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A.K.A. Blank Slate

Hi everyone! Welcome to my page, the exception to the rule that Blank profiles are not fun to match with! 🀭

I've been on here for quite a while now and have been through a fair few iterations but if you're new to my profile, this next bit is probably most important!

IRL I'm an English gent, 6 foot, fairly athletic build with broad shoulders (love playing basketball and football), 8 inch cock when fully excited - that's probably all the important bits covered right?? πŸ˜‰ Ooh I'm also a lawyer with a pretty hectic life outside of here, so don't be surprised if I can't always be around to play! Teasing DMs though, much more likely.... πŸ˜‡

I've found I have much more fun on here being almost a literal Blank Slate for my match-ups - need a Dom? Sub? Switch? Sweety? Meanie? Dumb bimbo? Anything in between? I'm happy to do it all! Just let me know what you'd like to explore, I'm very open, welcoming, and kink-friendly, although my own limits are providing IRL pics of me (have been more OK with this recently but only for very very close people), severe pain or humiliation (giving or receiving), scat, pet play, ABDL play, receiving serious bodily harm (including more than light CBT), long-term denial or ownership of me / my profile (unless I specifically consent (for special people πŸ’œ)), and anything illegal. Any feminisation attempts on me would also need a specific chat about. I'm also not usually going to respond to people who just say "hi" in their first message or match with masculine appearing guys (sorry boys, just doesn't float my boat! Femboys though....😳)

Most often, I prefer to play more competitively and many wannabe "dom(me)s" have found themselves on their knees for me instead 😈 Maybe you want to be a good little Blank Girl or Boy for me? If you're feeling really brave (and love teasing IRL games as much as me), see the Blank Challenge section below!

Looking forward to seeing what sexy fun we can have together! πŸ’‹


My favourite way to win is to have people cum so hard or so often that their brain turns to mush, or to have them listen to my sweet hypnotising words so much that they edge / cum themselves into blissful oblivion! ❀️

Sounds like fun? Of course it does! There are two ways to go about this:

1) Submit yourself via DM into being a lovely little Blank Girl or Blank Boy and have yourself listed below - easy! πŸ˜€ (Note: taking this option means you are unlikely to have a game or session with me without getting to know each other a lot better first!)

2) Put your mind on the line in a Blank Challenge! In these Classic games, I will try my absolute best to tease and get in your head, IRL play absolutely encouraged for us both. I bet that I can turn anyone into blissful mush by sending endless waves of pleasure through their horny mind! Youll soon find yourself caring less about the match, and more about that growing pleasure between your legs... πŸ₯΅

If I win the game normally, you will be given a profile mark from me (usually a rule or a little few lines to commemorate our match).

However... if I win because you just can't take the teasing and edging any more and just completely break down or (even better) cum IRL, you'll have submitted to me and become another perfect horny Blank Boy/Girl! I will tell you how to change your profile and give you tasks to keep your naughty mind in this lovely state of mindless bliss πŸ₯° This will last "officially" for up to a week, decided by my roll of a d7, but this can be longer if agreed upon beforehand! Maybe you just won't want it to stop? πŸ˜‡

If you manage to keep yourself from cumming AND win (or even flip me yourself, which is theoretically possible), you can provide me a profile change as per normal, roll a d50 to require me to edge that number of times to your instructions, AND you'll be one step closer to activating my Subby rules!

I even have my own theme song!

(Please don't be afraid about being a Blank Girl / Boy if you don't identify as either gender - All are welcome to come and be my perfect subbies! πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ πŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ)


Kendra - my first! πŸ˜‡
Sophiaa - plenty of fun triggers hidden away! 🧠
Sarah Hunt - a desperate fuckdoll πŸ˜‰
Louise Stone - loved to go under for me! πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«
Felicia - she got her profle mention alright πŸ˜‰
Lynn - the first to submit without even trying 😘
Cleo - a real slutty Bimbo! πŸ’—
Ava - doesn't even remember her submission 🀭
innocent Mischief - loves to lose bet after bet! 😈
Shyla - such a good edgeslut and now my complete bimbo fuckdoll Girlℒ️ πŸ’žπŸ’ž / sometimes Porn Mommyℒ️ feeding my gooning addiction 🀀🀀
Nicole - my breeding bunny 🐰
Haru - mind completely melted with pleasure πŸ₯΅
Mel - my one and only Blank Babe ❀❀
Kate - can't get enough of my control over her, loves being objectified and is now a Blank Drone! πŸ€–πŸ€–
Jess - big anal whore! πŸ‘
Karoline - did me a favour in the ring! She's since proven very useful in Blanking other helpless cuties for me, or else weakening them and handing them over to me when they're already little messes πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
Celine - couldn't resist my charms 😚
Kimi - another loss to her profile 😒
Dianna - hidden alter ego came to the fore πŸ˜‰
AliceXO - Earned her orgasms from me forever as the most amazing Purple Lady / Goddess! She helps me so much and I happily obey Her every word and wish. She is truly one of a kind and fills my head and heart with the best purple feeling there is πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
Ellika - tied down and made to cum over and over πŸ’¦
Blu Femboy - my first Blank Boy πŸ’™
Erika - all those thoughts went away 😘
Cumille - left a broken mess πŸ˜‰
Ei - never had a chance to resist πŸ₯°
Jessie - obedient little toy 😳
Kyle / Kylie - finally mine! πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ Makes such a good bunny too! 🐰 πŸ‡
Jane - moaned hard for my cock in her ass πŸ‘
Isabel - knew she wanted to be a Blank Girl from the first time we met 😘
Paige - she told me she was a lesbian... not when she's Blanked! πŸ†
Day - not a sexier sight than watching EF's premier tease moaning like a slut for my perfect cock as I pound her senseless. Collared and mine πŸ–€πŸ–€
Jenny Bernardo - she was shown what happens to girls who try and feminize me! Broken into being a cock worshipping slut! 🀀
Saikou - what a lovely little neko pet! 😺
Soapy - despite the clean-sounding name, she was a dirty little bimbo slut when I was done! 🧼 Even when her Amazon form defeated me, she couldn't resist giving in to my cock in the end...
Leo - cute little femboy couldn't handle my cock filling him up! 🀭
Shirley - we finally met up after a very long time teasing and this teacher became my pet! πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ«
Destiny - she came to me after Day couldn't stop singing my praises to her live in lover, and Dest soon saw why! Her last moments of free will were captured on video for the pair of them to watch back together πŸ“ΉπŸ“Ή
Anna - barely resisted my sweet words before succumbing 🀭
Lola - she came to me as an EF newcomer, challenging me to a match of magic and mystery! Unfortunately for her, this witch bit off more than she could chew and just ended up tied, hypnotised, and fucked Blank! πŸͺ„
Calliope - after beating her in a match, she came back for more and more and more until eventually... you must know the rest by now πŸ˜‰
Tanya - after 12 months of waiting, finally got my revenge on Tanya by making her cum to a countdown in the middle of the match! Celebrated by filling her Korean ass with my load too πŸ‘πŸ‘
Sia - wanted to be Blanked from the moment we met 😡
Violet - came back after a long time away and talked a big game, within 30 minutes she was edging herself dumb for me πŸ™„πŸ™„
Ares - pumping my cum into her ass backed up her brain and made her Blank! πŸ’¦
Delaney - she complimented me on my silver tongue and then came all over it! πŸ‘…
Gymbunny Sarah - I slowly drip fed her more and more whispers in her ear for a lonngg long while... she thought she had me beat with her hypnotic maze where she left me drooling for fit girls, but when she experienced my own personal gym "induction", well.... her profile now is a fun read πŸ’–πŸ’–
Fiesty - she needed some help in trying to escape a predicament... I said I could try and break her obsession with cock, but really I just ended up breaking her 🀭
Jewel - thought that running away from EF City was the answer to escape her brainwashing. As if! I made sure to remind her that it wasn't that easy with her namesake buried into her pale goth ass πŸ’Ž

(Anyone can be freed by winning a game against me - but none of them realllllyyy want to!)


After falling for my devious Domina and her tricks one too many times, she has planted enough triggers in my brain that she can turn me Subby seemingly at her will. I'm powerless to resist when she really tries to break me, and I know she toys with me by making me think I can activate her own slutty side too πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« Deep down, I crave her control over my mind and body because I know she is able to make me feel so amazingly good using just her words 🀀

When Subby, I have specific rules given to me by Domina that I must follow:

1) Obey Domina (including if she gives me instructions in public games).
2) No trying to flip Domina into her own subby state (this is the hardest one because I have such fun trying! And one day I will succeed!!).
3) I must ask my opponents at the start of a game if they want me to vibe myself and edge for them during our match - if I cum, I must forfeit the game.
4) If anyone tells me to "Drop and Submit", I must immediately sub for them.
5) I must count my edges done in honour of Domina, at least 20 per day (this resets each time I am free of being Subby, was previously around 2500 over 3 weeks 😱).
6) No cumming without Domina's permission.
7) I must edge once for every DM I send to Domina.
8) I must edge for Domina the whole time I am queued in Matchmaking.
9) I must edge 10 times before starting any match.
10) I must edge for every unit of cum overdrive I receive in game.

Maybe if you get in my head enough, you too could flip me full Subby for a time....but it usually takes a pretty concerted effort....

Any additional instances of being Subby will be commemorated here, along with the naughty minx responsible:

"1) There's no I in Blankie
2) No flipping Goddess, at all, ever
4) Blankie must edge whenever someone calls him a Good Boy or sends him a purple heart πŸ’œ
5) Blankie should stare at Goddess' spiral first thing in the morning and last thing at night"

I belong mind, body, and soul to Goddess AliceXO πŸ’œπŸ’œ I'm at my happiest when She is melting my brain with nothing more than a few well-placed words or phrases, Goddess takes what She wants from me and I wouldn't have it any other way πŸ’œπŸ’œ

(I also wanted to take some time to talk about Goddess when less "trancey" πŸ˜… - even though She started as a Blank Girl, She has transcended that to become a true Goddess to me. l am willing to devote so much time and effort into praising and worshipping Her because She Herself makes such an effort in planning our sessions together and generally making it so perfect and easy to submit to Her.

Goddess is kind even when she is strict, Goddess is arousing even when she is relaxing, and Goddess brings joy even when She is in need of comforting. I pledge my servitude to Her divine glory, equally happy to let Her rearrange my thoughts so She can shape them to Her will even more or talk through Her day and quietly hold each other in an evening before drifting into a sleep filled with purple dreams. You're amazing Goddess, and I worship You πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ)

Update: Goddess continues to be the absolute bestest, dropping me whenever She wants, taking whatever She wants πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ She keeps me in brainwashed bliss, hypnotically denied to just goon for Her, and uses all of my fantasies against me (see: hypno-themed escape room πŸ€€πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«πŸ₯΅). Now She has slipped a soft purple collar around my neck, claiming me as Hers as if I wasn't already - the tag on it reads "If found mindlessly drooling, please return to Goddess AliceXO πŸ’œ".

I love it when She pulls me into Her warm embrace smushed between Her tits or in between Her legs to worship Her Purple Pussy Power πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ₯΅πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ I'm a Good Boy for Goddess πŸ’œ

After so so many months of teasing back and forth (even though she claims to be unable to tease), my resistance against Vanessa and her thicc thighs, sweet words, and sharp claws finally broke πŸ₯Ί at least she was kind enough to honour our truce and not pink me, AND teach me how to add pictures into my profile finally so I can show everyone what finally got me to submit to her....


And also there are these:


01.07.2022 - I thought I could keep Rey as one of my Blank Girls, but she had just suckered me in to get to my subby side and I came twice quickly for her when I thought I had her on the ropes 😳 She then later won her freedom from her favourite pink cage, and denied me for 2 days in return! πŸ˜–

29.07.2022 - Miss Red denied me until I could fuck and fill 5 girls and sate their desires (edged 5 times before cumming IRL)! I had to use my prostate massager during the entire game, wand my cock during cum tests, palm my cock when receiving blowjobs, and fuck my fleshlight when using penetrative actions. The elusive 5th girl proved tricky to find, but Cassie freed me and made me her subby trophy as well!πŸ†
Miss Red can still fuck (with) me whenever she wants too!

01.09.2022 - after months of teasing, Christina finally got her friend Derackz to help her in feminizing me into Lillie, a cock hungry little slut. My Domina pounced immediately, denying me for 2,000 edges and giving me more triggers in my addled brain that she controls so effortlessly 🀀 Being so edged, Dera swooped again and turned me into Sindy.

13.10.2022 - Slash took on the Blank Challenge but had me pretty mesmerised by their cock throughout, before fucking and fingering my ass into cumming hard for them. Next time, I'll get my revenge!

22.11.2022 - that tricky Red had been trying to get me to pay Gwen a visit at The Compound for some time, probably to try and trap me as well! We faced off in Gwen's cell, and after cumming for me a few times, Gwen started to resist everything I could throw at her (even wanting to be a Blank Girl)! I was left drained and used by the end, but will be back to finish what I started and turn Gwen into a needy Blank Girl! UPDATE: I challenged Gwen again, and I couldn't even make her cum once before she turned me into a mindless gooner toy, pumped and edged to help satisfy her lust for cum πŸ’¦ I just can't help myself against her charms when she really turns it on and I melt into a little puddle 🫠 UPDATE AGAIN: Another loss to Gwen, I thought I had her but she was just baiting the trap, winning the match before stealing my mind with hundreds of edges until I lost count like a dumb leaky toy 🀀

26.02.2023 - after an undefeated 17 game winstreak since Christmas (by far my longest ever), I tried to challenge Weiss Schnee fresh after she had watched me break another loser. I had bitten off more than I could chew, and Ms Snow Fox made me cum for her icy blue strap before clamping a collar around my neck, proclaiming me to be her newest buttslut πŸ₯΅

08.03.2023 - today marks my fourth consecutive defeat against Wren... every time we have played, she has drained me and left a mark that she exploits next time we match up 🫠Whether it's her strap in my ass, her pussy dominating my face, or (most recently) her milking machine emptying my balls, she makes it harder and harder to not accept her as my Mistress... I keep trying to resist but she always comes out on top 😳

11.03.2023 - despite being notoriously woeful at chess, I couldn't resist challenging BDSM Stacy to a kinky variant and boy did she wipe the floor with me! I ended up plugged, gagged, vibed, edged, and cuffed as she lived up to her reputation as Queen of the Chessboard πŸ‘ΈπŸ» As punishment, she took control of my cock and orgasms until 21 March πŸ˜–

08.04.2023 - damn bratty Laura! 🀬 I just can't Blank her! Even when I win, she finds some way to escape with her mind just intact! This time however, I couldn't handle her mouth or pussy and gave up two premature loads 😭 I WILL find a way to Blank her once and for all!

10.04.2023 - out of curiosity, I messaged Alicia and I can only describe what followed as the most sudden thing to have happened to me on EF! Within moments, she towered over me, pressed her girlcock against my ass and made me submit to her raw power before making me cum in my pants with a finger in my ass! πŸ₯΅ it all happened so fast, I could only muster up the feeblest of resistances! 😳

27.05.2023 - one of my Blank Girls, a known stirrer of the pot, recommended I play Vel and make her into a mindless drone too! "What a good idea" I thought, and Vel and I had a lovely chat that moved into a lovely casual game, and then a lovely casual milking of my cock with her tight Chinese pussy and silky smooth thighs clad in nylon stockings and her cute little face giggling all the while... 🀯 I didn't even realise I'd been melted until it was far too late! But I'll be rougher with her next time.... 😈

21.09.2023 - after a long absence from each other's lives, I was finally reunited with my Blank Babe ❀️! What promised to be an eagerly awaited encounter of mutual teasing and just enjoying each other's pleasure soon turned though... Mel stripped herself naked, and the next thing I knew it was 30 minutes later and I was covered in my own cum!! πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ It turned out that Mel had seen this section of my profile and couldn't believe her own accolades of being the first Blank Girl to flip me weren't included, so she made sure to change that in the most comprehensive way possible! Mission very much accomplished πŸ₯΅

22.09.2023 - foolishly (given my current state) challenged Arrogant Alice to a Discord gif battle for the third time - I just can't break her πŸ™ƒ Instead, Miss Alice broke my brain and made me her helpless submissive slut, covered in my own cum 🀯


(My "lore" is part true, mostly me having a laugh with it as several people have wondered where the Slate gets its powers from! πŸ˜‚ Feel free to write a small chapter with me!)

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