive me.
After I won, he wanted to finish me, and he went for my fav again. Such a good boy ;)

So what'll it be? Are you willing to risk ending up like the left pic on my insta, for the chance of taking me like on the right pic ;)
My Toy or SubSlut

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