Linlin Mira (Transgender) (Level 15) mail warning

(Please read profile before sending DM, and don't just say "Hi")

Lesbian / Switch

LWR Maintainer. Feel free to ask me anything, will try to answer best to my capability.

Got myself a new character to play about with in a more unique, evolving way
Self imposed Title: Buttslut nympho
Title imposed by others (courtesy of a certain lovely kitten): Contagious Horny
Motto (and fighting style if it comes to that): Fuck and get fucked
Her favorite Rakshasa - Watch me ride her

Howdy all! New year, figured I would poke new message about myself as my time seems to free up for planning up. Am Linlin - that crazy girl that RPs so much her public logs forced an update in profile page and plays much longer than most expect. My profile's a bit too big to compress into one neat post - but TL;DR - if you have some cheeky idea for an RP that would fit Classic/Hentai/LWR, I'm likely to join up with you. Prefer feminine bodies, quite a wide array of kinks and interests and limits that I have. If you want to check them more in depth, suggest reading up the profile, both holds more info about the character and me.

There's also two alts for specific modes. There's Cassidy "Femboye Fatale" - meant mainly for LWR, but I might be willing to let him out in other modes too if intrigued enough. And there's also Seraph and the Holy Colosseum - my offering for how folk can try out Bad End Battle mode recently made available for Patreons. Much more details in the profile once again.

General note: Don't be afraid if you only have a partial idea or just some elements of what you think off - always willing to brainstorm ideas together if you bring something to the table.

Surprised I haven't left this note - I don't do RP over EF DMs (the system's pisspoor for storing them, especially with how many messages I get somedays). It's either sessions on here or Discord
If it's clear you haven't read at least first few sections, then don't be surprised if I suddenly leave game or even block you. For very basic guidelines - ONLY Classic/Hentai/LWR, RP Heavily preferred (but you don't need to be lengthy. Two important qualities for me - have heart, and react ;) ). No IRL (well, you can talk of it, but don't expect me to do same). Don't start DMs with just "Hi" - post why and what you want to do with Linlin too. Lately, more interested in switchy situations, not willing to sub or dom from beginning.

Also, if your profile is empty and/or you're missing profile picture - the only way I would play with you is if you approached me in DMs or I was bored and grabbed you in MM.

The more I stay on EF, the more I find that just random funtimes don't cut it 'enough' for me, and the more planned the situation, the more joy I can get from it. So, hopefully this profile will get me more in tune to finding that. DMs open for planning. I have bot setup to poke me in Discord each time DM arrives, so I tend to respond fairly quickly if not sleeping/out.

Table of contents:
  1. What I look for in games
  2. Some basic settings/ideas if you have none of your own
  3. Linlin's appearance and bit of background
  4. Limits
  5. Rules that can be added to spice up stuff
  6. A touch about person behind Linlin and their kinklist (might be touch outdated)

So, what do I seek out in games?

That is a hard question to answer. First of all, what I like are planned situations, at least beginnings of them (the end can be left unclear, especially if you want to turn it competitive/see where mood goes as it flows).
Also, Linlin is a very fluid character, and I myself want to explore a lot of stuff, so feel free to suggest anything. However, here are some guidelines:
a) Heavily prefer futa/female/transgender/femboy characters. I need a really good idea (or title defence) to see myself RPing with boys. Linlin is sorta bi, but due to site limitations and some bad experiences, when she goes on matchmaking, it's strictly with hetero off. I do switch it on when necessary though. (EDIT: That hasn't been true for a while. I do still tend to be a bit more cagey about certain body/behaviour types, but I'm more free than before)
b) Only Classic/Hentai/LWR, however, it can also be fully/partially freeform RP. Even if using actions, I can (and expect same from you) reflavor them heavily or swap actors to fit the RP better. ABSOLUTELY NO IRL from me. I don't mind if you share things, but know that I'm very careful when speaking about myself, especially intimately, and I will never accept things involving that.
c) **Linlin can fill out any role, whether more dom/sub/lovey (technically true, but lately been mostly aroused and pleased by switchy situations, not too happy to sub or dom from beginning). However, note that there are some preferences if it's former two. As a dom, I prefer more gentle/humiliating/worship flavors than harshness (though if deliberately preplanned or given build up, could try that too). As a sub, I am much more open and willing to be submitted to "close to anything" (as long as limits are maintained) - this should be a good enough explanation (this was discussion with another person after I lost a sexfight and winner had free reign over what came next
Setting wise, I'm also very fluid person. I come from video game and pnp background, so a lot of settings from there are known to me at least peripherially. The same with books/movies, anime is a bit more spotty region, but I can try. But it could also be current day, or generic fantasy/futuristic/etc. As I say - I can enjoy a lot of stuff
e) And it doesn't have to be Linlin and your own character either. I had several RPs where I would grab another character (either someone from a setting, like say, character in video game, or generic quick creation (an elf for fantasy RP)) and just slap Linlin name on her.
f) Longer term relationships is a tough question to answer. Know that I'm neither possessive, nor do I want to be possessed, at most, a couple days maybe. However, I do maintain bond (prominently with few, more on the private with few more) with some of folk here whose RP I absolutely adore and would drop anything to make sure I get more chances to have fun with. That is the only sort of relationship I might establish for longer time - long as you accept Linlin is heavily poly and you can share.
g) This is something old, but I could never put this into right words until I had chance to talk it out with one friend of mine that I'll keep tight-shut about. I do have quite a dommy stepmommy/stepdaughter kink in me, BUT, this is completely not like how '' defines it. That site focuses purely on it from ageplay perspective - and NO, I'm completely disinterested about that (last time I tried the test, it was 6%) - if we're doing it, neither of us is under 18. BUT, to me it is about the connection between the two, the 'power relation' that comes from it - either enforcing and playing into it (if stepmommy is dommy), or breaking it (if stepdaughter is dommy). Just as switchy about this as in general, in both terms of role - I have played myself being in either position both connection or dom/sub wise, and have had it both in gentle, coddling flavors, as well as rough, punishing ones.
Note: Something on similar level, like trainer/rookie or office boss/intern (or any other clear social power mismatch) hits all the same buttons and fuzzy feelings, so don't feel bound by this ;)

I might update this list more as time goes.

Some basic ideas

If you can't think an idea for a roleplay, here's a few quick prompts to help out, just pick one and run with it straight. And even if you don't find one here, as mentioned above, do shoot your own ideas, wilder or simpler - I can do a lot of fantasy and modern stuff, both generic and setting specific, even picking up a different character if given time, especially if it's from video games (but other media fine too).
The idea with below is mostly the same: Linlin herself often prefers visiting more secluded places, off from bigger streets or paths, preferring the small and personal arrangements. And so, she can often be found alone, or at most with one another person, Feel free to suggest another place where Linlin would be found alone. She also often prefers nudist/no strict clothes policy establishments, wearing much lighter if anything at all. EF City is sexy city, and people are more promiscious here. (Technical stuff: If it's Hentai, it doesn't care about clothes anyway. If it's Classic/LWR - DON'T do first action. Clothes can be removed in advance only before game starts (unless we're on RP mode)).
Gym/wellness center. Maybe you caught her while working out or doing yoga? Or in a shower? The place can also have a small pool/sauna/onsen/jacuzzi on premises. And also a wrestling ring if you're in need of spar.
Beach. Linlin's recently found a fairly secluded cove, with perfect golden sands, the clearest light blue water, and little chance of visitors - but for you. If she's sunbathing, expect her to see in rather inadequately sized dark red bikini. If she's in seawater, probably naked already
Motel/tavern. She does offer escort services too, as well as run an ad just looking for new experiences to look for.
Train. If she's travelling, she likes buying out all but one seats in her carriage, wondering who's the lucky one who would find her in an otherwise empty train.
Karaoke bar. She might not be a drinker, but she will never say no to having some fun singing. And hey, if it comes with some dancing and enjoying those soft soft couches, all the more fun.
Multi-day music festival. Happening at your local forest/park/beach/whaetver. Insert your favorite band, insert all kinds of debauchery and deviant stuff that can happen when you mix wild crowds and EF's lifestyle, and you got perfect bottle for anything, whether it's happening around in campsites, backstage, or maybe even in middle of crowd.
"Witch Trials" A mobile app that lets bored people register as sexfighters, given only coordinates where to go, usually to some rarely crossed part of city or near it - bridge underpass, alleyway, offshoot forest path, etc. etc. Once two people both walk to same coordinates, phones beep, telling people to confirm that they will be fighting, fight lasting until other is unable to stand up after orgasm for 10 seconds. Winner gets an hour to do whatever they want, the app revealing having bit of magical powers, reinvigorating winner to be able to last that whole hour with no issue. (yes yes, totally not stolen out of doujinshi I liked, shush)
She's also been asked to act out a role from time to time too. Veteran athlete giving pointers to newbie, masseuse, test subject, gladiator/slave - just a few things that Linlin got to try. Willing both to have repeats as well as new roles there too, if I find them interesting ;)

One more idea that was a hecking great ton of fun can be seen here
TL;DR: night/strip club having sexwrestling shows as part of night entertainment, with the goal being more to make audience go wild (and tip heavy) than actual competition (though by end it definitely has shifted into that, least sexually). Was played as LWR, but as you might see in the log, a lot of more violent moves were either exaggerated or outright faked, turned into a part of show than something meant to hurt each other (cough cough wwe when there's little bad blood cough cough), and heavily played into audience too

Who is Linlin?
Starting Clothing and appearance (Finally settled on more "canon" look):

Black Lace Choker (a gift from Sadu to signify our closeness)
Right ear pierced with glitzy butterfly earring (a similar style of gift to Meda, who wears the left one)
Black wide-rim glasses
Clothing often changes from RP to RP, but if I don't declare it:
Casual default is: Black T-Shirt with d20 and "Roll for initiative", bright red skirt that goes up to her knees, dark red lingerie under (panties with barely enough room for package inside). Black and red Puma sneakers to finish out the look
Wrestling default is: Pastel red mini top and skirt that's barely half thigh high, dark red bikini (top barely covers her breasts, bottoms are big enough to cover her bulge fully), black short socks.
Looking beneath the panties, one can find that she's a full-packaged futa, with a roughly 7-7.5" girlcock and decent-sized balls as well as fairly loose pussy and ass, over which Linlin has quite a bit of control, tightening or loosening to conform to many a size (however, if you feel uncomfortable, she can be a normal trans MtF too)
Other details: 5'4", 36D boobs (right tit has "Lojack's Lover" painted around the nipple), lithe build, rest matches pfp
EU conversion: 162cm tall, 80D cups, 19cm girlcock

Few extra quirks (if I myself remember them):
1) If opponents keep saying the same thing over and over, she might start repeating it back unvoluntarily, mimicing their voice pretty closely, as if she was a parrot. If she's being excited, she might repeat `Good girl~' in her own parrot-version of voice.
2) (Hentai only) For threesome actions, she usually summons a futa bunny familiar, which is a lot like Jaqueline (or herself, if she's spectating) (she did give permission ;) )

Historical Note: Used to randomly pick pfp every day from a certain list - Linlin loves changing her hair a lot. If you think you found more potential Linlin looks (fitting above body build/sizes), please do share to grow that list (currently 130! images in it)

Linlin used to be a shut-in, spending most of her time in pawnshops looking for magic books, only joining EF sexfighting because she was short on cash. However, the experiences she had here both made her much more outgoing, and now she can be found all over the town, enjoying friends and loves she made around. She started her own website, where she lists her calendar, almost as if tempting people to join her in her activities, listing some spots she loves frequenting. And if action requires more oomph, she carries around a "cursed/magical" VR Headset, that allows her to see magic around the world, as well as wield it herself (more about it was explored in RP here).

If you're more knowledgable, you might piece more about Linlin's nature, it described in more detail at the start of this RP here


ABSOLUTELY HARD limits: (abso-fucking-lutely not)
Watersports/scat. Gore (though bit of injury is fine, nothing serious, long as it heals in few days. It's not so much blood or pain or scar that I fear - it's more the feeling of "this person marked me. They possess me" that does. I'm too polysexual to belong to one person)
Also chastity cages/belts, though I can suppress that for a moment.
IRL play.

Hardish limits: (some of these are fine if not on Linlin, namely anatomy and breeding. Definitely a NO on her, though)
Vore - temporary engulfing is 'fine', but not more and not long
Sounding/urethral play
Excessive sizes compared to anatomy (if normal humanoid, anything beyond 18" or equally enormous other body parts), heavy bulging. Am fine with monstrous/non-humanoid characters being bigger, long as they don't go all in
Cumming inside with intention to impregnate/breed is fine, but please RP it only as if you "intend to do it, and don't write as if you suceeded". It's always I that decides whether impregnation actually works, leaning more on NO too. It has to be something really special to make me change my mind on that, and even then, don't expect lasting change outside of that.

Soft limits: (stuff that I'm not too comfy with, but a minor irk if it happens. Better not tempt that mood though)
Hot wax - makes me a bit shuddery imagining it
Alcohol and drugs (except aphrodisiacs) - but that is purely because I haven never even tried either IRL, so my RP would just be absolutely flat/comical at that
Ruined orgasms - control/denial is completely cool and great. Ruining them, not so much

Optional spice (consider all to be off unles you ask me to turn them on):

1) Competitive fights with RP mode on - for Classic/Hentai only. Works rather great, only few important things to note:
a) Always 'Test' cumtests
b) You have 2 redraws per turn if need be
c) Don't fret too much on "best numbers" - I do like picking less optimal options if mood/RP is right

2) Hypno/bondage
If it's competitive, usually prefer to run it as 5+ to break, 3 turn limit, 3 total actions limit (so for example, if I use hypno on turn 12, bondage on turn 26, and hypno again on turn 40, any further hypno/bondage actions, while still allowed, will immediately break, no longer forcing other to skip turns)(don't remember when I applied a total action limit last time)
In Hentai, no rolls for bondage in normal games, using the system. However, if RP mode is enabled, roll for bondage as follows: 1 - Skip; 2-5 - Don't Resist/Try to Escape; 6 - Free choice (including Break Free)

3) Bets
With what I've seen on site that people do for bets, and how some have reacted to being submitted to those bets, I have been heavily alienated to them and don't really do them anymore (if you still have active bet from me, feel free to drop them unless you like to keep it). The only type I accept without question (to be fair, don't even call it a bet) is "Prize Round/post-match/winner right" style of bets - I love post-match RP and if having enough time, do want to have it. You can try offering something else, but if it's something affecting gameplay or her profile, then it's almost definitely gonna be no. If you want prize to be a separate dom session/temporary possession, that's kinda fine, but limited to single session/few days. Refer to point f) in what I'm looking for to see why it's so short-term.

4) Feel free to suggest additional spice if it fits RP. I'm flexible to a certain degree

A touch about person behind Linlin

28y old pangender. Like to experiment and explore, and am still shaping opinions about many things. The lists below are probably touch outdated but should still serve well. Treat the indifferents in kinks more like "I had little to no experience to decide" more than "being okay on a good mood". Tend to be a bit cagey at first sometimes, especially in new things, but do loosen up once I feel safe (that's why I prefer preplanning stuff - loosens me up immediately)

(If I use wrong pronouns, blame my mother tongue for not having neutral gender. Even though I know I shouldn't be doing that in english, it's hard to beat habits you had for whole life. Please do correct me when I get that wrong, can't fix habits without people trying to fix em. Other language quirks that don't transfer nicely between mother tongue and English might also slip in))
((And if you're wondering, yes, all pronouns work when referring to me, although she/they preferred))

My kinks (Redid the list 2022 Oct/Nov)

== Results from == (Before I joined, 2022 Late April)
100% Switch
98% Voyeur
70% Dominant
69% Experimentalist
63% Non-monogamist
59% Submissive
54% Masochist
52% Vanilla
51% Rigger

== Results from == (2022 Early July, 2.5 month in) (and almost same numbers on Oct/Nov)
100% Switch
100% Voyeur
100% Non-monogamist
89% Exhibitionist
84% Experimentalist
79% Submissive
76% Primal (Prey)
72% Rope bunny
71% Dominant
69% Brat tamer
69% Brat
64% Rigger
60% Masochist
58% Primal (Hunter)

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