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My name is Luc, I am 20 years young and 1,90meters. I would consider myself as a fit man, who likes to get teased by a strong woman, who likes to see me frustrated.
I like cock teasing and edge games.

Well but even though I am mostly a sub it doesn't mean I just give in ;)
I like a little competetiv sex fight while trying to break each other with dirty talk or even trash talk if you like that ;)
I love to play rp but I also am OK with irl.
Lately I came up with the idea of playing with bets too, so feel free to give me some after I loose to you ;)
If you win against me 3 times in a row you can also make one permanent or delet one.

If you like to play with hypno or bdsm rules I will do them too, I always wanted to try them out.
And if you want to set up rules for the game (like edging for every cum test Action) just tell me :)
I will most of the time agree to them.

If you like me to get rough on you, I can always be your daddy too.
if we play competetiv against each other i will take the lead and make you suirm in ecstase for me ;)
i have a great stamina and my cock and my thoung know how to make you squirt.

I tried out all game modes by now and I like all of them :)
If we play just tell me what you like the most.

If you have special kinks or something i didnt mentioned feel free to ask me.
I am open for anything you like and want to experiement some.

Please dont be to harsh to me about my english. I am not a native speaker and i may make some mistakes here and in chat.

After i lost to Christina becasue she tied me up and hypnoticed em so much, she gave me the rule that for 5 games, i cant use a cumtest on my enemie, bevor i havent cum at least once. (3/5).
After an amazing game with Vanessa she gave me the rule that i have to skip my first turn after i get hypnoticed without rolling a dice (does not count to normal hypno limit) since she fucked me soo good i was like hypnoticed throuhout our game 🥵 (1/7).
Cassie Nelson gave me the rule to skip every turn i get an handjob form my oponent for my next 3 wins (0/3).

Maybe we see each other soon!

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