❤Emma the Horny Succubus Nun❤ (Level 5) mail warning

Confess your sins and blow your load~

Lesbian / Switch

_Hi i'm Emma the property of Reina, _
Check out my Adventurer form~
Aswell as my Goddess form~
(Everything that happens in these forms is canon aswell)

(Activate Actions with Monsters for the succubus experience)
(I will answer every dm that puts in some effort or thought out rp ideas)

Corruptometer: 0/1000

About Me:

Hair: blonde
Eyes: ???
Boobs: squishy and delicious
Age: 89 (obviously not appearance wise)
Race: Half Succubus, Half Vampire
Always pantiless because of Reina...
(I can grow a dick)
Succubus form

Short Lore

I work for King as head maid in his castle.
My King rules over the Kingdom of Goldspire where I'm pleasing guests in the castle while maintaining order in the shadows of Goldspire.
Citizens don't mind me being a succubus... in fact they are volunteering to be my food~

My Personality:

a hard to conquer tsundere
depending on how horny i am or how bad i want to cum i will be more submissive
if you catch me in that state please make a mess out of me and make me cum endlessly!!!


praise, my fav positions, fighting for dominance (but usually really really tough to conquer!), exhibition, getting humiliated, dropping on 2 cocks, Reina, Maria, Silv, Dianne, Peter

My favorite positions to be in:

- scissoring
- double dildo
- riding...
- getting lift up
- full nelson
- anything that's stuffing my two slut holes from below fast, deep and hard

My favorite rule while playing:

You must edge at every ~test. If you fail the test and cum you need to cum irl.
As simple as that

Special rules if fighting against me in rp:
Anti hypnosis training:

- I can only get hypnotized once
- I only need to roll a 4 or higher to be freed from hypno
(rules dont apply for King)

The (second😖) strongest servant of Goldspire:

- You need to defeat me twice (empty hp bar twice)



Me again: (Photodump 😘)

Just me in my swimsuit and several guys behind the camera that promised me a reward...

The Church became quite popular lately, i wondered why... and got my answer as undercover nun
(Here you can see Slutty Silv at work~)

I already told you that i would clean your dick after im done cleaning the house...

Trick or Treat! I got the Treat i wanted~

After Work
It was a tiresome day of work...

This weird guy told me i'm not under hypnosis... but why am i stripping ???

Halloween Costume
Hope you like my Costume for this year~ (you came from just looking at me ?)

POV: You got charmed while i was cooking for the staff

What are you d-doing here ?! The casino hasn't opened yet!

My Wedding "Dress"~ (Married to Peter)

Taking care of my husband~

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