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"Elevation, not deconstruction" - Alice the Doll (Roleplay Enthusiast)

Lesbian / Switch

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Latex Princess

Doll Extraordinaire~ EF's 🐇 White Rabbit 🐇

I'm Alice Rose, 25, I'm a part time writer with passion for pretty much everything.
Role: Switch (100% sub 0% domme)
My domme side~ :
Orientation: Pansexual / Femmesexual.
Strawberry Blonde hair
Blue eyes - slight sparkle, usually i describe them as "azure".
Breast cup size - 34D
Height - 5'4
Weight - ~130ibs
Ass - bubbly.
Body - waxed and shaven.


I am quite experimental so this is not a full list, but it gives you some idea of my favorites.

Safeword - Cupcake


1) If in hypno / bondage I will roll a dice. If i do not roll a 5 or 6. I will skip my turn.


No special rules for now~

Special Players - Art Gallery

Thank you for reading my profile and I hope to talk soon.

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You are a doll, a pretty precious ornament and object. In service to your Maker, your Owner, your Collector. You long to give her pleasure and satisfaction by calling in a friend.

This delicate duo of beauty worshipping, carnal, sensual. You planting your sex against your crafter's face. Gyrating and smothering her beneath the frilled hem of your rustling skirt. 

The other doll, your friend and playmate. Going down, lower, sinking between Mistress' thighs. Her ass up and her tongue tracing that sweetest honeypot. Relishing and worshipping that sex. Playing with the dolls