Maverick (Level 13) mail warning

Always looking for a good portion of sidetalk or RP when in MM, open for bets (gush available)


Just an average curious guy looking for some online fun who enjoys roleplay and especially games and gambling (as does Maverick...). If pulled into a good setting I am likely to forget about winning or loosing. With the right partner and in the right mood open for wagers and some IRL (Interactive) actions as well. Let’s give our imagination some food...

Always looking for a good portion of sidetalk or RP when in MM, open for bets

Open as said before to IRL elements as long as those happen in our respective rooms in full privacy. Might not always be able to everything as I have the unhealthy tendency to also play during work.

If taking a close look into my neck you will find an EF inventory number tattooed there as obviously I belong to the fixed inventory of the server.

100% switch and happy in both roles.
Strong fan of all kinds of Bondage as giving away or getting full control is madly arousing to me. Happy to play with dice rules
Confess to be addicted to ass play.
Still learning what the world of BDSM has to offer - always eager to explore and learn and try.
Not interested in heavy denial, chastity, pain, sissyfication or degradation. Even the strongest DOM/sub relation should still retain respect.

== Results from ==
100% Switch
100% Rope bunny
98% Rigger
81% Primal (Hunter)
76% Voyeur
66% Dominant
64% Submissive
58% Sadist
58% Experimentalist
56% Vanilla

Find a comprehensive overview of my likes and dislikes here: Kinklist

Special Mentions and Rules:

Ropes&Cuddles was so kind to make me her plaything and even grant me an orgasm but my coin flip decided differently.

Survivor of the famous Compound 14 and ex inhabitant of cell No. 15.

Active Rules:

When after months of playing you think you are a veteran and nothing surprises you anymore there comes an Amanda around the corner and is simply unbeatable and weathers away all your attempts to make her cum. Regardless how high or how many men…
As a result, until the next 6 wins (4/6) for having been so unable to set up a good gangbang I‘ll immediately cum on tests involving support.

Inactive Rules

Frikka‘s challenge

I challenged Frikka again and guess what happend again?
Lost again
Due to that deafeat I will now complete the following challenge during 7 days of my choice.
I have a base value of 15 edges to perform each day but every day that passes, 10 edges get added. I can deliver those edges whenever I want BUT from the 21.09.22 every day counts to the equation.
That means: On the 21.09. i will have to do 10 edges (day one), on the 25.09 i will have to do 50 edges (day 5) IF i have done my previous edges every day.
If i need 10 days (till 01.10.22 for example) my edge count will be 100 (day 10). Only one set each day counts but I can split them if needed (50 in the morning, 50 in the evening e.g.)
I am allowed to orgasm on every even day of the week after i have finished my edges.
Participation: Everybody who agrees on it and wins against me during matches at EF may add another day to this challenge. The consequences of a loss of said contestor can be freely negotiated.
Days done 7/7
Total edge count so far: 290

Amethystdecided to revive the rule of Jeanne so for the next 7 games with dice rules (7/7) - again - as a perfect gentleman I will refuse holding ladies accountable for any such actions so they don‘t have to roll any dices on their own. Only applies for standard dice rule games.

For the duration of my red time in the Compound 14 I have to fight 4 opponents within 2 weeks. 2 males, 2 females. If i win a battle, I'll have to do 25 edges post game publicly. If I get defeated, the ammount doubles. If I fail to do the edges (orgasm, not enough matches e.g.) I will do double the ammount of opponents in the following 2 weeks. Orgasms are allowed after each final edge only. Week 1 starting Jan 12.

Thanks to the perfect Jeanne for the next 7 games with dice rules (12/12) - again and again - as a perfect gentleman I will refuse holding ladies accountable for any such actions so they don‘t have to roll any dices on their own. Only applies for standard dice rule games.
Krysten was so kind as too add 5 to the counter bringing it up to a total of 12 games…

For the next games until I win 10 times (10/10) - thanks to Jack Straw and my loose mouth - I will do edges for every cum test against me. Per test as many edges as my current cum overdrive stat announces. If I cum IRL I will ruin and hit cum and the game is lost for me and only won games count. (Only when able, will announce if not).
As Jack is such a turn on I tested the rule directly in a game with him - lost - and will now double the edges if the test involves oral.

Met the supposedly inexperienced Sabrina and was taught a lesson that also new asses can make me cum fast. As a consequence and as she rightfully realized how much I love to please with my tongue - for the next 5 (5/5) games I will always pick an oral action if there is one and only sink my cock into pussies I licked at least three times before if I can.

I had a nice encounter with Nicole whom I thought would be safe to bet against. Man was I wrong… She had me under control soon and realized quickly how much I love assplay.
So for some time - ass soon as I chose to fuck an ass in game I had to wear my plug till the end of game.

Thanks to a loss to Cleo and me being so bullish to accept a quit pro quo deal there used to be a special rule here. But she lost our last encounter so now it’s gone until she claims it back.

Used to be collared by „Gwen“. How could I ever have resisted those eyes? In her current state put the collar aside to the nightstand. She is free to regain control over me anytime again when she returns to her old self.

Will edge 5 times a day praising Queen Stacy to pictures of the Queen (Stacy Keibler) for the next week (May 19 to 25).

For the duration of the European Tournament Jobbers Cup, I will edge d6 amounts of times when there are eye contact BJ actions or gifs at play. Thanks Jeanne

I am German, so playing in Euro times and in German or English.

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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check Kinks: Female domination, Male domination, Hardcore BDSM, Anal, Pain, Cock and balls torture (CBT) (Give), Humiliation, Bondage, Tickling, Lick Ass, Threesome/Audience participation, Exhib/Outdoor, Cum play, Hypnosis, Cock Worship, Monsters
shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Anal plug, Dildo, Vibrator, Nipple clamps, Fleshlight, Prostate Massager, Collar, Leash, Shackles, Rope, Shoelace, Paddle


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