Battle Sister Silvena (Level 6) block star_border mail warning

Seeking mutants, daemons and heretics to purge !

(Full disclosure : This is a cross gendered character mainly for RP purpose, I'm a boy IRL 😉)

Proud member of the Order of our Martyred Lady, Silvena is a battle sister, sworn to give her life in the name of the rebirth of mankind !
Dedicating her existence to faith and purity, she goes from world to world with her covent to defend the weak from daemonic corruption !

But during her last holy crusade, daemons suddenly attacked and her spaceship got swallowed by a warp storm, and sent back through time and space to another dimension !
She awakened, alone and peerless, on a strange dimension named "EroFights" by the locals... and discovered with horror that this place was a corrupted pit of shameless faithless degeneracy !
Seeing this as a divine sign, she concluded that her arrival here was destiny, and that it was her duty to purge this place from the foul daemons that tainted it with lust !

... unless lust was the one to taint her first...

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