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Hi everyone! I'm Abigail or Abby for short. Here to fight for dominance with those I like and like me back. Just to make things clear from the start, people sending me game requests and short, unreasoned, or spammed messages will just get ignored. ^^

What can I say about me? I'm quite chill, I like reading books, listening to music and I play videogames from time to time. I'm also here pretty frequently since I can, quite often, put EF on background while I do something else irl. I tend to be caring but I'm definitely kinky too. I can be quite perverted if I'm in the right mood. 💙

One more thing (mainly for roleplayers), Abigail's a model, she works mainly for artistic photoshoots or commercials from time to time. Her job is what brought her to this place.

I'd like to say a few things about my behaviour here on EF.

I like to rp through messages. I do that a lot, since it allows to bypass all the time zones related issues. Hit me with an interesting idea that could involve both me and you and I'll most likely give it a shot! 💙

I can also be competitive, so I won't ever lose on purpose and I expect you to never do the same as well if we're playing a game that's not a RP. Please don't fake competitiveness either. I played for quite some time by now and, believe me, it's so explicit when someone acts bratty just to get punished. :P

Let me tell you one more thing about myself. Don't mistake competitiveness and lewdness for brattyness. I can get lewd but only if I trust my patber and I see the there's mutual respect.

My turn off(s) are scat, piss, body modifications, ageplay, harm, pregnancy, foot fetish and latex (if it's used excessively). Please try to keep them in mind while roleplaying with me. I might also discover other ones with time, if I'll do I'll list them all here.

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