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After falling from the sky in an intense battle, I saved the angel Mercedes and brought her into my home. To her demise I am a demon and intended to ravage and turn her into the mother of my spawn. After breeding her her pure angel form corrupted and she turned into a demon like me.

Rules due to lost bets:

  1. Succubus’ Ass Penetration: Anal penetration actions count as hypnosis. Last until I am able to reassert my dominance over my turned succubus Phoenix.

Until I win 5 games, whenever I have the option to lick my opponents ass or pussy, I must choose it instead of any other options. (5/5)



After a devastating loss to Jess she turned me into a sissy for the next 5 games. With one catch, every game I have to bet my freedom, and when I lose I have to serve my opponent as long as they wish. (5/5)

These are my rules
1 - Whenever my ass is fucked, I must skip my next turn
2 - Whenever I’m given the option to, I must remove an article of clothing
3 - I automatically lose a cumtest if it involves anal
4 - I must skip my next turn every time someone uses a hypnosis or bondage action on you.

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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