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DMs are open to all you cute girls out there don’t be shy ❤️ This includes You cute TS and enbies ❤️

Hey there ;) Just another switch enjoying a little sexfighting. I love being bound and dominated, and don't mind a good shag in the ass. I am Bi and really love when a girl can take control. So why don't you try and dominate me? ;)

Currently in possession of a tattoo right above my ass that reads "Sasha's Little Valkyrie"

Misfit's Favorite Plaything

Anal slut to Alex

Miranda is my cute pet princess, she is such a good girl for me and i love being her master

Alis made me worship her booty, and I loved it so much I lost the next game for another taste!

Valeria and i had a real back and forth match that we ended up calling a little draw and agreed to a gift exchange, she gave me this cute anklet that says "Vals 18V Vibe"

Erika had a great close match with he but in the end she was too much for me as she made me cum again and again in our wrestling match making me cum on her fingers like a slut to deal the final blow making me fall into bliss, our second match however didn't go so well for her and i ended up dominating her the whole game making her cum all over herself now she is kept in a nice humiliating position for me, now for our 3rd match.... i just couldnt handle her and her magical fingers they made me cum again and again making me squirt all over the mat humiliating me as she had her way with me making me a complete cumslut

Belfast sent me over the edge and i couldn't help but completely surrendering to her so she locked a silver anklet on me that reads "Belfast's Little Sex Toy"

Kiara took my ass in both our games making me cum again and again my ass belongs to her

I cockily challenged Ellika to a match with a bondage bet and although was a close match i underestimated her and she started to control me stuffing my ass again and again and finally i succumbed to her tongue not being able to handle the pleasure anymore, she then had me put in a hogtie with toys to torment me and made me search my shoes for the key to my locks with my mouth, i came 5 times before i was finally able to free myself squirting in my bondage

xoMaddiexo- I came into our match a bit too cocky and maddie started to push me to the edge constantly rubbing me till i squirted in my panties, i tried to keep up with her but in the end she got into a dominant position over me and tribbed me until i came under her

Collared by me-

Sasha collared me then I collared her now we're collared together

Alya stole my heart when I collared her, She is my gorgeous wife and the cutest thing ever

Little needy Lucia is my cute little partner in crime and we are going to rule the world one day, i collared her with the cutest pink collar

Gaige oh sweet Gaige such a wonderful lover i couldn't resist collaring them

Meer my little witch we always have so much magical fun together collaring her was such a great idea

Lucy....poor Lucy she was collared by me before well you know....

Alex she just couldn't resist my strappy and just kept begging for more, afterwards she submitted like a good girl as i collared her

Ramona my feisty red head, we just couldn't help ourselves so we made a deal between lovers, I collared her and she put her pendant on my collar which reads "Ramona's little lightning bolt"

Alex♡ Always so angry and vulgar she decided to challenge Elizabeth and make a bet with her only to fall to her and get a nice new collar and tag that reads "Freya's vulgar slut" (After a good match she earned her freedom...For now ;)

Moon This little cutie i just couldn't resist collaring, her and Lucia call themselves twins so who could resist collaring such a cute duo? I sure couldn't and now i have the cutest twins ever to play with

Brooklyn Not exactly a collar but I figured I would put it here since she is so great, She may have won our first match but I got her in the one that mattered I played with her until she was holding a vibe to her own pussy while I fucked her to cum, being the good girl she was I just had to keep playing with her after the match forcing her to clean my strappy while she vibed herself to orgasm once again, then like all good girls should she used her wonderful tongue to make me squirt all over her face. Now she wears an anklet that reads "Freya's Sexy Dancer"

Jenny This fun little minx put up a great fight and used her strap extremely well, but in the end couldn't keep up with my strappy and i made her cum again and again, I collared her with one that reads "Freya's Strappy Slut"

Zia This one has a very special collar, what we call a hypno collar that allows me to put her in a trance and while in that trance she has to obey fun little trigger words that can do various things, such a fun cutie she is

Madison Oh Madison I will say I loved her attitude nice and bratty saying she was gonna claim me, after fucking her again and again all match she finally admitted she was the one who wanted to be claimed by me, of course i happily obliged and click a collar around her neck

Kristen Was so confident at first until the teasing was just too much for her and could no longer resist me as I made her cum twice on my strappy

Gabriela Truly a poetic cutie, we had so much fun together completely letting ourselves go not letting any desire of ours go unwanted, our match was full of passion as we pleased each other with soft lips and tender hearts showing love to the fullest, my sweet Gabs now wears a dark blue collar for me to remind us both of our wonderful night and the many nights to come

Bella This sexy nurse was eager to take me on, but wasn't expecting me to have a couple tricks up my sleeve, her first cum was so lovely as I ran my latex gloved hands all over her body as a vibe was pressed up against her, she couldn't help but submit to the beautiful gloves her fetish taking over as she came all over them, but that was just the beginning as we went back and forth before her submitting to my strap skills cumming on all fours like the good girl she is. Bella now wears a collar that reads "Freya's Personal Nurse"

Lexy Mmm Lexy my Lexy i think i found someone that loves assplay as much as me hehe, gotta say she definitely had me in the first part of our match i was squirting all over her face, but she underestimated my skilled fingers and from there i took my advantage railing her ass again and again until she begged me to fist her perfect ass giving me the sure victory and making her submit to the pleasure, she now wears a lovely collar that reads "Freya's Anal Slut"

Enola challenged me while i was the GOTH and while she put up a good fight she couldn't keep up and fell hard to my skilled fingers, after the match she joyfully accepted the collar i placed around her neck like the cute collared slut she is

Vivian such a fiesty cutie was a good challenge all the way up till the end but couldn't handle me railing her ass from behind and had her cumming back all over for me, then of course i just had to put the cutie in a collar

Hailey my beautiful sweet Hailey, she's always been so much fun and we always have a good time going back and forth i was so excited to have a match for her pretty neck, we had a lovely close match but in the end she couldnt resist cumming like a good girl for me even if she was a little brat about it and now she wears a cute collar for me

Jess such a fun sexy girl, decided to have a lovely match with some fun bets, but she was no match for me falling to all the pleasure i was giving her making her shake in orgasmic pleasure as she submitted to me and now wearing a collar for me like the moaning slut she is

Nikii such a good girl after i fucked all her holes and licked her sweet pussy as she rode my face forcing her to squirm and cum she asked so nicely for me to collar her and of course i happily obliged

Gabriela Garcia she was so confident in her ability but i quickly shattered her hopes of defeating me, keeping her under my control with the many tools at my disposal by the end of the match she was a quivering cum drunk mess not even able to stand for herself as i clicked on her collar keeping the lovely latina bombshell at my feet where she belongs

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You Rub more and more faster and faster but she just won't cum! Her squirming is becoming too much and you can't quite keep your grip! Valkyrie Lock She Resisted! You quickly pounce on her getting behind her and locking her arms behind her with your legs giving you free range to wrap your arm around and rub her defenseless pussy trying to get her to cum while she squirms Valkyrie Lock Your constant rubbing sends her over the edge and she cums all over your fingers, you giggle as you watch her squirming turn to orgasmic twitching, you let her go to watch her defeated body Valkyrie Lock Success!