Christina (Level 16) mail warning

Looking For Competitive IRL Battles

Bi / Switch

Height : 171cm
Weight : 50kg
Age : 28
Breast : 34D
Waist : 26
Hip : 33
Country : Asia
Game Style : Competitive / Battle / IRL / Without IRL / Light RP
Likes : Bondage, Vibrators, Gangbangs, Mind Breaking, Humiliation
Dislike : Pain, Unhygienic , Blood
Weakness : Christina is very weak against vibrators, you may break her easily by stuffing two vibes to her. (Revealed By Sandy)

I'm not often around, so drop me a message to make an appointment with me. Mostly available on weekends.

Asian chinese who love to take down cute pretty ladies and making them squirts. Was looking into a match with trans recently but it dosen't means i dont play with boys.

Open to bets and interesting game rules.

IRL Game

IRL Realistic Actions
All actions like Licking, Fingering, Penetrating, Thrusting are played and reflected in your real life.

Action like mutual masturbation and double end dildo, both player will have to do it. So, if you use fingering to yourself you will have to actually finger yourself and roll a d9.

D9 Dice Rule
D9 dice roll by the user to the victim for every actions towards you that involves fingering/rubbing/stroking/penetration/oral to the pussy, cock or ass.

d1 = 30s
d2 = 40s
d3 = 50s
d4 = 60s
d5 = 70s
d6 = 80s
d7 = 90s
d8 = 100s
d9 = 150s
Beat set by opponent.

Bondage, Hypnosis and Pinning
D6 dice roll by the victim for any Bondage, Hypnosis and Pinning actions - 5/6 break and take turn, 2/3/4 normal skip. If rolling 1 they will receive a bondage penalty.

Bondage Penalty
Every 3 accumulated unsuccessful bondage roll will forces a creative penalty from the attacker to the victim with a duration not more than 120 secs.

Equipping Toys/Gears
For each "Bondage Penalty", the user can put on one toy from the victim's toy list to the victim. Equipped toys/gear will remain until the end of the game. (Vibrator may only activates when you get any "Vibrator" actions and the duration only lasts for that particular turn)

Cumtest Edging
Every cumtest will inflict a "D9", in addition you will have to edge according to the rolled number within the time limit. If failed, will subject to another round of "D9".
Each edge must be announced in the chat or else it doesn't count.

Public Game Special
If the game was played in public, every time when an "Audience" related action was played, the user of the action may select One"Audience" to flip a coin, if it is a "Head", the "Audience" may select a toy from victim's toy list for the victim to put on. If the toy is a "vibe" or "dildo", the "Audience" may roll a "D9".

In-Game Cumming
If you fail to resist in-game cum, you will be given another round of d9 edge and your opponent can put on one toy from your list to you.

Whoever cums more irl losses for FvF.
Whoever cums first irl losses for FvM.

My Toy List for IRL Games
Ball Gag
Leash Collar
Vibrating Nipple Clamp
Vibrating Egg
7" Vibrating Dildo
6" Vibrating Dildo
Vibrating Butt Plug
Hand Cuff
Bondage Harness
Chastity Belt

Matches Records
  1. Eve challenged me in a "LWR", she is a cute and skillful opponent, she even grabs me and fingered me while i was trying to escape her vibrator teasing, good try but eventually she got defeated by ass fingered.

  2. Fight Vivian in a "LWR", defeated her easily as she is new to EF, showing and get her done with surfboard stretch snd vibed and forcing her to look at herself how she squirts in the sky.

  3. Hector challenged me in a hentai fight, he thought that would be easy to take me down, i finished him off with a messy blowjob, draining all of his cum with my mouth just right before he dominates me.

  4. Troy The Tamer challenged me in a classic, he grabs my hair doggy fuck me from behind and made me squirts, finally finished him by binding and fuck him until he fills all his cums inside me.

  5. 我在一场 "Classic" 比赛里成功击败了Kuna Chen, 尽管他使出了几次催眠术可是都没能把我催眠,我就不停地对他的鸡巴进行手淫还有挑逗他的蛋蛋,在几次的试探后我终于知道了他的弱点 Intense Footjob 而且成功的让他把精液都射在我脚上,Kuna趁我一个不注意突然从后面抓住我并将鸡巴插入, 用尽所有的力气把我干到高潮才肯停手, 可是体力透支的他最后还是败在了我再一次的 Intense Footjob 下让他把他体内所有的精液全部射完出来在我脚上,最终成为了我的脚奴.

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  1. Freya approach and challenge me in IRL battle, we strips and put on nipples clamps to each other first, starting to finger and lick her until her pussy is dripping wet, starts breaking her by using one of her favorite move prone bone with strap-on for 12 edges, she moans so load and her thighs are all wet. Even she managed to stuff my pussy with a vibrator but unfortunately i ended her first another round of fucking her hard with strap-on making her to orgasm and squirts.

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  1. Challenged Sandy to a LWR match, was having a good start and made her cum first by fingering but was overpowered by her at the end with double penetration, breaking me and forced me to submit as her cum slut.

  2. Italian stallion challenged me in a "Classic" match , he was strong and dominant, he successfully tied me up during the match but not for long i escaped and started to turn the table by calling a friend to help teasing him, while i'm trying to finish him off while he is fucking me from behind suddenly he grabs and restraining my arms from behind giving me deep thrust and licking me hard. I couldn't resist him and eventually had orgasm from cunnilingus, eventually I was tied, gagged and added to his collection.

  3. Little One challenged me in a "TWR" match, i have tried my best but eventually i couldn't resist his fingering skills and was fingered to orgasm.

  4. Re-match with Little One in a "TWR" match, i nearly get him with several times of cum but eventually he ended me first with continuous pounding and 69 with his big cock making me to cum all over the place and forced me to admit "Little One was the best fuck i ever had".

  5. John challenged me in a "Classic" match, he is a strong opponent who first fucked me from behind while giving me naughty talks and i had my first orgasm, he had a nice orgasm too when i handjob him from behind, but then he pinned me down and fuck crouching over me, i couldn't resist that eventually i was fucked to squirting orgasm by John from behind.

  6. I challenged Saz in a "Classic" match, i thought it will be easy to win as i called a friend to help with the match, out of my expectation, Saz managed to handle both of us and caused my friend to betray me, eventually i was ended with my ass fucked to orgasm.

  7. Mac challenged me in a "Classic" match, stripping me fast, cuffed my hand and pounds me from behind and gangbang me i couldn't resist at all eventually i was finished by double team ass fucking.

  8. Ardem fight me in a "Classic" match, i was taking control of the game with the advantages of brainwashing until Ardem managed to put some vibrators to me, draining my strength away continuously and made me cum by fucks me into ahegao, Ardem break and finished me by filling both of my holes and makes me submit to the audience.

  9. Fought Kuna Chen in "Classic", he managed to bind me with tapes, putting an armbinder and also inserted a ball gag on me, he also stuffed both my holes with vibrator and butt plug, without any mercy he grabs me and fuck me in to ahegao, i made him to surrender and cum by jerking and vibe his cock with a vibrator thinking that would be the end, not realizing that he suddenly ambush me and grabbed both my thighs from behind, restraining me tight in a full nelson and pumped me until i orgasm and surrender myself to him.

  10. After half a year of waiting, finally we got a chance for a match with the elegance Korean queen Tanya, proves herself strong and determined during the match. Tanya kisses and finger me trying to drain my strength, she resisted my tag team strap-on domination and puts on a strap-on holding me from behind and gave me hard anal doggy, unfortunately I couldn't resist her thick long strap-on, finally she conquered me by making me cum and squirts.

Remarkable Matches

Kuna Chen

8/2/2023 - The first challenger who defeat and captured me with Heavy Bondage, keeping me blindfolded and collared as his little pet.

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17/2/2023 - Have a revenge match with Kuna in IRL Bondage Domination, he take control of the game by putting me on a wooden pony, i successfully resisted his power bottom fucking, full nelson ass fucking but not until he get the boys and stuffed all my holes, i can't handle so many of them and finally cum, i was forced to equipped hand cuff, a G-spot vibrator and vibrating butt plug irl due to the game rules, i couldn't resist both the vibrator's vibration and eventually cum while Kuna keeps telling me to imagine he is fucking both my holes. Kuna conquered me and shows no mercy by tying me up and keep teasing and tickling my legs to fulfill his foot fetish kinks.

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10/2/2023 - Don defeated and break me in a Heavy Bondage, restraining my both arms at my back with an white armbinder and fixed a vibrator at my pussy.

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14/2/2023 - Sandy defeated me in a IRL Bondage Domination, she restrained my hands and hang me up suspended with ropes, putting a vibe in my panty leaving me to squirts in heaven.

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16/2/2023 - I challenged Sandy again in a IRL Bondage Domination but failed to take her down, end up i was tamed by her strap-on.

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check Kinks: Female domination, Hardcore BDSM, Pro Wrestling, Anal, Feminization, Chastity belts/cages, Pain, Pussy Torture, Cuckold, Pet Play, Humiliation, Mocking, Bondage, Foot fetish (Give), Lick Ass, Threesome/Audience participation, Exhib/Outdoor, Cum play, Hypnosis, Cock Worship (Give), Pussy Worship, Orgasm Control, Breeding, Latex (Receive), Monsters
shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Anal plug, Dildo, Dildo vibrator, Vibrator, Collar, Leash, Chastity belt/cage


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After you inserted your fingers into her pussy and attacked her G-spot she finally breaks, cumming hard and squirting over your hand! You're not done though and just keep going! Continuous Fingering Orgasm You make your opponent helpless by putting her arms in a binder, linking it to a collar. For good measure, you gag her mouth and blindfold her as well, while straps squish her thighs and bind them together. She looks pretty, doesn't she? Full Restrain Bondage Finish You noticed that she is losing her focus, in a sap of time you quickly move behind her with one hand grabbing her waist, the other hand goes straight into her panties and fingers her. Public fingering in her panties Full Restrain Bondage Finish You start fingering her deeply and you notice she is weakening. You must have hit her G-spot and you intend to keep hitting it until she cums! Finger Her G-Spot! You take out two vibrators from your pocket and insert both of them in her panties, one in her pussy and the other one in her ass. After that you use two hairbands at the bottom of the vibrator to secure the vibrators safe and tight in their places, letting them buzz away inside her! With such a start to your match you'll be sure to win! Publicly vibed in her panties!