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~I've done some really long and detailed roleplays, so if you're up to try me out I'd love to play with you. It does not have to be sexual RP~

"Maiden x Maid" - The Chronicles of Forbidden Love V1 and V2

In summary (since it took many hours): Me and my maid Lisa were in my household...a rather large one. The morning came through...things happened and I expressed my interest in taking a run. We ended up playing a game...but as quickly as we did, it turned to a lovely direction. Lisa found it quite hard...harder to resist her desires for her Miss. I knew about them and still teased her until she was unable to repress her lust. First encounter in the grass, then we transitioned after many hours of teasing outdoors to the bath-area. Lisa and I had quite the time. We exchanged a multitude of loving and rough motions. We were determined to show off how much we wanted each other. A forbidden love between a servant and her Miss. In the end, it developed into a secret lover-ship and they planned to keep up their escapades indefinitely. A relationship that would last...ever ♥

Reina x Lisa (Gabi)

I work out often in real life. As for those curious, i've been doing it not only for health...but to keep up my shape!
Working out


No one has tamed me yet~

My precious pets (permanent)

-Orin my cutie rope-horny-pet
~She's a needy one. We had an intense time on the bed. She's loves being in much she err...i'll keep that a secret. Our time together ended up with a collar on her neck...a lovely look for her. I intend to treat her 'well'. I've got plenty of stuff to use on her soon...lookin' forward to our times together <3~

-Emily my loving and precious kitten
~This girl is someone who'd lash out at you and fight you with THE most stubborn of attitudes. But when you finally get her to squeal and submit, the sounds she makes and the squirms of her curvy body are to die for! ♥ I managed to snake my way out of a close encounter with her in the end making her melt to the point of finally claiming her as miine. She is exclusively miine now and I intend to please her as a caring Mistress. Promises are promises~

-Selia my wifey ❤️
~I remain 4-1 over her. After our first encounter...our bet was for the loser to get to be the pet until the other is at least one win over the other. We had quite a long time together. We were as competitive as ever, but in the end I always seemed to know how to bring her down. Whether it's her lust for me clouding her mind or me knowing my way around a little bit better on her body. 5 times! 3 hard wrestle-fucks and two sexfights. You, the reader, might be thinking "oh Reina must've seduced her into giving way..."...but that isn't how it ended. We both knew what we wanted...we knew how to fuck the other in a way we truly loved. It was a two-way 'street' so every encounter we had was fair! It might be about time we make this a permanent collar as she might not have it in her to win at least 4 times more, hehe. She is a lovely match~

For Matches

Whatever rules you come up with, so be it. I'm up for anything really.

Rules (Optional):
Standard hypno/bondage (roll at least a 5 for hypno and 4 for ropes)
A little extra for hypno...if you stay under my spell for 5 turns straight, every time I use a move with 2 or more CO (cum overdrive) you skip a turn equal to half of it. The effects remain until you cum or however long you choose~
2 CO=1 turn,
3 CO=1 turn,
4 CO=2 turns.
This remains even after you break it, since your mind has gotten used to the feeling of being under the spell~ ~This is only my effect on you, you'll havta come up with your own winks~

I try my best to always respond to DMs, if you're even slightly interested say hii~

I prefer Hentai, but open to all the others (except the interactive ones, sorry)

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