Blushy Bunny Silvena (Level 14) mail warning

Not really in a naughty mood... but happy to hang out ! 😊

Disclaimer : this is a cross gendered character


~ Welcome, my Child ~

My my, aren't you a cute little lamb ~
Why are you here, I wonder ?
Have you come here to confess your sins ? Atone for your naughty deeds ?
Or perhaps... you only came here for me ~

Ufufu... it matters not.

Come my Child, follow me. The Confessional is open... ~

Silvena Welcome

~ ✧ About me ✧ ~

My name is Silvena, EF's resident space nun. I descended upon this world long ago with a single mission : to save the souls of the innocent from the corruption of lust and horniness !

Some may say I've become quite slutty, but this is obviously nothing but lies and deception !

I have merely adopted the ways of this land and learned that in order to be saved, every soul had its own... needs ~

Are you looking for a strict dom to discipline you back into the right path ? Come my dear, and confess your sins. I have a chastity cage with your name on it, to make sure you behave...~

Maybe you're just a scared lost soul, who seeks nothing but salvation ? Don't worry, be sweet and tell me what is wrong... be a good little lamb, and Mommy Silvena will take care of everything...~

Or perhaps you're actually the kind who'd rather defile a sweet innocent nun, and break her body, mind and morals until she's no more than a slut who only worships sex ? How unforgivably sinful... ~

Whatever your depraved desires may be, I'll make sure to have you confess them...~

Silvena Book

~ ✧ Kinks and limits ✧ ~

As an experienced nun, I cherish one main kink above any others : CONFESSING ~
I just think that there is something so devilishly sweet about having someone admitting their biggest kinks, only to reward them with an endless teasing ~ 👄
Even more when it is a shy cutie working up the courage to open up about their hidden desires and shameful fantasies... so that I may welcome them, and gently help them indulge in their true self ~ 💗

Naturally, this also means that I am open to almost any kinks and fantasies, and probably those I still have to discover as well... though you can be sure I'll still find ways to tease you with them, ufufu~ 😏
I still have limits of course. However, if you don't find your kink listed among them, you might as well consider that I either share them, am curious about them, or at least don't mind them ~ 😉

*Limits : *

~ ✧ Pantheon of Goddesses ✧ ~

Through my years of holy work, I have met so many wonderful people that listing them all here would be both redundant and unfair for those who aren't. ❤️
Thus, I will instead list here the ladies I decided to worship and deserved the title of "Goddess", whether it be for their teachings, past stories, or simply being awesome gals ~

✧ Reina, Goddess of Depravity and Lewdness ~

Following a lovely drooly date, Reina once came to see me at the Confessional. I was already expecting her to beg for forgiveness for her lewd behavior... but the complete opposite happened ! The only sin she confessed to me that day was her desire to corrupt me... to strip me of all shame, prudeness and innocence, and turn me into "a slut who only worships sex"...
... And she did. As much as I tried to resist her, there was absolutely nothing I could do but drown down the endless pit of her depraved mind as she perverted me every day into becoming lewder... 😳
I now worship her as my Goddess, entirely at her mercy, addicted to both her body and pleasure, waiting for her to keep on corrupting me forever and ever... ~ 🥵

✧ Scarlet, Goddess of Wholesomeness and Caretaking ~

I was blessed one day with the attention of Miss Scarlet, who descended upon my DMs like a true Goddess. As I was feeling sad and demotivated, she lifted my spirit up with her lovely self, caring nature, her playful pranks (and her definitely hot RP 😳)... but mostly, for her caring nature. For she is not only the kind of person who would go out of her way to offer a warm place for people to gather as a community, but also sincerely care about you on an individual basis. 🤗
For all of this and more, I worship her as a Goddess, even though she'd probably be too humble to ask to be treated as such ~ ❤️
... of course, I'm also doing my best to be a good girl for Mommy... because Mommy Scarlet deserves the nicest of treatment, and I will work hard to learn discipline until I become as sweet as she is ~ 🥰

✧ Emma, Goddess of JOI, Creation (and THIGHS) ~

I have deemed Emma worthy of the title of Goddess, for not only is she responsible for creating and maintaining the entire Hentai JOI mode, she's also one of the most awesome gals in town !
She's the kind of person that always exudes friendliness and fun vibes, and will help you anytime with your own projects and ideas ! 😊
... also, THIGHS.

✧ Silvena, Goddess of Self-righteousness and Hypocrisy ~

I have decided to worship myself, too, because there definitely is no law anywhere forbidding that !
Besides, since I'm now my own object of worship, nobody can't call me a "fake nun" for being lewd... Can't fail your Goddess if you're your own Goddess !

Silvena Pray

~ ✧ Special forms ✧ ~

Looking for something more than just a hot naughty nun, or interested in more specific scenarios ?
I have a few special forms to strike your fancy ~ 😉

Saint Silvena
The gentle, prude and innocent Silvena, bent on saving the innocent lost souls and protecting them from harm and corruption ~
This is Silvena at her peak of purity and holiness, completely unaware and untouched by anything lewd related. 😇
Ideal for wholesome pampering, fighting off demonic beings, or other fantasy scenarios...
... unless you're more looking for a pure and innocent maiden to CORRUPT, and bring down from the highest peak of virtue right to the deepest pits of depravation...~ 💋

Saint Silvena

Slutty Silvena
The whorish, depraved and mindbroken Silvena.
This is Silvena after being corrupted and hypnotized by Reina into becoming a mindless slut only worshipping sex ~
Reina being the one responsible for creating this form, only SHE knows the secret words able to trigger slut mode... but ask her properly, and she could probably be convinced to share ~
Ideal for absolutely ANYTHING you could think of, down to the sloppiest slopes of your perverted mind...~ 💋

Slutty Silvena

(WIP : ignore this part ^_^)

╭────《 ✧ Kinks ✧ 》────╮

 Welcome to the Pantheon of Kinks
To click on a star, the price to pay is an edge per floor starting from the bottom

    ◿ ✧ ◺
   ◿ ✧ ✧ ✧ ◺
  ◿ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ◺
 ◿ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ◺
◿ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ◺

╰────《 ✧ Kinks ✧ 》────╯

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She thought her fate would be to end up being used by the orcs... but the tribe decided that her pussy wasn't even worth being bred!
As to humiliate her even further, they instead pass her down to their vicious goblins underlings, for them to use her as a lowly fucktoy...
Not having many opportunities to ravish such a fine body, they waste no time swarming her to be the first to have a turn! Offered to the Goblins You can feel his cock throbbing and leaking under your sole... yet he refuses to cum! 
Seems like he can take more punishment...~ He resists the trampling! As she surrenders her body to the tentacles while daydreaming about her lover, the Mindflayer starts to slowly alter her mind into that of an obedient tentacle lover.
He starts mixing up the memories of the tentacles alongside those of her lover, overwriting all of her romantic feelings as she gets fucked to orgasm after orgasm, until she willingly offers her heart to her one true love : the sloppy wriggling mass of squirmy tentacles, having their way with her body... ~ ❤️

She falls in a state of romantic bliss, completely relaxing as she starts lovingly kissing the tentacles, embracing them as they wrap around her to keep on showering her with their love, over and over and over again... ~ Tentacle Lover You rub his cock under your feet, pushing him to the edge until you feel it throbbing in despair and need... You look down into his eyes, savoring the desperation, before mercilessly stomping the cum out of him!! Trampling orgasm! You cuff her wrists and ankles, leaving her helplessly wiggling as you dive in between her legs.
Her juicy cock is at the mercy of your tongue... Time to dig in~ Suck her cock in bondage You cuff her wrists and ankles, leaving her helplessly wiggling as you dive in between her legs.
Her juicy pussy is at the mercy of your tongue... Time to dig in~ Eat her out in bondage You knock her down, hold her legs tight and start trampling her cock under your sole! It would be humiliating to cum like this! Trample her cock! You knock him down, hold his legs tight and start trampling his cock under your sole!
It would be humiliating to cum like this! Trample his cock! You spank his butt, force him to bend over on all fours, sit right next to him and reach between his legs for his dangling cock! Time to milk every last drop out of him! Milk him like a cow! No matter how hard you pound his prostate, you can't manage to make him cum in the cage! Looks like he needs a bit more help first...~ No cumming yet~

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