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Ogrin is a character mainly based on Dungeons and Dragons, and his skills reflect that. He is an orcish man of many summers, with his best days probably behind him. That said, there's a saying about old men in a profession where most die young. Green of skin and hearty of body, he stands at 6'5, or 196cm, and bears the scars of his adventures across his body. You'll be able to see them quite easily as he's usually seen bare chested, with his trusty great axe strung across his back.

Ogrin is competitive, always has been always will be. Mostly looking for roleplay games, it could start as simply as the two meeting on the road and agreeing to spar, I'm open to ideas. Also fond of long form RP, across one or multiple sessions, or RP in DMs.
He's mostly dominant, but the winner always deserves their spoils.

Equipment and skills

Ogrin's picked up some useful skills over the years. He uses them less these days, but a traveller still needs to be capable, and he's learning about this strange new world of sexfighting as well.

Danger sense - Uncanny knack for knowing when something is wrong, or an individual is a threat.
Rage - A double edged sword, Orrin gives in to his baser impulses, letting him push through exhaustion or wounds, but preventing him from telling friend from foe. Not entirely capable of controlling when it ends either.
Toughness - A combination of orcish fortitude and trained strength, Ogrin doesn't tire quickly, even at his age, and can still take a licking and keep on kicking.
Totemic Magic - After traveling with a shaman for a while, he's learned a bit of their arts: Borrowing Nature's strength to deal with his foes rather than his aging body.

Notable encounters
Not long after embarking on his journey, Ogrin came across a small shrine, somewhat off the beaten path. Within he found an innocent looking shrine maiden, offering shelter and rest, shocking given his appearance. Following the woman inside, he was treated to a hot meal and warm tea, as well as something to make his old body feel young again. Another visit is most definitely warranted.

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