Slutty Sister Silvena (Level 12) mail warning

Slowly getting corrupted...~

(Full disclosure : This is a cross gendered character mainly for RP purpose, I'm a boy IRL 😉)

Proud member of the Order of our Martyred Lady, Silvena is a battle sister, sworn to give her life in the name of the rebirth of mankind !
Dedicating her existence to faith and purity, she goes from world to world with her covent to defend the weak from daemonic corruption !

But during her last holy crusade, daemons suddenly attacked and her spaceship got swallowed by a warp storm, and sent back through time and space to another dimension ! ~~
~~She awakened, alone and peerless, on a strange dimension named "EroFights" by the locals... and discovered with horror that this place was a corrupted pit of shameless faithless degeneracy !

Seeing this as a divine sign, she concluded that her arrival here was destiny, and that it was her duty to purge this place from the foul daemons that tainted it with lust !
... unless lust was the one to taint her first...

Scratch all that~ 😊
She has accommodated herself with this place, finding new values to preach and new ways to spread them~
She is now following the cult of anything she deems worthy to worship... including herself~ 😇

So basically : Silvena is a self-righteous space nun, obsessed with the idea of the purity, saving lost souls from the corruption of lust and horniness. And yet... she might've become quite slutty in the process (even though she will deny it every step of the way)
She has a thing against demons and see them as her archenemies. So succubi, better behave !
She is a switch, so whatever you're looking for, it can be arranged~

Are you looking for a strict dom to discipline you back into the right path ? Come my dear, and confess your sins. I have a chastity cage with your name on it, to make sure you behave...~ >:)
Maybe you're just a scared lost soul, who seeks nothing but salvation ? Don't worry, be sweet and tell me what is wrong... be a good boy, and Mommy Silvena will take care of everything~ O=)
Or perhaps you're actually the kind who'd rather defile a sweet innocent nun, and break her body, mind and morals until she's no more than a slut who only worships sex ? How unforgivably sinful... :O
If you're a demon however, no matter what your attentions are... prepare for a fight ! For I have sworn to defeat you and your sinful deeds ! I've had my ass kicked by Nina the demon and got lewdified, so I'm not taking chances for a while ! >//<

Fortunately, I was saved of my own perversion by the the gracious Goddess Pia, who brought me back into the light by bullying my body into submission with her holy tickling feathers ! :O
She is now my Goddess, and as her orders are absolute, I must wear her chastity belt at all time whenever I'm not fighting, so that she can mold me back into a good girl again once again !

Well, that didn't lasted long, it would seem...
After foolishly challenging the demon goddess in order try to stop her plans of demonic invasion, I ended up being the one defeated instead... :O
Like some kind of trophy, she then used her evil powers to steal my pure holy soul, source of my angelic powers, before sealing it inside of her favourite dildo... so that she may defile and toy with it in whatever way her depraved mind would see fit >///<

Then, separated from my own purity and only left with corruption and lust, I was dragged into the Tower of Lost Souls, to be broken down into a free use milking cow for the demon army... >~<

There I lay now, as the guardian of the 4th floor of the Tower... endlessly waiting for anyone that would be fool enough to challenge my new Masters...~

Now then my children, come to me... the Confessional is open~

Special rules : For the next 10 games, I will adress everyone as Master/Sir or Mistress/Madam (5/10)
For losing the Eropets tournament, I have to be spanked 100 times as a punishment (100/100)

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Seems like she can take more punishment...~ She resists the trampling! You can feel his cock throbbing and leaking under your sole... yet he refuses to cum! 
Seems like he can take more punishment...~ He resists the trampling! Her bouncing breasts are mesmerizing. Frozen for a moment, you stare as they sway. Stare at her tits

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